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If you didn’t know about the iconic collection that is Guerlain Terracotta, then you’re about to find out all that you’ve been missing. Celebrating 35 years of bronzing heroes this year, the range has gone from strength to strength.


Whilst Terracotta now boasts all of the essentials you need to become a total bronzed babe, from self-tanning to an irresistible fragrance, it’s the original bronzing powder that remains the ultimate authority in bronzers.


But now, Guerlain are doing their bit for environmentally-friendly beauty with their TerraCycle initiative; until 30th June, take any old bronzer of yours (that’s right, it doesn’t need to be Guerlain) in to store, to receive a £10 off your next purchase. You’ll find the £10 off selected Terracotta products online, too!


Unsure which Terracotta product to get your hands on? Well, let me help narrow it down with a few of my favourites…


Guerlain Terracotta Contour and Glow Palette




Ideal for on the go, pack this trusty trio in your summer suitcase. Including the iconic matte bronzing powder, complete a sun-kissed look with the blush and highlight afterwards.


Guerlain Terracotta Skin Stick Foundationguerlain_20190131_Guerlain_Terracotta_0053_R.jpg


When a sun-kissed glow isn’t enough as just a bronzer, Guerlain have upped the ante with their stick foundation offering a healthy glow. It’s buildable coverage, 12-hour wear and waterproof, proving it the perfect summer foundation for those pool days.


Guerlain Terracotta Touch Loose Powder




Achieve a flawless, yet filter-free, complexion with the latest launch from Guerlain. Compact in the easy-to-use applicator, slip this lightweight powder in your handbag for those much-needed touch ups throughout the day.


Guerlain Terracotta Light Powder Bronzer




Get ready for a seamlessly blended bronze and blush complexion, with a subtle shimmer. In this bronzing cocktail, you’ll find coppery, light-catching flecks in a shade perfectly complimenting a natural suntan.


Shop the £10 off Terracotta products here.

High Brow

🥰 i love how beauty brands started to do such things for the environment.. 😍

We don't inky recycle but also it help us keep our makeup up to date ❤

Beauty Icon

That's a great initiative by Guerlain, the beauty industry is absolutely massive and anything they can do to help the environment is worthwhile. The products look great too.Smiley HappyHeart


Amazing! This is such a good incentive! Love that brands are doing things like this now 💚

Beauty Crush

Guerlain is an amazing brand and now caring for the environment it's really good and beneficial for all of us, keep up the good work.

Perfectly Primed

@DaisyCR  Good way to celebrate a birthday 

Winging It

Oh live brands that are environmental friendly Smiley Happy though I’m new to contouring and currently using the balm one , but would love to try this new pallete to chevk

my new be skills :£ 

Going Pro

@DaisyCR love guerlain perfume and make up! The bronzers look dreamy 🔥🔥🔥

Beauty Icon

I love how clarins, Kiehl’s and guerlain have all started doing This recycling thing I hope it encourages more brands to join In and start encouraging people to recycle more! ♻️♻️

Total Glossip

@DaisyCR  💜 this makes me happy that will get so many old bronzer compacts recycled- we have all probably been guilty of just chucking old make up in the bin but this gets you thinking even if we done take part in the Guerlain campaign 💜  Big Make up brands have a great platform to use to inform and influence lots of people 💜  

Getting Lippy

Everything looks amazing 😍

Nailing It

Excellent initiative - beautiful products 

Total Glossip

All the Guerlain products look lovely

Getting Lippy

The guerlain bronzer looks good

Living the Highlight

The palettes are so beautiful Heart

Winging It

That’s awesome such a great idea 😊 much better than throwing my old bronzer away! I will defo try this! 😁

Beauty Icon

That’s a very good initiative! Well done to Guerlain!!! 👏🏻

Can’t decide between the stick foundation and contour and glow palette. 🤔

Fresh Face

Great work @guerlain, not many brand think this way. Great initiative. Well done!


I love this idea, and i really want to try the loose powder anyway so boom!

Getting Lippy

Love that they are encouraging recycling. I do wish that brands would consider it more though when designing their packaging, there's so much black used still, which I understand is hard to recycle as the machines your household waste go through don't recognise it.  I'd rather be able to pop my empties in my household recycling than get money off a product I wouldn't necessarily buy.


i would love To try it all please😭😭