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Here's a helping hand to ensure those mitts stay moisturised at all times...


Origins Plantscription anti ageing hand cream

Delivering hydration from plant-based goodness, you’ll receive an intense dose of moisture, minus the greasy residue. Plus, this Origins gem keeps fine hand lines at bay.




The Handmade Soap Company

Not only are these guys kind to hands, but by using only the finest natural ingredients and being totally recyclable, here’s one that’s kind to the environment too. With a range of different options from glass pots to gifting options, the choices are endless.





L'Occitane en Provence

L’Occitane’s infamous shea butter hand cream is not only award-winning, but there’s one sold every three seconds! Find your favourite from their dreamy range as the perfect antidote to dry, dehydrated hands.




Caudalie Hand and Nail cream

Using the most soothing natural ingredients, this luxurious cream is suitable for vegans and all skin types. Leave hands feeling silky smooth for a nourishing treat.




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@DaisyCRthe origins plantscriptions hand cream is amazing, I don’t have wrinkles or anything but I love the feel and scent of this cream I’ve just finished mine up brilliant stuff 🥰❤️


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L'Occitane Shea Butter hand creams are the best by miles @DaisyCR, I have tried several brands and nothing beats it yet! 

All Eyes on Me

I love Origins hand cream it’s very good for my skin 

Total Glossip



This winter I have alternated between using Neutrogena hand cream and Dream Cream from Lush. The skin on the back of my hands became so bad that the cracks were constantly bleeding. These creams have been a lifesaver for my hands! I use Neutrogena during the day - it forms a sort of protective layer where you apply it and it does feel a bit greasy, but in a good way I think.  I use the Dream Cream at night - dream cream is a thick rich cream which basically soaks into the skin, healing as it soaks in. 

Beauty Crush

I'm loving my l'Occitane hand cream Smiley Happy

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Theses all sound great hand creams, something we could all do with at the moment.  I love L'Occitane hand creams, I like the shea butter for the winter and the rose or cherry blossom in the summer.  I'm currently using up an everyday Garnier Intensive cream that I have in the house but once we're hopefully back to some sort of normallity I'd like to treat myself to something a bit more special ☺

Perfectly Primed

I use hand cream all the time, but even more now!!!!!! I think the sales of hand cream are gonna go big seeing as we are all hand washing like crazy and drying our skin out! Smiley Wink 

My personal favourite is Almond Delicious Hand Cream 30Ml - LOccitane en Provence  It not only smells amazing but you only need a little bit to make your skin feel so much better and it fits beautifully in your handbag! Heart



Wow  i would love To try it all Smiley Wink

Getting Lippy

Being a nurse i always have loads of hand cream - even more so at the moment! my top favourites are L'Occtaine, Body shop, Soap and Glory and Nivea at the moment.  Keen to try out any recommendations though as i am sure my hands are going to be horrendous at the end covid!

Getting Lippy

Anti ageing hand cream, oh how I dream of finding a decent hand cream. I now have age spots that I hate. I use nivea hand cream at present. Help. Xx

Getting Lippy

Would luv to try this hand cream 

Nailing It

Good list of hand creams, looking forward to trying some soon

Fresh Face

I lwould love to try these creams 

Getting Lippy

My hands have age spots and are the first thing that people notice.  I would love to try the hand heroes as I need something. 

Beauty Crush

Most favourite of mine is the Ritual of Dao hand balm, very thick, moisturising and keeps hands nourished for quite a long time.

Going Pro

Nice list of hand creams, haven’t tried any of this yet, love the hand creams of Rituals and Body Shop.

First Base

Hi Daisy, @DaisyCR   – blast from your Uni past. Not a scary one I hope – your old tutor. I wanted to ask you something about Debenhams. I sent a mail to a Hotmail address admin had for you. If that’s no longer valid could you contact me, please, at the Uni mail address, sfrost [at] etc … Nice to see you’re doing well on here. Thanks, Simon.

Winging It

I’m a dental nurse so go through so much hand cream. Rituals is my current fave (smell and feel amazing!) but now I want to try the handmade company ones. Little treat for when the shops reopen I think! 

Fresh Face

My hands are so dry from hand sanitizing 😭  Is there anything better than Neutrogena? Reviews like this seem to agree...

Getting Lippy

My hands are showing signs of ageing, and what I hate most of all are the age spots. I would so love to try the new hand cream hero as the first thing people notice are my hands. It does not help having to use sanitizer so often. Feeling depressed and overwhelmed. 

Getting Lippy

I would Love to Try the L`Occtaine Hand Cream, As well as Using Clairins  which is Really Good, Body Shop Hemp hand Cream are Thick and Moisturising