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Stuck on a Valentine’s Day gift? The brand new Gucci Guilty Love Editions could be just the solution…


Celebrating the first anniversary of #ForeverGuilty, where we saw the two iconic male and female fragrance reborn into a gold and chrome duo, Gucci have entered a new chapter for Valentine’s Day.


The brand new and limited edition duo Gucci Guilty ‘Loved Editions’, inspired by contemporary love, are fragrances ‘for eccentric lovers’ and celebrates all things unconventional.


Untitled design (22).jpg


The male Guilty, Pour Homme, features spicy aromas of aromatic spices and citruses from its mandarin, ginger and kumquat accord. Fused with some lavender and rosemary for a soft edge, you’ll also find a deep and addictive woody base note.


The Pour Femme Guilty, on the other hand, contains a fruity floral scent of fresh bergamot, grapefruit and raspberry, mixed with musky amber base notes. Paying tribute to the vintage character of the Narcissus flower, there really is no better new scent for spring.


Gucci, known for their fabulous extravagance and embellishment, haven’t failed us on the bottle design either. The pleasingly pastel bottles feature the same shape as the previous #ForeverGuilty silhouettes, but with this retro-inspired pink and green revamp.


Untitled design (23).jpg


Portraying true Hollywood vintage glamour, the free spirits of Lana Del Ray and Jared Leto also graced the campaign for this launch… Dressed head to toe in Gucci garments of dreams, obviously!


What're your thoughts on the new Gucci Guilty Love Editions?

All Eyes on Me

I noticed it yesterday when I went to collect my parcel. It smells gorgeous. But I'm a bit confused, maybe it's Jared who sold me it! Smiley Very Happy

Beauty Icon

I like the Limited Edition bottles and female version sounds rather lovely @DaisyCR 

Getting Lippy

These sound really good and I really like the pastel coloured bottles, will have to have a try. Love the campaign too. 


I love the sound of the women's fragrance @DaisyCR  and the design of the bottles is quite different, a bit of a 1970's vibe.  Yet more new launches to look out for in the stores 🤗😍


@DaisyCR Oh love these 2 newbies and can't wait to try both.

Them 2 looked like Bollywood actors 😍😍😍

Beauty Icon

I love the colour of these bottles , it remind me of spring 🥰

Beauty Icon

@DaisyCR  oohhh need to go smell these defo raspberry hmmmm im liking the sound so lets see.

But the bottle colours are bingo for spring😍

Beauty Crush

I’ve tried these fragrances and it’s amazing! Love the bottle designs and the colour is so good too! @DaisyCR 

Beauty Crush

Tbh I don’t like the bottle design however quite keen to smell the perfume.


These look amazing 😍

Winging It

OOO i'm always Guilty for a bit of Gucci!!!! 

Living the Highlight

I love the pink bottle it’s quite different from the rest of the market! 

Winging It

This perfume pair is amazing....!!!!

Winging It

I want to 

Beauty Crush

Love the simple and colour of the bottle ✨

Just Arrived

I love the small of the new Gucci guilty love editions, I feel in love with myself, I bounce off the smell. So yes I must say I would like to have my own bottle. However I can't afford it right now. Great perfume. 

Total Glossip


The perfume sounds great

High Brow

I saw an article the other day & the Gucci Guilty pour homme was recommended for the man who was strong minded 20200212_163509.jpg

Winging It

Can’t wait to get this love smells with citrus and bergamot in❤️

Getting Lippy

Wooow i would love To try it Smiley Happy