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Beauty Crush

The mornings are getting crisp, the evenings are getting dark and a new season calls for a new signature fragrance. During the chiller months, we find ourselves stepping away from the citrus, fresh family and embracing the darker, more sultry side of fragrances. Givenchy have captured our attention with the launch of their brand new L'Interdit eau de parfum.  


Untitled design (41).png


Before we even talk about the scent, let's discuss the bottle. The shape of it almost looks like it should have a 'spritz me' label tied onto it, it's ultra inviting but at the same time ultra feminine with its soft curves. The transparent glass bottle confidently displays the nude pink liquid and we adore the detail of the simple black ribbon which models the classic Givenchy logo. Sometimes more is more, but this bottle is definitely demonstrating that less can be more.


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 The scent itself is a bold statement. The thing that makes this gorgeous fragrance stand out to us is despite its deep, earthy scent, it has an unmistakably, unapologetic feminine edge. The traditional floral notes of Orange Blossom and Jasmin are accompanied by Tuberose, a unique plant which blooms in the night-time. The fragrance is intensified and deepened with Vetiver and Patchouli to result in an unmistakably, head-turningly unique aroma. Whether you're ready to snap this up for yourself or are thinking it would make the perfect Christmas gift (only 13 weeks to go - yay!), the know for certain that this unique scent will make the wearer stand tall among the crowd. 


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Getting Lippy

I am so in love with this Givenchy L’interdit perfume that can’t stop putting it on!  The scent is so lovely and sweet that it takes senses to another level of serenity! The smell is fruity, floral, spicy and warm at the same time and very long-lasting! I have already got so many compliments 😊

Fresh Face

Givenchy does it again ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Total Glossip

I had a sample of this and it is divine! Definitely a contender for a crimbo pressie ☺️ well done Givenchy! 

Fresh Face

The Givenchy perfume is so divine, I received a sample bottle in my Glamour Beauty Club envelope and I just had to go out and purchase the full size bottle although pricy it is definitely worth the spend. I've had people stop me in supermarkets asking what perfume I'm wearing I just cant stop putting it on and it lasts all day.



Getting Lippy

Its lovely , smells amazing.

Getting Lippy

The scent is really lovely.  It's very feminine feeling, unusual and a great mix of different blends.  The only thing I'm not keen on is the bottle...just doesn't do anything for me, but it wouldn't stop me buying the full-size.  

Fresh Face

I’m obsessed with this scent !!  It smells so good ! 

Fresh Face

Really like this Gorgeous Givenchy fragrance, I’ve been wearing it all week and it’s long lasting , lots of comments too , I rarely get over exited about perfumes but this one is just different , love it ❤️

Fresh Face

Hi everyone,


I'm thinking of buying this fragrance for my auntie for Christmas.  I THINK ****bleep**** of fragrance or avoid?

Beauty Crush

Love this perfume one spray lasts a long time

Beauty Crush

Bought this perfume on saturday a xmas prezzie to myself next purchase will be body cream if its available. Hoping so.


I love this perfume so much.

Fresh Face

Had a sample from the Debenhams Beauty Club. Beautiful scent and have had lots of complimentary comments. Have already put it on my Christmas List.