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Community Manager

Here's one for the men... From Friday 7th June, pick up your sample of the Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum and cream sample - the number one best-selling aftershave. 

Untitled design - 2019-05-29T155733.841.jpg

Featuring juicy and spicy freshness, Dior Sauvage boasts notes of calabrian bergamot and vanilla absolute for a woody, spicy scent. 


How do I pick up my free sample?

Our beauty club box is an exclusive benefit for all of our Beauty Club Card holders. Simply present your card at the fragrance counter in your local Debenhams store. Don't own a Beauty Club Card? Don’t worry it’s really easy to join, just click here and fill out your details and a card will be sent you in the post within 30 days, or you can pick one up from your nearest store.


Already know and love the product?

Have your say and help guide other Beauty lovers by letting them know what you thought of the product. Just click ‘Write a review’ at the bottom of the product page. If you love it so much and you want to treat yourself to a full size product, shop here.

The boring (but essential) bits!

T&C's: Beauty Club samples have limited availability and will be given out on a first come first serve basis on 07/06/2019. One sample box per Beauty Club customer. To redeem sample, show registered Beauty Club card at the Dior counter. (The fragrance counter if there is no Dior counter). No purchase necessary. Offer valid in UK stores only. Sample box contains one 10ml Dior Sauvage EDP and one 3ml Dior Sauvage Cream.

Getting Lippy

I also went in on the last Friday of the month to be told that the samples weren't in and saw no notification of the change of date. Is there likely to be a change of terms and conditions for this (was discussing it today with the lady on the counter) I think it's a great idea that people should have to show that they've made purchases to get samples otherwise those who do buy things and use their points miss out. Also, if staff in Debenhams can have beauty cards, why aren't they allowed samples? Seems there's double standards there 

Winging It

This is a freebie that the beauty club offers I can’t believe how uptight people get when they don’t get one. Get a grip first world’s nice if you manage to get one but not a big deal if you can’t. 

Fresh Face

Oh  I want this ❤️❤️❤️ Really nice smell, perfect gift for my partner on Father Day 

Sauvage Pre Wrapped Eau De Toilette 100Ml - DIOR ❤️❤️

Beauty Crush

@A23  I agree, people are having a go at debenhams for no reason at all. It's a freebie something they are not even paying for and they feel the need to get upset when there's none left, that's ridiculous. There will be more opportunities but people don't care about that, they just care about the fact they couldn't get one this time. What about all the other times that they probably managed to get something and others didn't. Oh well.

Beauty Crush

Got mine on Saturday 

Such a beautiful bottle 

thanks a lot Debenhams for this generosity 😍😍😍😍

Winging It

Thanks DalilaSeca. It’s a freebie and there will be others it’s not Debenhams fault...the sense of entitlement of some people and moaning they need to get a life 😝

Total Glossip

@DaisyCR I went to the Debenhams in Leamington Shires retail park on Friday and they had not received a delivery of them. I was quite disappointed. Do all stores not get them all the time?  


Went to collect this Dior sample for men on the 31st May as my email said,spent 30 minutes in a long queue as store was very busy and only 1 staff was at the counter.When my turn arrived,she said its not today,its been cancelled and to come on the 7th June.

Was shocked as didn't received any e-mail to say the date has changed.Went to town only to get this Smiley Sad

Then on Friday went twice,on 9am nothing and again on 2pm, to be told they didn't get any stock yet,come back Saturday 8th.Went again at opening and staff said there's none left as they received only 5 and all have been collected already.

What a disappointment and time spent for nothing Smiley Sad

Missed the Urban Decay product previously the same way.It would be great to have the samples delivered at home like Sopost works.We get the e-mail, we apply and receive them.Same process as in store,1st to apply 1st will get their samples.

Would be also  great for people who is inbound and can't get to a store to collect samples to try.

Hope Debenhams will look into this and makes some change.

Just my suggestion 😉

Fresh Face

Every time I go into get my sample they always say it’s all gone it’s a joke now not happy 

Getting Lippy

Yey! Finally got there in time to receive this- made my husband very happy although now he wants a full bottle after loving the fragrance so much Sauvage Pre Wrapped Eau De Toilette 100Ml - DIOR 

Perfectly Primed

Hi @DaisyCR  I went to our most local (Taunton) store today and was blessed enough to manage to get the samples for my husband <3

I didn't tell him, just in case they never had any, this way it avoids disappointment that many of us girls feel when there is none left!

I will surprise him with it later! <3

I know he will love it as he already bought the EDT last year from your Exeter store.

One thing I will say is that they are still asking for emails (which many of us still don't get)! Smiley Sad

Thankfully when the lovely @TazK  replied to my last post regarding this matter, I was able to show the store staff the response about not needing an email and just showing my beauty card! Result! Smiley Very Happy x

Beauty Icon

Love this perfume

so when I went to pick my sample

my brother purchased the 200ml bottle perfume 

and the lady gave me only perfume 10ml 

but no cream


happened before with the dior when they were supposed to give a free seven day foundation sample but the lady only gave me lip maximiser and I had to ask for a foundation upon which they only gave me regular very minute sample 



wondering what’s wrong with them !! 



Getting Lippy

It's so disappointing seeing all the things us 'out of town' or unable to travel beauty clubbers are missing out on, can someone address this matter instead of just brushing it aside as this happened the last time I spoke about this. IV addressed this in a post so maybe someone with a little insider knowledge from the beauty club team can have this information passed on. In this age surely we should all be equal and this feels like it only applies to those able to travel or live in a city with a store near by. You do a wonderful job in every other aspect of the beauty club! Thanks and have a beautiful day kel811

Getting Lippy

I have lost my beauty card so will I miss out on this one? 

Fresh Face

Looks gorgeous. Perfect for a close male in your life. 


I would love To donne to my husband pls