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Discover the new JOY by Dior Eau de Parfum Intense, a joyful tale of exceptional floral notes. Collect your complimentary luxury box from Friday 20th September 2019: simply present your Beauty Club card at your nearest Dior Beauty Counter.

As an additional treat from Dior you will receive a complimentary Sauvage Parfum luxury miniature.




JOY by Dior, Eau de Parfum Intense is a new fragrance with a radiant burst of flowers, a joyful trail of exultant floral notes that explode with faceted beauty.

The dazzling light of juicy Citrus blends with the colourful shine of Grasse Rose and Jasmine, heightened by an enveloping woody echo of Sandalwood tinged with Vanilla. Floral fireworks, a concentration of joy.




“ I created this new version of JOY by Dior based on the idea

of a burst of flowers streaming forth, as luminous as a firework.

I wanted to emphasise its sensual aspect by giving even more volume to the woods. “


François Demachy,

Dior Perfumer-Creator

Signature FD.jpg


T&C’S: Beauty Club samples have limited availability and will be given out on a first come first serve basis from 20/09/2019. One sample box per Beauty Club customer. To redeem sample, show registered Beauty Club card at the Dior beauty counter (or at the fragrance counter if there is no Dior counter). No purchase necessary. Offer valid in UK stores only. Sample box contains one 5ml JOY by Dior, Eau de Parfum Intense and one 5ml Sauvage Parfum.

Total Glossip

@TazK  A bit disappointed as made a special trip to pick up this little treat only to be told none had arrived in my local store yet so a wasted trip :-(

Also the beauty counter assistant was most unhelpful after I asked if there was a phone number I could have to ring in the next couple of days to check if any had arrived only to be told we don't give out the phone number 

Winging It

Wednesday 😊🤞it looks amazing 😊🤞

Winging It

My wife and I would love to have a sample thanks 😊



Winging It

In my local Debenhams they did not have it ☹️

Not giving up 😀 waiting for the next offer ♥️

Winging It

I love perfume Joy By Dior Eau De Parfum 30Ml - DIOR .It is smell of freedom and freshness.

Fresh Face

Hi there am new and I love to shop all new makeup or parfumerie my bedroom is little buety shop and I will love to try ur product but don’t no how any help pls

Fresh Face

I ain’t got club card how can u claim one ladies

Fresh Face

I have just joined online and have no card?  How do I get one please? Also can I get sample without card?


Getting Lippy

@TazK I didn't manage to get these after all my excitement as neither Leamington or Stratford Upon Avon Debenhams were sent them? 


What I did wonder though - Is the new Dior Sauvage for men or woman or both? I've seen lots of different answers.


Thanks xx

Blending In

I like this 

Winging It

I would love to be able to live near a Debenhams store to receive one of these lovely free gifts , but ,we don’t have one in our town ! I did go on a coach trip to Leeds ,so visited your store there , but was told no gifts available , I did buy perfume 🙄

Winging It

How come my nearest Debenhams didn’t get a delivery on Friday? Very disappointed to have missed out on this one.

Getting Lippy

Already all gone at Oxford Street - just to save someone a trip Smiley Sad

Winging It

Would love love love this 💖💖💖💖

Nailing It

I picked mine up on Saturday and it smells lovely. I was in Boots later and the lady on the fragrance counter was just handing out the small samples on a piece of card so I got one there too which was an added bonus. I think I am going to add it to my Christmas list as it is really nice.

Getting Lippy

So, went to my lovely local Debs today to find out how to sort out a physical member card. What a scream that was. Was as confused as the girls in the shop. I have a number on my account so it seems i do indeed have a membership but for them to register me a physical card would mean deleting my account number online and re registering! So good ole hubby has come to the rescue again, much to the amusement of the ladies who were trying to help me. Not only has he registered a card in his name for me so my account (which i must state has no use off line  for getting any kind of community benefits) is not mucked about, he also put forward the idea for a male wrinkle cream for his rugged 62 year old prickly face.  He was a bit disappointed as the monthly samples had disappeared with-in 4 hours of going  public and we were 2 days late but he still continued to search whole shop incase Johnny Depp was hiding somewhere!

Nailing It

I loved this month samples, very nice scent Smiley Happy

Winging It

Love trying new perfumes,joy is divine,I had a cheeky spray in the shop on Saturday.

Getting Lippy


Getting Lippy

I received my complimentary bottle of Joy which is gorgeous but I was also thrilled to receive a complimentary bottle of Savage. My partner was thrilled. Thank you. 

Winging It

Hi i would love to win this perfume as I’ve seen so many great reviews for it hope I’m lucky for once I@TazK
Getting Lippy

Oh I didn't know about this until now. I hope my Debenhams still has some. Fingers crossed

Getting Lippy

Managed to get my beauty club sample on Friday, oh wow!!! How beautiful are the mini bottles!! I absolutely adore this perfume and it will be on My Christmas list this year. Thank you so much Debenhams, a fantastic freebie for sure Joy By Dior Eau De Parfum Intense - DIOR  ❤️

Getting Lippy

I love Dior ,is my favourite perfume ever,can’t wait to get this 

Winging It

So glad I didn't miss out on this one, 2 amazing samples and the girls at the counter were so lovely, makes such a difference #debenhamssilverburn 

Fresh Face

Unfortunately, I see that there are several people on here being told their store has not had a delivery, and another common porky is for some stores to say they have run out even early on the first day they are supposed to distribute them!  I say porky to be polite to them, but sadly as a secret shopper I have discovered that these sales assistants and even fragrance managers in some Stores say bare face blatant lies to the customers that pay their salaries. (All but one of the male Fragrance Sales Assistants, and Managers, and most of the Female Sales Staff who also influence  other Sales Staff to behave in this unprofessional way. One Male and one Female only, are the only honest ones there and as I mentioned they get bullied into lying. This is a very sad state of affairs indeed and I am writing to the Area and Regional Managers today regarding this. No wonder Debenhams is going under!! 


I'm glad however to see that some customers are receiving good service and actually obtaining these lovely samples that are meant specifically for Beauty Club Members and not the friends, family and chosen few that the sales assistants chose to give out to. And alarmingly make customers feel belittled and not wanting to shop at Debenhams at all after the bad experience of dishonest corrupt staff!


Debenhams need to look closer at these staff members and managers that fail the Company, and more seriously fail their Customers.  Hence, making Debenhams doomed to Fail because of these undesirable staff members and Managers.  Customer Services have today been informed of the findings of all this bad and unacceptable behaviour and unprofessionalism. And Debenhams know they "Will" Fail because of them!!


Shockingly it goes on in a lot of stores that I have inspected. They are henceforth going to be under strict scrutiny and the offending staff will be liable to instant dismissal for insubordination and theft from customers.


The only way forward is to improve the experience of all Members (some I notice do not care about others now, but they need to stop and think how would they feel it it happened to them!). This message therefore, in particular to the Members that have been let down and have had reason to complain, is to take time to formally make an official complaint there and then to the Store Manager, and if you feel the Store Manager has not acted in your interest, report that Manager to the Area Manager and escalate it further if necessary.  It will not only help you, but will also help others, and indeed help the store itself.  Customer Service says that no one should accept less than a happy experience from Debenhams. 


And a thank you to all the Brands that give these lovely samples to the Beauty Club Members.


Hope Debenhams will learn some business sense from the feedback Members are taking the time to convey on here.


Best wishes everyone.

and @Michelle22  @TazzK @Kay9 (what they told you is a lie - make a complaint to Customer Services and ask for a Manager)



Let's all make that happen for every one. .

Winging It

It's true. 2 samples this time. My hubby was over the moon with the Sauvage the first time round; he was actually a little upset when he accidentally spilt some. So when I arrived home at the weekend with another sample for him, he actually smiled. And his was the bonus sample this month. I think I'm going to get him a bottle for Xmas. 🎄

So what I can't understand is why the women's samples are half the size of the mens?????

But I'm not complaining, the Joy sample is lush and lasts all day. I'm going to see how I go and see how many compliments I get from wearing it 😁😁😁

Sauvage Pre Wrapped Eau De Toilette 100Ml - DIOR

Joy By Dior Eau De Parfum Intense - DIOR 

Getting Lippy

Oh my goodness, I just picked up my samples now and they're amazing. 

I feel like a million pounds Joy By Dior Eau De Parfum Intense - DIOR 

Nailing It


Blending In

 I would love to win a sample and be proud to wear it ,I try it on while I was in store and loved it x

Getting Lippy


Joy By Dior Eau De Parfum 30Ml - DIOR 07976776-275F-4201-AFCB-16E219CA645E.jpegThis become my favourite top 3 fragrance. I love this version of Joy , it is very comfortable to wear daily.


Winging It

So sad I never had luck when going to Debenhams for some samples😭


Winging It

Amazing smelling perfume which all members would love to try

Nailing It

Got my sample ❤

Fresh Face

Smells so good. Love the free samples. Thank you Debenhams.  

Winging It

I did not get mi e as my store said they only got 15 in.... 

Fresh Face

I've seen a few posts where people are saying they couldnt get any in Birmingham bullring debenhams as they were told they had none left? I went today, and yes the lady at the Dior part right by the door said they had no more left and to check the dior counter INSIDE. There was a lovely lady there who gave me one and commented that she was suprised that they still had so many left and normally they go really quickly. Maybe you ladies are going to the wrong place??? Go to the Dior counter inside not right by the entrance.x

Getting Lippy

This is such a special and different fragrance - if you haven't managed to get your hands on a sample then take a chance and buy it. You won't be disappointed. 

Getting Lippy

Debenhams near me  still hasn’t had the delivery but the lady on the counter was lovely and gave me a smaller sample of the perfume and aftershave 😊

Fresh Face

@TazK  glad to see that Thor has unveiled the bad practise in stores. I often wish I was a secret shopper when I encounter this behaviour. Managers and assistants please note.

Getting Lippy

I was chosen to try Lancome Genifique and was told to contact you if I did not receive it within 2 weeks. It has now been 4 weeks and nothing has arrived yet. Feeling sad.

Winging It

Went to get my samples and as usual didn’t have any yet again missed out 

Fresh Face

I enjoyed the Dior JOY ...its awesome can't stop taking  the smell aways from me.... M in 😍 with it...thank you  Debenams!

First Base

I visited both the Orpington store last Friday and the Bromley store today. At both i was told that no samples had been delivered yet. Looks like i'm going to miss out on this one which is a shame because the bottle looks really pretty.

To be honest i never seem to get a sample when i visit after work - maybe because i don't look glam enough!


Winging It

I went on the 21st all gone apparently it’s not fair 

Getting Lippy

Every time I ask for these samples they say they have run out. Yet my friend went on the same day and she was given the sample 😣

Getting Lippy

Give up with this, always an excuse why I can’t get a sample or the club freebie. And when was chosen to trial a product, it never arrived. And having spent ages trying to get this sorted, still nothing. 

Winging It
Love the packaging, will have to pop in and grab a sample.
Blending In

heard a lot about this product and I can’t wait to sample it@TazK
Getting Lippy

I hope another round of this will be soon, the next day, no samples in my store although I'm usually blessed with samples ...