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From Friday 14th February, pick up your sample of  Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum; the perfect Valentine's Day treat! This best-selling fragrance embodies happiness, freedom and elegance with the smile-shaped bottle, delicate organza ribbon and fresh feminine scent. 




The scent is bursting with a floral bouquet, including orange blossom, jasmine and iris, with fruity top notes of pear and blackberry. Base notes of patchouli and vanilla give the fragrance the ultimate staying power - a Debenhams Beauty Team favourite!


How do I pick up my free sample?

Our Beauty Club box is an exclusive benefit for all of our Beauty Club card holders. Simply present your card at the Lancôme counter in your local Debenhams store (or the fragrance counter if there is no Lancôme counter). Don't own a Beauty Club card? Don’t worry it’s really easy to join, just click here and fill out your details and a card will be sent you in the post within 30 days, or you can pick one up from your nearest store.


Already know and love the product?

Have your say and help guide other beauty lovers by letting them know what you thought of the product. Just click ‘Write a review’ at the bottom of the product page. If you really love it and want to treat yourself to a full size product, shop here.


The boring (but essential) bits!

T&C's: Beauty Club samples have limited availability and will be given out on a first come first serve basis on 14/02/2020. One sample box per Beauty Club customer. To redeem sample, show registered Beauty Club card at the Lancôme counter in your local Debenhams store (or the fragrance counter if there is no Lancôme counter). No purchase necessary. Offer valid in UK stores only. Sample box contains one Lancôme La Vie Est Belle EDP 4ml.

Winging It

Wow another sample. Yaaay. X

Thank you for another great sample
High Brow

Thank you so much @EllenL  and Debenhams & Lancome of course , I love this fragrance and am so pleased that the opportunity to try this has been opened up to the Beauty club community. 

I've posted a link to a little review I did  on La Vie est Belle for anyone who may be interested

Total Glossip

Ooh yay! 3 samples in 3 weeks, you are spoiling us!! Thank you, this is a favourite I need to repurchase. Can’t wait to add this mini to my mini perfume collection

Getting Lippy

A valentines treat for us all!! Thank you ❤

Nailing It

Debenhams you really are spoiling us this month here with another sample. Can't wait for this and as it's my bday I am in store for my bday treat Friday so even more fantastic things to look forward to with this sample. Thank you @EllenL  for the post lovely. #BeautyClubSample💌🎉Lancome°La°Vie°Est°Belle°4ml

Total Glossip

Omggg @EllenL Debenhams is really spoiling us. Thank you so much 😊 I love mini perfumes ❤️

Getting Lippy

Love a sample

Fresh Face
Great perfume, thank you
Fresh Face

Loves these samples but as my nearest branch is closed I cant get them 😪

Fresh Face

Could I have a sample please x

Getting Lippy

perfume is the scrnt of love and Debenhams are really showing us they care in partnership with Lancome and I feel so privileged and loved at this moment in time. 

Beauty Icon

Gosh another week another sample, Debenhams know how to spoil us @EllenL. I hope I can get one, good luck everyone else. 

Beauty Crush

Looks beautiful 

Getting Lippy

Yay another sample cant wait to get it on Saturday. I hope our branch in Torquay has it.

Nailing It

Oh we're  really being spoilt this month @EllenL 😍


What a fab coincidence @Galara01 🤗  After reading your review in the other thread recently I hope I'll be lucky and there are some left on Saturday.  Good luck everyone

Fresh Face

Thanks for another lovely sample 👍🏻

Getting Lippy

i would love to see what it like

Fresh Face

Would love a free sample of Lancome La vie est Belle..smells so lush ❤


La Vie Est Belle Eau De Toilette - Lanc� me 

Beauty Icon

Thank you Debenhams, I’ve not tired this perfume before the bottle looks cute.❤️

Nailing It

Wow another great sample, I love it 

Getting Lippy

Love this smell ♥ Can't wait 😁

Fresh Face

Hi, is it another way to get this sample ? I live around 30 miles from closes Debenhams. I don't want to miss out 😀I am willing to pay for postage ..... Please help

Getting Lippy

Love this smell ❤️❤️❤️

Winging It

I love this smell 

Getting Lippy

I hope I can get one🙂 best luck to everyone 👍

Love you Debenhams 

Beauty Crush

Another gorgeous Sample, I can't believe it, thank you so much Smiley Happy


Will ask my sister to pick one up for me as I am working all day, thanks again.

Winging It

Love this perfume.Thank you Debenhams 


@EllenL  Wowwww another beautyclub box !!! 

Hopefully i get my hands on this lovely Valentine's gift.

Thank you very much Debenhams beautyclub 😍🤩🤗

Perfectly Primed

Thanks @EllenL @Debenham is the best of all.😍😍😍

Nailing It

This is my favourite literally so looking forward to trying this if it's as nice smelling as it's predecessor @EllenL 💕

Perfectly Primed

Wow 3 Rd in a row 😁

Nailing It

Wow - another great sample - I hope my store have some left on Saturday

First Base

Love this product 

Winging It

Can't wait to get my first sample ever thankyou debenhams! So excited

First Base

This is very new to me - first time here so fingers crossed.

Blending In

Really excited to get my sample Friday.

Just discovered this page and loving it. However I am not down with the tech side of life.

Does anyone have any pointers on how to make the most of this? Thank you in advance

Maria xx

Winging It

Aww I wish this could be an online sample also, I’m disabled so can’t get to a store!!  I love Lancôme perfumes, so would love a sample of this to add to my collection!!!

Nailing It

Thank you for another sample Debenhams

Fresh Face

La Vie Est Belle is one of my favourite scents after being given a small bottle for christmas a couple of years ago. I will definitely be at my local Debenhams on Friday. 

Winging It

Who needs a valentine when you have a Debenhams in your life.

Getting Lippy

L👀k forward to trying this new scent if I'm lucky enough to get my 👐 on a free sample.



Welcome to our community.Most of us had been here since September 2018 when Debenhams got the fab idea to bring everyone who love beauty products, addicted with perfumes,love sharing,like frienship,shopping and more ,together in only 1 place.

There're lots to do here and the more you're around and active the more experienced you gonna be.

A simple logging everyday is a way to start.

Click on the menu,read,like pictures,like comments,answer questions others may have,post your pictures of your make-up videos or your beauty products or even fabulous products/promotions you've seen out there and want to share.

Check into "The blog", where admins will post about new products to buy.

Also when there's a new beautyclub box to be out,they'll post about it here and you just go and collect your free sample in-store.

Check into "The Clubhouse" to read comments of others,like,post your comments and you can post comments in here yourself. 

Check in "New On You" ,when there'll be products to try,admin will post here and you just comment on their post to apply and if you're lucky,you'll get a private message in your account and in your e-mail inbox to let you know that you've been selected, then you just give your address and wait for your postman to receive your product to try.

Do check each single section in your account and make yourself at home,make friends and have fun.

Hopefully you'll soon start collecting all them badges and ranks.

Good luck and shout me out or the other girls if you need more helps 😉😊🤗

Fresh Face

Sounds amazing! Cannot wait to try it! Heart

First Base

I hope it is actually in my store this time. The past two samples haven't arrived until late in the afternoon (I'm assuming that is the time, since I've gone in the morning and at lunch time and it still wasnt there). If it is not there when I go this time, I think I'm going to give up shopping at Debenhams! 😂

Nailing It

Hoping to get my hands on one 🤞

Getting Lippy

Loving the choice of samples recently! Let’s hope they have it in store this time as my store didn’t have the previous 3/4  samples 😬

Total Glossip

Wow brilliant. Thank you. Loving all the samples.

Winging It

Will be looking for ward to trying this don’t think I have tried it before so excited thank you Debenhams ur amazing 

Winging It

Will be looking for ward to trying this don’t think I have tried it before so excited thank you Debenhams ur amazing also wondering if I can pick one up for my daughter as she can’t make it to the store due to final year exams and would be disheartened if she missed out