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With their mattes, satins and full-on gloss, Buxom's lip products are guaranteed to polish your pout with their spectrum of beautiful finishes. If you don't know your Plumpline from your Powerplump and want to know exactly what Buxom products will be best for you, read on....


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 Buxom Va-Va-Plump Shiny Liquid Lipstick
Best for long lasting, opaque colour, these take liquid lipstick to the next level with shiny, saturated color that hits all the right spots. The plumping & tingling liquid formula is luscious and opaque, with a shine finish. We adore the precision curve applicator that hugs lips for optimal formula lay down.


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Buxom Full-On Lip Polish
Best for giving your lips a luscious, plumping lift, this collection has a sensorial tingling kick, and a unique peptide that delivers natural collagen and hyaluronic acid to lips for a plump pout. The polishes are shining, sheer and shimmering and come in 32 shades named after Bombshell Babes. We love applying just to the center of the lips and cupid’s bow for a playful, plump pinch.


Buxom Full-On Lip Cream
Best for a medium coverage, glossy colour, these lip creams have the same sensorial kick as the Full-On Lip Polish but with a glassy-gloss medium coverage. Start with one layer for a sheer finish and continue to layer to build the colour. Creams come served in 14 delicious, cocktail shades.


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Buxom Plumpline Lip Liner
Best for full, perfectly shaped lips, you'll be equipped to slay the lip game with double threat lip liner and built-in brush. The first to market plumping lip pencil with versatility to define, shape, and fill in lips. It’s creamy, smooth and blend-able satin-matte formula comes in 20 seductive pout-amplifying shades, balanced of bold colors and sexy nude contours. 


Buxom Big and Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick
Best for a lightweight but bold colour, this is the weightless lipstick for those that want bold, one stroke colour in one swipe- the gel texture is a blend of emollients and esters. The gel is also weightless and clear, so it provides pure, vivid colour and comes in either modern matte or sensual satin finishes.


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Buxom Power Plump Lip Balm
Best for caring for lips, the Power Plump is every woman's go-to lip care for pampered, plumped, and just-kissed lips. Plumping & tingling balms that moisturizes lips to feel silky and smooth. Comes in 1 self-adjusting universal pink tint, Big O, and 3 sheer-tinted and self-adjusting shades that all react to your individual pH to reveal a hint of customized ‘Just-Kissed’ lips.


Buxom Wildly Whipped Liquid Lipstick
Best for hydrating lips, these liquid lipsticks have an airy formula that is so addictive. The plumping, lightweight, and addictive whipped texture with a soft matte finish- leaves lips looking and feeling irresistible with this sexy liquid lipstick from the lip plumping authority. We love applying a dot of product to the apples of the cheeks for an air-whipped flushed, harmonious finish.


Which of these lip products do you most love the sound of? Let us know in the comments below.


The Buxom Plumpline lip liner looks fab.  I love a satin finish so I can't wait to try it.

Beauty Icon

The plumpline lip liner would love to try it 


I’d love to try the Power Plump lipbalm, it would be amazing to have natural looking plump lips 👄 

Just Arrived

Good one

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The va-va-plump shiny liquid lipsticks look beautiful swatched going to have to get a couple soon ☺