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Each week we’re bringing you the hottest new beauty arrivals you need on your radar. Here’s what’s just landed on our desks this week…


Kat Von D Beauty - True Portrait




A new innovative liquid-to-powder foundation to create the perfect base to suit all skin types! This medium coverage formula gives an airy matte finish that lasts all day 🙌 The Elastic Essence™ Effect moves with your skin to prevent creasing in fine lines or movement throughout the day, we would recommend to use it with a brush to get a flawless result!


'K' - Dolce&Gabbana




Wishing you were walking through the Italian countryside in the Mediterranean midday sun? 🌞 We've got the next best thing... K! Infused with an intense combination of citrus fresh blood orange and Sicilian lemon and deeper notes of amber to create this fresh and exciting new scent. Each crown lid also contains 24k gold and has a unique marble top!


Murad - Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel




This daily peel not only revives tired and dull skin but also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within 7 days?! The powerful AHA/BHA's help to remove dead skin cells and gently exfoliate to smooth and brighten, while antioxidants and omega-rich oils defend and strengthen skin's surface.


YSL - Libre




Bursting with orange blossom flowers from Morocco and lavender from France this floral intense scent will be your new fragrance obsession! With a fashion-inspired bottle that has been designed with elements from the iconic handbags in mind to create the perfect dressing table addition.


Jean Paul Gaultier - 'La Belle' & 'Le Beau'


Image from iOS (58).jpg


Scents for both him and her, the female fragrance is packed with vanilla pod and bergamot while the version for him is built around addictive tonka bean and coconut wood combined with the fresh facets of bergamot. The perfect pick for both you and your partner!


Have you tried any of these newbies? Let me know if you love any of them as much as we do! ✨


Beauty Icon

I can't wait to try the KVD foundation, it's a brand I never purchased until I joined this community now I love it @TazK  As a JPG fan this perfume really appeals to me too. Heart

Beauty Crush

Gorgeous can’t wait to try

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The YSL Libre it smells amazing definitely on my wish list and the Murad younger looking skin in 7days sounds amazing 😍

Beauty Crush

I tried YSL-Libre, fell in love and purchased it already. Gorgeous fragrance!🖤

I'm very interested in new Kat Von D - true portrait foundation.

Murad - replenishing multi-acid peel sounds great as well.🤩

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@TazK  I have tried La Belle and Libre, and they smell gorgeous!!! Murad is on my wish list 😉☺️

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Some really exciting products being launched, excited about KVD, murad, and the new fragrances ❤️

Getting Lippy

I haven't tried yet but i love to


Received a sample in the post of the new  perfume by YSL - Libre and it smells amazingly 😍😍😍

Living the Highlight

@TazK Really interesting products! 

I'm intrigued with the acid peel from Murad, seems pretty strong if it can get rid of wrinkles in 7 days?! 


Such pretty perfumes bottles from YSL and Jean Paul!

Can't wait to try them out 😻😻😻

In the Spotlight

I'm intrigued by the new KVD foundation, it used to be a brand I was obsessed with but I've sort of forgotten about! The fragrances look so good !!!


Libre is the first perfume in absolutely ages I fell completely in love with.

I purchased a huge bottle for home after getting a sample and when it arrived I purchased a 30ml one for my handbag and travel.


Beauty Icon

I tried KVD lock it and already love it 


hope the new foundation is as good as the previous one Smiley Happy 

Nailing It

The lady at the YSL counter gave me a sample of the Libre and oh my goodness it's gorgeous! I think it might be my new favourite perfume!

Going Pro

@SophieG1 @Becky09 @Hue_beauty  Check out my little review re YSL LIBRE, the info was so interesting in my opinion I just wanted to share it ,Heart

Going Pro

@TazK  I was lucky enough to get a sample of YSL LIBRE, & personally I love it ,orange blossom from Morocco and Diva Lavender from France ,just gorgeous HeartIMG-20190831-WA0000(1).jpg

Beauty Crush

This foundation sounds nice love the packaging ✨ I’ve had a sample through the post of the YSL libre I think it was on Facebook. 


I can't wait to try our the KVF foundation I've heard good things already 


Want to try new D&G fragrance, i didn't even know it was realeased!

But by description it should smell gorgeously😍


All the perfumes 💕 😋 

YSL created something really freakin unique there 😊 the perfume is  a gem. The bottle looks simply stunning too 🖤

Both JPG perfumes are beautiful as always, la belle is a rich aromatic scent with a touch of sickly sweetness ( which disappeares quickly thankfully ).. 

Can't wait to try the K by D&G that lid is.. a masterpiece itself 🤣

Going Pro

Libre smells amazing! ✨


Managed to get a sniff off the new YSL Libre (which means freedom in spanish) so I just heard?? 

 This fragrance is bloody beautiful honestly love it ♥️♥️

Love the packaging utter class

its not heavy or sickly  the scent just a perfect balance!

its a tad expensive for my liking lol 

As a gift I would happily accept it though!! 😂😂😂 

I want one now 😫😫😫😫



Looking forward to trying the new Kat Von D Portrait Foundation! I already tried the new YSL Libre fragrance and love it! Heart

Winging It

The description of YSL Libre sounds amazing 🥰 oranges blossom and lavender... Can't wait to try it. I think it's gonna be best seller 😍

Fresh Face
I have had a test spray of YSL Libre & it’s absolutely gorgeous - definitely on my wish list!💕
Getting Lippy

@TazK I have just received my delivery of Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle perfume and it is divine. Absolutely love the fragrance and the fact it’s got the same name as my little sister made me want it even more. Think I may treat her to a bottle too. Can’t wait to try the Kat Von D foundation. Does anyone know which debenhams in the Lancashire area has a Kat Von D counter? 

Going Pro

@TazK ooohh intrigued by KVD foundation and Jean Paul Gaultier. I had the chance to smell YSL Libre and its devine 

Fresh Face

Jenn Paul Gaultier La Belle sounds heavenly; can't; wait to try it!


I will be receiving a sample of this new YSL fragranceSmiley Happy looking forward to it!
Nailing It

@TazK @Looking forward to trying out the#Murad - Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel its exactly what I need at the moment!

Living the Highlight

Lovely newness!Heart

Winging It

I was asked to define my idea of freedom....LIBRE.... and my idea of freedom is being by the sea with a bottle of LIBRE in my bag. Haven't tried it yet but the description sounds just like my type of as a bird and flying high with the wind beneath my wings!

Getting Lippy

I  would like to try this sounds good 

Winging It

Thanks for the new recommendations @TazK. The Kat Von D foundation looks exciting, just hoping there are more shades than those in the picture

Nailing It

The foundation looks/sounds amazing ,i love a full coverage foundation that lasts all day 

Getting Lippy

They look all gorgeous, cant wait to try them

Fresh Face

I love JPG and YSL! I would love to try the YSL Libre or the JPG La belle! 🙏🏼 

Getting Lippy

@TazK I really like the look of the new Murad product! It’s my birthday next month soo let’s hope I get lots of beauty treats! ❤️😄 xx 

Getting Lippy

I've been trying the Multi Acid Peel recently but I think my skin needs something even more gentle or maybe I'm just not doing it right? Idk. That Libre bottle is gorgeous! x

Getting Lippy

Wow looking great for autumn.

I love the Ysl Libre!  

Total Glossip

The YSL perfume is gorgeous!


I think I'll have to try the KVD that sounds great


@TazK I really want to try #kat von d potrait and #ysl libre

Getting Lippy

I have tried the YSL Libre perfume, absolutely gorgeous.

Getting Lippy

I tired this purfume in vogue  mag but I want to be able to wear everyday to get a feel of it so would love to review this xxx

Getting Lippy

The La Belle Eau De Parfum - Jean Paul Gaultier is a gorgeous smell. I love all the Jean Paul fragrances. Im saving up for this and the bottles are always great. 


@TazK All the products are fabulous