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Community Manager

Kat Farmer, also known as @doesbybumlook40 on Instagram, is known for a fun, open and honest blog sharing her fashion, beauty and mummy moments. But it ain't easy being glam, so we want to know how she does it...


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What’s your favourite new product and why?’

Definitely the new Urban Decay Naked Reloaded palette. Whilst the original was amazing, the new version takes the best of all the palettes since the first. The ultimate in eye shadow combinations - definitely the only set you need. 


Untitled design - 2019-04-01T160230.985.jpg



β€˜When did you discover Urban Decay and what makes it stand out to you as a makeup brand?’

I bought the original palette about 7 years ago. It was makeup mecca to me - I was such a huge fan of a neutral eye shadow and this was everything I’d ever wanted in one palette!


'What's the one product you can't live without?' 

I love a neutral eye shadow but if I had to just wear one thing, it would be mascara. 


'Best multi-purpose product?'

A nude lipstick works to give life to dull lips but also doubles up as a blush as well. 


54511314_2275652342497615_4005038435318636543_n (1).jpg



'The perfect everyday lipstick?' 

I love a 'better than lip colour nude'. So a nude with some brownish berry tones... nothing too drastic or obvious but it just gives definition and a little bit of oomph!


'How do you adapt your makeup bag when on the go?'

A naked palette and a nude lip are all I need on the go... eyes, cheeks and lips are then covered for a touch up! 


Shop Kat's favourite Urban Decay. 

Getting Lippy

Love a good lip colour nude πŸ‘„

 What is she wearing in first photo?

Beauty Icon

Ooh my gosh, I just had a look at Kats insta. I think I love her! πŸ˜‚β€


Great blog post! 

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Yes UD reloaded pallette voted in😍😍


I love Urban Decay!

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She picked the best palette Smiley Wink> xx

Fresh Face

Urban decay is flawless

Beauty Crush

Nude lip is the way forward, especially if you’ve got colour on the eyes. 😍

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Urban Decay are soo good! 

Nailing It

So tempting to get one!

Going Pro

Ohh great tips for multi uses of nude Lipstick! Xoxo 

Living the Highlight

Great post, I’m loving the urban decay naked Reloaded Palette x

Going Pro

Love a nude lip and natural eye look @DaisyCR πŸ’‹