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Beauty Club Crew

From Friday 18 October pick up your sample of Guerlain Abeille Royale Mattifying Day Cream, and discover the smoothing, firming and texture-refining powers of Black Bee Repair technology! 



This mattifying day cream uses Black Bee Repair technology to visibly firm the skin and correct wrinkles and imperfections, and is specially formulated to help rebalance combination to oily skin. The cream's light texture melts on the skin leaving a matte finish, and has a fresh and airy honey scent. 


How do I pick up my free sample?

Our Beauty Club box is an exclusive benefit for all of our Beauty Club card holders. Simply present your card at the Guerlain counter (or the fragrance counter if there is no Guerlain counter) in your local Debenhams store. Don't own a Beauty Club card? Don’t worry it’s really easy to join, just click here and fill out your details and a card will be sent you in the post within 30 days, or you can pick one up from your nearest store.


Already know and love the product?

Have your say and help guide other beauty lovers by letting them know what you thought of the product. Just click ‘Write a review’ at the bottom of the product page. If you really love it and want to treat yourself to a full size product, shop here.


The boring (but essential) bits!


Beauty Club samples have limited availability and will be given out on a first come first serve basis on 18/10/2019. One sample box per Beauty Club customer. To redeem sample, show registered Beauty Club card at the Guerlain counter (or the fragrance counter if there is no Guerlain counter). No purchase necessary. Offer valid in UK stores only. Sample box contains one Guerlain Abeille Royale Mattifiying Day Cream 3ml.


Lol such an amazing sample! Thank you beauty club! 🥰

Getting Lippy

Hope so I get one this time 🥰

Nailing It

Don't have a store near me Smiley Sad always miss out

Perfectly Primed

@BeccaB You are spoiling us!!!! This is such a nice surprise!!! Heart

Getting Lippy

omg, I would love to try this so much, I use their serum and it's lovely.  My little Debenhams only got 10 beauty card gifts in last week, so  it will be amazing if I'm able to grab one!  Good Luck everyone.

Winging It

I wont try this sample


Beauty Icon

@BeccaB Thanks ❤️❤️ Looks so good 😍

Nailing It

@BeccaBOh Wow thank you for another sample this month! we are lucky Smiley WinkHeart

Getting Lippy

OMG, this is like a 3rd sample this month, LOVE YOU! <3

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  • Thank youuuu @BeccaB very happy indeed 🙂


girls check this out @Boss786 @JennnCore @bonnieburton @Beauty1 @Shafaqshehzad @BeautySeeker-03 @TH130199 @Mid12 @Ashli @SilviaP 


too many to tag 



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@Areej  an other one 😮🙇‍♀️ were super spoiled! Best be quick gaals to get one 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️🖤 

Nailing It

Wow, you are spoiling us with all these samples xx

Beauty Icon

They are truly spoiling us ! @Areej 

thank you for the tag hun


Beauty Icon

Ta, @Areej! 😘😘


Another amazing sample, you do spoil us Debs!🖤

Winging It

Thank you Beauty Club I'm really looking forward to trying this ,and it's in time for winter 😊.

Winging It

Thank you Beauty Club I'm really looking forward to trying this ,and it's in time for winter .

Total Glossip

@BeccaB Wowww,can't wait to try this product.

Hopefully i get one.

Many thanks BeccaB 😍

Beauty Crush

@BeccaB  hope to get one and we are being spoilt but im not complaining im loving it xx

Getting Lippy

cant wait!

Getting Lippy

Ah, you're spoiling us! Can't wait to try this! Cat Happy

All Eyes on Me

@BeccaB  Thank you and all your team at beauty club card...this is the only loyalty scheme I know where you give us the latest samples to try every month and we don’t have to purchase anything to get them.

Much appreciated for beauty addicts like me 😍😂

Getting Lippy

Can't wait for Friday. Lol


Getting Lippy

Hope I manage to get this sample 😍 it sounds lovely 😜

Going Pro

@BeccaB  Thank you, we are being really spoiled this month ,I'll have to be a busy bee &try to get one 🐝

Nailing It

Oh wow, that’s so nice of you to be treating us so much this month. Really appreciate it. 🤗🤗💅

Nailing It

Thank you beauty club another awesome sample this month😍👌

Getting Lippy

@BeccaB wow another sample for this month I would like to collect the sample on Friday Thank you so much 

Beauty Icon

Oh my word another sample this week, this looks amazing. Thank you Debenhams in advance even if I can't get it, it's incredible to have so many a month offered to community members.


Thank you for the tag @Areej  Smiley LOL


Can't believe it as this is the 3rd sample this month already, thank you so much @BeccaB  and Guerlain for the opportunity, if I can, I will try to pick one up Smiley Happy

Beauty Icon

@BeccaB  That’s amazing!!! 😍


@Mid12  Have you seen this? I hope you can get your freebie this time. 😉☺️

Winging It

Really looking forward to this! Thank you for all these gifts this month ! 

Perfectly Primed

You know it's getting near Christmas when the samples are rolling out fast. I love it!!! I'm actually writing a list of beauty products I've tried and who would love them for Christmas 🎄🥰

Nailing It

Such a great sample @BeccaB  and thanks @Michele82  for tagging me

Nailing It

@Areej  thanks fir tagging me lovely 😊

Going Pro

Were getting spoilt here!! Weekly samples? Yes please


Thanks for the tag lovely! @Areej jope you get one xx 

In the Spotlight

Ahhh this sounds amazing 😍 I hate that I can never get into town for these samples 😭

Getting Lippy

❤️❤️❤️Thank you so much 😘😘😘


Thanks @BeccaB Hopefully I'll get a sample of this to try, missed out on last weeks sadly as my local store didn't get their delivery on the Friday then they'd all gone at the weekend :-(

Beauty Icon

Thankyou for the tag @Areej . I can't believe how Debenhams are spoiling us rotten this month even I though did not collect some of the previous ones! I got my last weeks sample yesterday so I might actually give this one a miss because I don't want to feel cheeky as I'm grateful enough to the manager who sent my givenchy perfume in the post ❤

Living the Highlight

Thanks for letting me know @Areej 

Nailing It

Wow you're really spoiling us this month! 

Getting Lippy

Where do I get a beauty card please 

Getting Lippy

Thank you to @BeccaB & Debenhams Beauty Club for all the lovely treats this month. Although, most of us haven't managed to pick up the sample packs or there weren't any left in store, we still are grateful for all that you are giving us Beauty Club Card Holders. I really must say that no other company treats their customers like Debenhams. Some beauty stores never give out samples at all. Thank you once again.... I love you Debenhams ❤️❤️

Fresh Face

I hope I can get a sample this time...have never managed to pick one up yet. 🤗

Living the Highlight

looks beautiful x

Getting Lippy

Wow can't wait to try this. Hope I am lucky to get one. I love my lotions. 

All Eyes on Me

Hi @Heatherk  hope this helps, copied details from online. 


Don't own a Beauty Club card? Don’t worry it’s really easy to join, just click here and fill out your details and a card will be sent you in the post within 30 days, or you can pick one up from your nearest store.

Winging It

I'm looking forward to try this wonderful sample 💕

Fresh Face

Wow! Looks good...hope I can get this sample, sadly everytime I  have tried in my local store for the last 6 freebies, they haven't had them or they have run out, even at 9.30am on the day! Fingers crossed!!