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It’s time to celebrate National Fragrance Week 2020!

And this year, it’s all about those personal scent memories…


Hosted by The Fragrance Foundation, this year’s National Fragrance Week will take place from 16th - 22nd March.


This week-long event will see a celebration of the magic surrounding fragrance, the artistry and the passion behind it.


20_WK27_BE_FRAG_MDAY_02 no focus stacked.jpg


Including discovering ingredients in your favourite fragrance, meeting perfumers and live Q&A’s, there’s a whole host of events to get involved in. Look out for daily events in store, and tune in to our social feed @debenhamsbeauty to get the lowdown.


When it comes to personal scent memories, the beauty team here at Debenhams know just as much as any other beauty lover how important fragrance can be. From your first ever fragrance purchase, to your wedding day scent, to the one you gift your mum every Christmas – which scent memory is your fondest?


Now's the time to tell us in our exciting competition! Share your #scentmemories with us on Instagram, for the chance to WIN…




Shop all fragrance. 

Total Glossip


So disappointed to be excluded from this wonderful competition opportunity as I am not on Instagram😞

Why not put the competition on the Beauty Community so that members are included like they used to be?

In the Spotlight


 I echo @Singasong  wholeheartedly as I'm not on Instagram either & would love to enter this competition . It does add a bit of excitement to the community as a whole when we all enter and read each others entries. After all ,we are all contributing to the various parts of the community but being excluded to competitions like this one ☹ 


Perfectly Primed

@DaisyCR  I am very disappointed because I don’t have instagram account how can I enter the competition? Please give a chance to enter all beauty club members who are like to enter the competition.

Winging It

Yes, I am agree with you ladies'i don’t have Instagram account either.and we all miss out this opportunity which is not fair😔.

Perfectly Primed

wow there are a lot of us not on Instagram and excluded from this competition,ba humbug


@DaisyCR This sounds like a fabulous prize to win but sadly, like the other ladies have said, those who aren't on Instagram (including me boo hoo!!!! 😭 😀) have to miss out on the opportunity to take part


@DaisyCR Wowww what a great competition,would love to win this bundle.

Going to enter right away.

Thanks for the chance 🤞💕❤


Fresh Face

Yes totally agree with other Beauty Club Members that it sounds a fabulous competition but as I don’t use Instagram I feel a bit disadvantaged.

Beauty Crush

@DaisyCR @Where to post the photo please?


Winging It

This is my FOMO and all because I am not on Instagram or Facebook. Smiley Frustrated

We sometimes miss out on so many opportunities. I don't have the time to check in on all the Social Media platforms. I wouldn't get any sleep!

Perfectly Primed

@DaisyCR  What a fantastic prize!  Unfortunately like so many others I do not have Instagram so am unable to enter 😱

Beauty Crush

Amazing competition and I will try to enter it even though I never win, but I'll give it a shot.

Beauty Icon

@DaisyCR This has to be the most disappointing competition ever because not everyone including myself have an instagram nor facebook account to participate in them and it's a little disrespectful because we have stuck by since day one. You created this beauty club community page for a reason and we have lost far too many loyal fun active members because it seems you have isolated us all. There is not ONE single admin here communicating nor acknowledging us.


I have private messaged each of you with the hope of some reassurance and be able to help resolve this matter but unfortunately ignored continuously so I will post on here.


On this forum,for many months now we have been dealing with lots of cyber bullying, harrassment, multiple accounts trying to cheat their way to winning products so they can be flogged off on ebay and scam many innocent people.


You all have been notified several occasions but we are ignored agin and again. Because of the lack of taking control and monitoring the system, things are getting out of hand.

 We as loyal members of this forum, have the right to know what is going on and if this page is coming to an end then please have the decency to tell us at least.

In the Spotlight

Well said @Ashli  I think you have spoken for us all in your perfectly worded comments 👏👏

Perfectly Primed

Written so well @Ashli  🌺

Living the Highlight

The FOMO is real for those of us who doesn’t have a means of entering. It would have been fantastic to be able to enter both on here and on IG, so to include all of the community.  

What a lovely competition and a fantastic prize just feel for those unable to enter.  


Total Glossip

Well said @Ashli !

Getting Lippy

Yes please any freebie

Going Pro
Entered Smiley Happy
Living the Highlight 

Shared my scent memories on insta yesterday🥰♥️


Yes please Heart😭😭😭😭😭