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Beauty Crush

So, you've just joined the Debenhams Beauty Club Community - welcome! When you start a new profile on a new platform, it can all feel a bit daunting and unfamiliar. If you're not sure exactly where to start, read on to see our suggestions for your first steps into the Community...


Customise your profile and make it your own

You can see your profile by clicking on to your username at the top right hand corner of the Community. Here you have the power to change your avatar, view what badges you've earned, see your photo galleries and what topics you've chatted in.


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Discover the boards
There are thousands of topics on the Community and to make topics easier to navigate, you'll find they are categorised into 'boards'. These boards are found at the top of the Community and are one-click-stops to the themes you want to browse. 


Start a conversation 

A Community is the perfect place to get advice, showcase your beauty finds and share tips. To start a conversation, simply click the "Get Talking" button next to the navigation bar. You'll be asked to choose a title for your topic, select what board it will live under and then the rest is up to you!


Tag products

 Did you know that when you are having a conversation in the Community, you can tag products? This attaches the product to the page and lets other members find it effortlessly. To tag, type the hashtag (#) followed by the product name or brand and it will appear in a drop down. 


React with your opinion

Not only can you read and create threads, but you can also react to them. Either "like" or "reply" to a topic and share your thoughts and reactions to the content other Community members have shared. TIP: If you're replying to a specific person, after you hit "reply", before typing your reply, press the "quote" button to make their response visible. 


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Read a blog post for instant inspo

 Not only do you have access to the amazing content created by our Community members, but also The Blog. The Blog is filled with articles created by our Debenhams Beauty Editors and houses topics from new brand launches, product reviews, news on offers and beauty inspiration. 


Get familiar with the rules

Like any platform, the Debenhams Beauty Club Community doesn't come without its rules and regulations. We recommend that when you first join, you cast your eyes over the User Guidelines and Terms of Use to get to know what's allowed and what's not allowed. 


What's your favourite feature of the Community? Let us know in the comments below!

Total Glossip

@catherined Hi

I just joined. I buy my men's products at Debenhams and I thought I would join this community to here about new products coming out.

Beauty Crush

Hi @Michael welcome to the Community! We share a fair bit about men's grooming and have lots of great men's content coming soon to the blog so keep your eyes peeled for that Smiley Happy 

Beauty Icon

Our beauty community is amazing 🙂Always ready to help , giving honest opinions and I have learned a lot of tips for makeup n skin care products from this community .

thanks for creating such a lovely community where we can share our beauty related issues... 😍

Fresh Face

I’ve just joined, so I’m feeling excited, can’t wait to try my free sample of JOY

Fresh Face
Hi I have just joined and love it ❤❤
Getting Lippy


Have just joined and looking forward to trying Joy by Dior !!

First Base

I’ve just joined, so I’m feeling pleased. 


I would love To try your products Smiley Happy