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As we welcome the latest addition to the iconic Abeille Royale franchise, get ready to take three years off your look…


The luxury Abeille Royale franchise from Guerlain, all characterised by their golden-toned outer packaging and honey-hued formulations, are renowned for the one ingredient they all have in common – black bee honey.



Untitled design (18).jpg


Well over ten years ago, Guerlain discovered the incredible anti-ageing and skin-repairing properties in honey and royal jelly, to create an exceptional skincare collection that minimises ageing through nothing but science (and a little luxury).


Skip to 2020, and you’ll discover a product in the collection for every skincare need; for instance, the hardworking Double R serum is composed of a dual formulation – whilst the soft peel side promotes skin renewal, the lifting-effect formula on the other side keeps that complexion glowing.


Untitled design (19).jpg


You’ll also find an indulgent night cream, and a variation of day creams to suit those skincare requirements of yours – a rich day cream and a mattifying day cream.


The latest addition to the line-up is one that’ll protect the thinnest, most delicate part of the skin – the eyes. Containing 94% of naturally derived ingredients*, you’ll find an intense multi-wrinkle and anti-fatigue complex to kick those signs of ageing and dullness in their brand new Abeille Royale eye cream.


The first complex combines the all-important hyaluronic acid with the powerful nutrients of honeys from Black Bee repair technology. The anti-fatigue complex on the other hand, combats those pesky dark circles and eye bags by targeting the root of the problem – hyperpigmentation.


Untitled design (20).jpg


Use morning and evening and enjoy a rich-feeling cream that melts on the skin as you massage it in, allowing the active ingredients to release.


Plus, Guerlain’s Abeille Royale jars now use 90% recycled glass for their products, with a reduction in annual carbon footprint and water consumption is reduced by nearly half - good work Guerlain!


Exclusively available at Debenhams - shop now.

Living the Highlight

Wow ! 

The gold packaging is so luxurious and looks like a fabulous product. 😍

When I say it contained honey I am even more intrigued as the scent can be heavenly if done right ! 

What an intriguing and beautiful new launch. This range will no doubt be a hit! 


I like the sound of the eyecream @DaisyCR  ...... anything that helps with those pesky wrinkles, bags and dark circles is a good thing 😎🤗


Gorgeous packaging too and good that the glass has been recycled 😍

Winging It

Oh wow it all looks so luxurious, and inviting, absolutely love the pots and packaging, would love to try this range.

Getting Lippy

Sounds fab can’t wait to try it & see if it gets rid of wrinkles. Love the colour

Beauty Icon

Gosh the packaging looks so beautiful @DaisyCR , but the products look and sound even more amazing. 

Getting Lippy

Oh these look SO luxurious and sound amazing! Anything that says it's going to take years off me can't be bad and glad to see they are using recycled glass, fab 💗

All Eyes on Me

@Beauty1 These are on my wishlist! But as you probably know - my backups have backups so it's not going to happen anytime soon. Smiley Happy

Beauty Icon

I know exactly what you mean @KikaSte , I am exactly the same, if you have ever seen my collections of Elemis and Molton Brown that I posted on the community, you will see I have the same issues as you😝😝😝

Beauty Icon

@DaisyCR  omg they look soooooo good the pot of gold stunning😍


Id defo try getting a sample

Beauty Crush

I could only afford this if I won the lottery xx

Getting Lippy

Wooow   i would love To try it All 😍😍😍😍😍