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Community Manager

Cosy nights and candlelight's aren’t the only reason we’re excited for Autumn… We’ve got some beauty newness majorly changing the game.


Lancôme Idole Eau de Parfum

Untitled design - 2019-08-22T131145.744.jpg


Pink peppercorns, pear, jasmine and sweet rose make up this brand new fragrance from Lancôme. Encompassed in the world's slimmest fragrance bottle, treat yourself to a slick new scent if fresh, floral fragrances are your bag.


Benefit Cakeless concealer



Full coverage minus the unwanted cakey feeling! Hide those under-eye circles with this new makeup bag essential that doesn't cake or crack. Featuring an easy-to-use cushion application, enjoy long-wearing, waterproof high-coverage!


Tom Ford Métallique

67492906_117458142911306_2178088847977431913_n (1).jpg


Sensuous white flowers lay at the heart of this brand new scent, mixed with pink peppercorn oil and bergamot. This addictive floral and soft scent will take center stage of your perfume shelf.





Dive into Autumn with this award-winning beauty brand we're welcoming into Debenhams with open arms. With a wellness ethos focussing on enhancing beauty with feel-good scents, give their best-selling Purity range a try.


Shop all new arrivals.


Can't get enough of the new Lancôme Idole Eau De Parfum 😍😍😍

Beauty Icon

I love the Lancôme idole perfume 🙌😍❤️


@DaisyCR  absolutely correct seems we would have a lot to play with this fall.


I am waiting to try my hands on Boeing full coverage no cake concealer 🌸🥰🥰🥰


But other top picks and upcoming arrivals looks amazing too.


Beauty Icon

I'm rather intrigued by the sound of the TF Métallique! 😍🖤

Living the Highlight

@DaisyCR  I do love the Lancome Idole  , I was lucky enough to get a sample of this & I have to say its long lasting ,casual but sophisticated  perfect for dinner parties

When speaking  to the SA she said the Christmas gift sets will include a case much like a mobile phone one so the slim bottle can stand up on your dressing table, refillable too ,what's not to loveSmiley Happy


Living the Highlight

@JennnCore Yes the Tom Ford does sound intriguing   , a more Autumnal scent for when the nights draw in .





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Cannot wait for Philosophy @DaisyCR , I love Amazing Grace and use to use the Purity cleanser! Pure Grace is lovely too. Oh dear looks as though I shall be spending even more money soon.

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@DaisyCR  I’m so in love with Lancôme Idôle, it’s a beautiful fragrance.

So happy to know that Purity is coming back to Debenhams!!! It was my first cleanser and I absolutely adored it, don’t know why I stopped using it. Maybe now it’s time to shop it again 🤩🤩🤩

High Brow

I always preferred my perfumes bottles a little on the bulky side as I'm always scared thinner bottles will break quicker 😆😆

But gosh, what a mixture of scents!


But skeptical about the no cake benefit concealer... I hope it lives up to its name for a worthwhile purchase!

Beauty Crush

Tom Ford looks so stylish!!

Getting Lippy

Im so excited

Living the Highlight

@DaisyCR I love these posts about new products and brands coming to Debenhams, always exciting 💕

Going Pro

I love Philosophy @DaisyCR so happy it’s in Debenhams!

Beauty Crush

I wonder what the benefit concealer will be like for someone 40 plus? 

Total Glossip

Can't wait! Need to try Idole and the Tom Ford perfume both sound lovely and right up my street Smiley Happy

Beauty Icon

my favourite time of year Smiley Happy @Boss786  time to start cleaning your broom stick ready for halloween Woman LOL


I have spent the last few months looking for a summery perfume and now I am excited about the autumn perfumes Smiley Happy 


So amped Philosophy is coming to Debenhams! I adore the 3-in-1 cleanser and their perfumes and am dying to trying more!


Idole is great as well... basically pink peppercorns are life <3

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@DaisyCR  Lovely products 😍

Getting Lippy

I will definitey be purchasing some Philosophy products. I brought some back from the US earlier this year and love them. Thet are so gentle on the skin, but effetctive at the same time.

Getting Lippy

I'm looking forward to trying the Philosophy products, I have Amazing Grace perfume and shower gel but I've not tried anything else, so  this will be a great opportunity to try something else!  Well done Debenhams!

Total Glossip

Loving the bottle shape on the Lancome Idole perfume! 

Getting Lippy

Everything looks nice ! I got a sample for Idole and it smells so good !

Total Glossip

I'm so excited for the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Pore Exfoliator.  It is such a wonderful exfoliating mask!

Beauty Icon

I tried the Lancome Idole fragrance the other day and loved it, smells divine

Getting Lippy
I'm a concealer junkie so I can't wait to see what this new benefit one is like. I love their original boi-ing (or if you're old like me and still call it Erase Paste 😂), so hopefully, this one is great as well!
Beauty Crush

Everyone talks about how amazing Idole from lancome is and OMG I just want to smell it, it must smell heavenly Smiley Happy

Nailing It

Ooo Tom Ford.    

Watching out for this one.   😋

Winging It

i have received a sample of Dior Joy, it`s fresh & light yet long lasting.

Beauty Crush

I tried a sample of Lancôme Idole and I must say it’s GORGEOUS! I’ll be buying it defo 😍💗

Total Glossip

@DaisyCR  I WANT IT ALL! 🤦🏼‍♀️💓💓💓

Winging It

Am I able to purchase a sample of the benefit concealer, in store x 

Nailing It

So excited for Philosophy. It’s a major brand I always here the influences swear by! 

Nailing It

Can already vouch for the #benefit concealer having just purchased it myself, All of these look fantastic though! 


My favourite is lancome idol perfume and benefit no cake concealer 

Winging It

I love Tom Ford.   

It’s on my Christmas list 👌


It all look so romantic