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Discover No5 through a fresher filter with your exclusive sample of No5 L’EAU, and make a new lip statement with the brand-new ROUGE COCO FLASH collection.






Collect your samples from Friday 29th March 2019: simply present your Beauty Club card at your nearest Debenhams store. These exclusive samples will be given out on a first come, first served basis so visit your local Debenhams early to make sure you don’t miss out!





Discover the N°5 of today with an exclusive miniature glass bottle of N°5 L’EAU. A vibrant abstract floral with freshness at its core. Radiant citrus top notes are followed by a floral whirlwind of jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang, then grounded by vetiver and cedar. An icon, reinvented.


Switch up your lip look with ROUGE COCO FLASH. An innovative blend of oils ensures this intensely pigmented lipstick glides onto the lips and delivers lasting hydration, straight from the bullet. Experience colour, shine and intensity in a single swipe.


How do I pick up my free sample?

Our beauty club box is an exclusive benefit for all of our Beauty Club Card holders. Don't own a Beauty Club Card? Don’t worry it’s really easy to join, just click here and fill out your details and a card will be sent you in the post within 30 days, or you can pick one up from your nearest store.


Terms and conditions: Beauty Club samples have limited availability and will be given out on a first come first serve basis on 29/3/2019. One sample box per Beauty Club customer. To redeem sample, show registered Beauty Club card at the CHANEL counter and the Fragrance service centre if there is no CHANEL counter. No purchase necessary. Offer valid in all UK stores only. Sample box contains one 1.5ml CHANEL No5 L’eau and a Rouge Coco flash lip sachet.

Fresh Face


However, I just registered the beauty club online and not yet receive the beauty card. Can I still get the sample in the store?

Winging It

Hey @Gingerbread,  I’ve shown my beauty card on my phone before when I’ve actually forgotten my card. They’ve just typed in my beauty card number and then gave me my sample. 

Getting Lippy

Went to my local Debenhams. Me and my mum. 

We both received ours. 

Mums well happy cos it’s her favourite perfume. Xx

Winging It

Me & My Nana went to the Metrocentre Debenhams yesterday asked at the same tills if the sample was in store yet they said yes it had just arrived but to go to the channel counter to collect it. We were excited that it was already in store so we went to the channel counter however the lady there refused to give us the samples that were right there in a box because she said she couldn’t hand them out until tomorrow. I’m so gutted because yesterday was the only day out near a Debenhams that I get until next week by then all the samples will be gone. I always miss out because I have a disability and can’t get out often! 

Getting Lippy

419256A6-6E89-44D1-945B-8F9F6DC4C5A8.jpegHappy to receive my sample


91CC3447-E975-4737-BEF2-012F0C905430.jpegJust showing what I think is the smallest bottle I have ever seen. Not complaining at all but thought you may all be interested in the size.


Getting Lippy

Not tried this before just popped some on lovely smell.  Romford had a few left. But normally they are really good in Chanel so if you don’t get yours ask for a sample they may well provide one and it won’t be much different in volume size to this one. Hope you all get yours to try. 

Beauty Crush

Got mine this morning 😊.

Very friendly staff member on chanel. 

Was invited to have a make over in the future. 



Getting Lippy

I got mine too! I can't get over how cute the perfume bottle is Heart

Winging It

Got mine right now, it's gorgeous😍 

Channel's generously provided 5 different shades of lipstick so it's really a sample to decide which shade is your taste. Thank you so much Debenhams and Channel 😘

I'm gonna keep the bottle for my daughter's doll house 🤩

Fresh Face

@DaisyCR so disappoint!!!! I went to the shop. The lady said to me: We don't have any left. It starts from Friday 29th March 2019, isn't it? Really disappointed!!!!

Getting Lippy
I collected my samples this morning and am really impressed. The lipsticks are in a cardboard container and there are small samples of 5 shades and a lip brush. They will be brilliant to take on holiday and won't take too much space up. The perfume is also a great size for taking away. I'm off to Spain on Sunday and these will be coming with me. Hope everyone who tries to get them from store manages it
Getting Lippy


Got mine and they all look gorgeous 🤗

Can't wait to try. 

Thank you ❤20190329_144939.jpg


Beauty Icon

If anyone wants to be really kind at Debenhams HQ, I couldn't get in today as I had my final assessment for my course and I couldn't talk them into giving me one yesterday 😂😘 #Cheeky

First Base

very disappointed.  Turned up at 1.05 pm and none left, all gone by 12.00 noon.   The very lovely lady at the counter said she only had 140 to give out, which for Manchester is really nowhere close to being enough so  I'm absolutely sure there were lots of people like me who have a non changeable 1.00 lunch will have lost out.

Fresh Face

I went into my local Debenhams store  this morning 29th March at 9:35, (store didn’t open until 9:30) on my way into work, after receiving an email about this offer only to be told that all samples had been exhausted. Every time I go into the same store for any beauty card offer, no matter how early in the day there are no samples. I think the employees friends and families get first dibs on the free samples, before outside customers. Also, this store in bury Manchester, to get a perfume sample of any description is damn near impossible unless you get the counter supervisor and insist, then miraculously samples appear from a cupboard at the back of counter. These samples are sent from perfume manufacturers to advertise their products and should be given out freely, not kept for “special” customers who spend a lot of money in store. 

Fresh Face

I asked at the fragrance counter in the Blackburn store (who are normally pretty good) and got told they aren't being sent any as they haven't got a chanel counter. Gutted!

Winging It


Thanks great simple ♥️💄💋

Beauty Crush

Really pleased got my chanel beauty sample this morning  had good chat with counter assistant said the samples were going really fast. Didnt think i would get it so whoop whoop 

Going Pro

@DEETYNEANDWEAR  I too was lucky to get this Beauty Club sample & like you will be taking both the perfume & trial lipsticks on holiday ,minimalist packing Smiley Happy  # Let's Talk Beauty 

Winging It

again very disappointing that at Wimbledon branch its not available!

First Base

HULL store appear to miss out on these free samples as every time I go in to try and get these samples I  am told that they haven’t received or been sent any samples to give out. Why? Is Hull not worthy of receiving them? 

Total Glossip

Waaaah I was hoping to grab one but Rugby Debenhams has once again ran out 😭😭😭 sadness 😫😫

Beauty Icon

I managed to go to Debenhams Westfield today where thankfully there is a Chanel counter, and I received the sample. My friend was

with me, she loved the shades of sample lipstick so I gave it to her. And as Elemis was 40% off I purchased  couple of sets, 1 set for men and 1 set for women. It's hard to resist when there are such good reductions for an avid Elemis user like me. Happy days!!Woman Happy

Beauty Icon

Yep got mine at 10:30 but i think they was finished like by 11:30 or just before our store had a bit of a queue 😳

Nevr seen that before wow

Fresh Face

I been wimbledon branch around 12:45 and there was one guy waiting there as well but both of us are get the sample, so just come earlier then

Fresh Face

So happy to receive this free gift.  The little bottle is gorgeous and the perfume is really nice.  I always use CHANEL No 5 but I like this one too.  Haven’t tried the lipstick yet but so looking forward to trying them out.  Thanks so much.

Fresh Face

Hello i didnt get mine.i went there and they said we just got 10 samples and its already gone .really disappointed because i love to try different products .how i can get one for my self? 

Winging It

Thank you so much, I picked up Friday and the is Awesome very nice purfu

Winging It

I did not receive my card, is it ok if I just show that I’m a member by logging in here or giving my email associated to my membership to claim the sample? Xx

Getting Lippy

EBF7FF95-1794-4784-A6A3-BEF01A69ED31.jpegI ove this bottle of perfume it is so tiny and pretty and is smell so good. I am totally in love.


Winging It

Went to Debenham Metrocentre yesterday. Nobody was at Chanel counter. Ask someone else for samples. She said everything is already finished.

even on the same day I specially visit there. Really disappointed. ☹️

Fresh Face

My mum went yesterday to pick her sample.They said it wasnt in stock.This was her first time with the beautycard.She was really disappointed .

All Eyes on Me

I cant get the tiny sized bottle!! So 20190330_013701.jpg#cute!!!

Getting Lippy

Thank you so much 😍 Debenhams  Debenhams Beauty Club Chanel for this month AMAZING 🏆 x 💋 beautiful beauty gift! It's stunning presented and to try the different 💋 x 💄x lip colours 👄 was perfect 👌 tear this afternoon glided effortlessly and glossy finish and stayed on with a fresh floral 🌸 smell to go out with this spring! chocolates mam 003.JPGX

Winging It
Hello, Can please someone of you sell me the Chanel miniature? I went to all Debenhams stores in London and could not find it. I collect miniatures and I'd like to have it!
Winging It

Personally I think the beauty counter staff at my local Debs store are keeping it for themselves and not giving it away to beauty club members when asked.


I find my nearest Debenhams staff esp. the older staff are quite unhelpful and unfriendly hence I only bought my cosmetic via online!  Really wish beauty club would have send it out to their beauty club members or regular buyers  instead of asking us to go in-store & collect it😩😩


I will be just wasting my time going in-store to collect the supposely free gifts.  Dont like to feel unwelcome! 

Winging It

Didnt get selected to receive the Benefit bronzer but found a very good deal on offer from Debenhams online@Debenhams#Benefit#PacoRabanne#Clinique



£20 for the whole set rather than £26 for 8g bronzer 😏

Fresh Face

How do I claim the beauty box and receice the channel Card how much is this beauty box cost

Fresh Face

Will hopefully be able to get my free samples xx

Nailing It

Got mine, i’m obsessed with miniature things so I couldn’t stop staring at the bottle 😩😂😍

Living the Highlight

I haven' tbeen able to get this one Smiley Sad unless I get there on the day first thing they run out so quickly. The perfume  bottle looks so cute! Wish they released the sample on a Saturday!

Winging It

Could someone of you sell me the miniature please?

Total Glossip

We collected our free samples yesterday and really love the smell of the new "No5 L'eau" perfume by Chanel 😍

It's definitely on my "To buy" list now.

Many thanks Debenhams 😊20190330_174619.jpg


Nailing It

First time ever I didn't get a sample. I went to Debenhams oxford street on Friday during my lunch time (only get 1 hour lunch and had to walk fast from Euston square), reached at 12:45, lady said none left. Super disappointed! Had to have lunch in 10 minutes and rush back to work. I went to Debenhams Harrow on Saturday morning 9 a.m., lady said they received 4 boxes and all finished. I believe more samples should be sent out and perhaps do the beauty club card samples on Saturdays rather than Fridays as most people have to report to work at 9 a.m. every day and Debenhams opens at 9:30 so people who work near oxford street collect them fast, while people like us lose out on these samples. Not happy! Smiley Mad

Winging It

shreena_kul I went to oxford street too in Friday. I think the lady lied. 

Fresh Face

I agree with shelly2, I also think staff lie about these samples and do not want to hand them out Smiley Sad staff are unfriendly and look at customers weirdly like why do you want a free sample for.

Also shelly2 there are some miniatures for sale on eBay. 

Beauty Crush

😘😘😘🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️Awesome sample on such a cute little bottle. A little gem indeed. 


Just so so thankful to Debenhams beauty club for these lovely samples. They pamper us so nicely. Love you 😍 

Fresh Face

I never can to pik up samples in stores. The people says dont has.

Winging It


Winging It

Thank you Sampling123