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Community Manager

From Friday 31st January, pick up your sample of Tiffany & Co. 'Tiffany & Love for Her Eau de Parfum' and 'Tiffany & Love for Him Eau de Parfum'! The latest fragrances from Tiffany & Co. celebrate modern love, and are inspired by the connection that bonds two people together. Both fragrances share a common ingredient, Blue Sequoia, which brings vibrant woody notes that unify the two scents. 




'Tiffany & Love for Her' is a floral, woody scent derived from an exclusive ingredient - blue basil - as well as grapefruit and neroli to bring sweetness and crispness. 'Tiffany & Love for Him' shares similar woody notes, with aromatic citrus brought from ginger, mandarin and cardamon. 


How do I pick up my free sample?

Our Beauty Club box is an exclusive benefit for all of our Beauty Club card holders. Simply present your card at the fragrance counter in your local Debenhams store. Don't own a Beauty Club card? Don’t worry it’s really easy to join, just click here and fill out your details and a card will be sent you in the post within 30 days, or you can pick one up from your nearest store.


Already know and love the product?

Have your say and help guide other beauty lovers by letting them know what you thought of the product. Just click ‘Write a review’ at the bottom of the product page. If you really love it and want to treat yourself to a full size product, shop here.


The boring (but essential) bits!

T&C's: Beauty Club samples have limited availability and will be given out on a first come first serve basis on 31/01/2020. One sample box per Beauty Club customer. To redeem sample, show registered Beauty Club card at the fragrance counter in your local Debenhams store. No purchase necessary. Offer valid in UK stores only. Sample box contains one Tiffany & Love for Him 5ml and one Tiffany & Love for Her 5ml.

All Eyes on Me

This would be a wonderful addition to my mini collection! 🖤

Beauty Icon

Ooo lovely!  @EllenL  The husband will be pleased too!  💜

Winging It

Omg this is such a nice perfume it evokes such memory’s of my mum when I was young. It’s very fresh and is such a pretty scent. 

Beauty Icon

It's so lovely to have something for the guys , hopefully I can get one. If I can't thank you anyway Debenhams for treating community members so well @EllenL 

Getting Lippy


Winging It

This scent is amazing❤

Winging It

Will be amazing 

Beauty Icon

@EllenL oohh lovely just wht the dr ordered😆 thku

Going Pro

@EllenL  Oooh such a great treat thank you so much...I’m already in 🥰 with this fragrance, counting down to Friday 😂


Thank you @EllenL  what a lovely little fragrance set, a little gift for my hubbie too! Look forward to picking this up on Friday! Hope everyone manages to pick this up.

High Brow

@EllenL  Just in time for Valentines day ❤ Thank you for the opportunity, hope I can get one 🤞

Nailing It

Ooo that's lovely a lovely treat for the girls and boys @EllenL 🤗


Hopefully there's some left when I get into town on Saturday ☺

Getting Lippy

I would love to wear this on my holiday in March to Martinique as an added bonus to my first holiday in eight years abroad that is.

Fresh Face

Do we get both of them or just one, would be great if it is the two x x

Beauty Crush

@EllenL Thank you 

Getting Lippy

i would love to see what it like i love the look of it what do you think

Beauty Crush

ooooh amazing! Thank you so much @EllenL 

Unfortunately I will be working, but I will ask my sister to pick it up for me Smiley Happy

Beauty Icon

Wow this is exciting ❤️

Beauty Crush

will try to get oneSmiley Happy

High Brow

What a lovely gift especially with Valentine's Day coming up, thank you @EllenL and Debenhams 😘

Getting Lippy

Hoping I am able to get this one as it would be great addition to my mini collection I already have.



Nailing It

Wow I really hope I get one 😍 love this perfume !! And his and hers as well !! 

Getting Lippy

Hey Ellen, I can't wait to pick up my Beauty Box

Thanks, Fab-R7

Winging It

Can`t wait for Friday, I love this perfume, it smells amazing

Beauty Crush

Oh how lovely @EllenL !!  Fingers crossed there will be some left by the time I venture into town, I missed out on the last beauty box but if I manage to pick this up it will more than make up for that disappointment 😍

Living the Highlight

Such a generous freebie, I have been wanting to try out Tiffany perfume for ages so I hope I don’t miss this one 😍


Woohoo !!! Many thanks @EllenL .

I'm crossing all fingers now and hopefully i got my hands on this wonderful beautyclub box this Friday as i always missed out when there're perfume samples.

Beside hubby will stop complaining about there're always samples for us women 😂😅🤣

Fresh Face

would love to try this pleae

Getting Lippy

Cant wait. Im taking time off work on Friday to go and collect it as I don't always get these lovely giveaways. xx

Winging It

Id love to try this but my nearest store, Birmingham Fort has closed. Nect is Bullring Birmingham.  I cant get there on a Friday due to work and if uou go on a Saturday theyve all gone 😢

Cant wait to try these !
Getting Lippy

Would love to get these miniatures. Not for me but for my husband, sick of him moaning on that he has no aftershave. Please, please help me!


Perfectly Primed

Fabulous 😍

Getting Lippy

Thank u very much to let us know. Hopefully I will get one

Blending In

Have Tiffany already would love to o try this one 

Living the Highlight

Oh how lovely thanks for the sample. 

I hope I can get to the shop this week. Don’t think I can fit it in sadly but I hope everyone manages to get it and enjoys xxxx

Getting Lippy

Fabulous parfum❤️❤️

Winging It

I love these freebies but now Chatham has closed I’d have to go miles. Can’t you send out with online purchases?

Total Glossip

Cant wait to get mine! Love Tiffany perfumes

First Base

Hi everyone Smiley Happy 

I've only signed up to the beauty club recently so I don't have a card yet, am I eligible for this offer? 

Getting Lippy

What's not to like about Tiffanys just lovely and it will keep my moaning husband quiet if there is something for him.

i would love to receive this fab present.

janet k

Getting Lippy

Love tiffany perfumes hope to get this freebie for valentines day

Getting Lippy

Wonderful brand! 

Getting Lippy

I would just love to try this. 🍉🍓😊

Living the Highlight

Cant wait to get these @EllenL 

Nailing It

I don't think I missed out on much lately. This means I'm heading up town tomorrow for my free sample box. ❤️

Nailing It

Looking for a signature perfume so i definitely cant wait to get my hands on this as you never know this could be the one 

Living the Highlight

I smelt these in store and they’re so lovely. I am unable to get to the store tomo but I recommend anyone that can to go because it is really nice 

Winging It

Ooh lovely , really like to try this

hope my local Debenhams have the samples in 

Getting Lippy
So Looking Forward to This Sample Gorgeous Fragrance I need a Pick me Up this Week Hospital & Doctor`s 3 Day`s Running