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If the #1 award-winning Tattoo Liner is anything to go by, then you know you’re in for a treat. This high-performance and ultra-volumising mascara is, you guessed it, 100% vegan!


Powered by plant-based fats including nourishing sunflower and olive oils to create a creamy texture, you won’t find beeswax in this new product.

KVD_GBOGH_MASCARA_SILO_SMEAR.jpgYou’ll find wavy fibre bristles designed to really cling on to that product, whilst perfectly separating those lashes. The result? Mega volume, an intense blackness and zero smudge, flakes or clumps.


The beauty team put it to the test...1.png


Ellen said that "The creamy texture coats even the tiniest of lashes".




Charlotte "loved the fact it's long-wear, smudge-free and 100% vegan". 




And when Reena tried hers, she claimed "the intense pigment formula makes her lashes look super volumised". 



This really was a mascara designed for you to GO BIG OR GO HOME… So put it to the test! Wear your new mascara through sweat, swim, rain or shine and we can assure you, it’ll stay put!


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Nailing It

I'm so thrilled for all the lucky ladies that were chosen to test this, it looks incredible! Definitely being added to my 'I want it!' List 🖤

Perfectly Primed

This looks amazing @DaisyCR  dying to try it out 😉 xx

Nailing It

@DaisyCR I love that in all the pics you can see not only is it voluminising and lengthening but also gives a lvl lift like curl!  Amazing, will definitely be purchasing xoxo 

All Eyes on Me


This mascara definitely seems to live up to its name


So glad you're all as excited as we are about it! I must say, I'm wearing it today and my (usually very tiny lashes) are looking so voluminous! Xx

Getting Lippy

@DaisyCR Did any of these ladies curl their lashes before mascara application? It looks too good to be true 😍


@Bahadur I actually just asked and they didn't! They don't use curlers normally either! Insane results right? x

Getting Lippy

@DaisyCR  Yay! Then there’s hope for tiny lashes like mine 🙂

Perfectly Primed

Looks fab, well done to all those testing the product, look forward to reading the reviews, enjoy! x

Nailing It

Oooh sounds soo good! I love a hood mascara that lengthens my eyeslahses even more 💖💖 @DaisyCR 

Winging It

It’s a super lovely 10/10 mascara @DaisyCR 

It was an honour to try and review it. 💗