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In summer your hair goes through a lot more than normal. The sun can dry it out, the chlorine from a pool can strip hair of essential oils causing split ends and sand in the hair can cause an itchy scalp. 


Don't let the sand, sea, sun, humidity and rain play havoc on your hair, here's a rundown of haircare heroes that will help you to keep your tresses in tip-top condition at home or away. 




Best for repairing

Up the ante and give dull, thirsty hair a big boost of moisture with these specially formulated treatments. 

Kiehl's Strengthening and Hydrating Hair Oil in CreamA unique oil within a cream that nourishes and strengthens dry hair. Designed for dry and damaged hair, it delivers nourishing olive fruit and avocado Oils at 3 times the concentration of traditional conditioners to help reduce breakage up to 75% while Olive fruit oils fortifies and smooths the surface of hair. Talking of Olive Fruit Oils, check out the Olive Fruit Nourishing haircare collection by Kiehl's that is enriched with natural avocado oil, lemon extract and olive fruit oil that instantly leaves hair manageable, soft and supple without weighing it down. Ideal for overexposure to the sun.  

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Best for beating the frizz

One of my ultimate beauty-mares is fighting the frizz especially when it's humid and raining.  These purse-portable frizz defying sheets are your new secret weapon to fight dry, frizzy, static-prone hair. A few swipes and hair is left shiny, smooth and free from fly away causing static.


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Best for hydrating

Delivers instant replenishment, hydration and nourishment leaving hair full of elasticity, bounce and reflective shine. Elasticizer Extreme has all the moisturising ingredients of Elasticizer, with higher active doses of the components that can really make a difference to very dry, porous and thirsty hair.

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 12.05.08.pngBest for travel 

Aveda has got all your haircare needs covered with the Summer Ready Kit that contains a cleanser, mask, tonic and towel that guards your hair from sun, salt or chlorine.


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Best for summer styling 

Specially designed to give you the best results on holiday the Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion range will help you to get sexy beach waves while caring for hair so you get the best of both worlds.  

Getting Lippy

Ooh I've been hearing good things about the Elastizer I guess I need to get in on this don't I.x

In the Spotlight

I love the look of the Bumble & Bumble range 😍🙌🏼


I've heard lots of good things about the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and the Bumble and Bumble range, need to try some of these! Random question, but can I ask @SarahS is the dress that the model is wearing from Debenhams? If so, do you know what it's called? Would love to purchase that!

Beauty Club Crew

Hi @Lindsay2 


Thanks for your message. I literally LOVE the Elacticizer so do give it a go. 


The dress is by Preen, here's a link. Plus, it's in the sale!






Hi @SarahS Thank you so much for coming back to me so quickly and for linking the dress, I really appreciate it!


Yes I might have to treat myself to the Elasticizer!

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@SarahS didn't know khiels did hair care! 

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Love Philip Kingsley!!

Beauty Crush

I can’t wait to receive my beauty box as the elasticizer is in there. I’ve had samples before and the whole range is fantastically good ♥️

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Philip Kingsly Elasticizer Heart