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One thing we can all agree we love, is a face mask. Whether you have dry, dull, oily, mature skin, there's nothing that feels as nourishing, pampering and self loving as a face mask. Not only do they feel like a cuddle from yourself to your complexion, they also do some hardcore work on your skin. With the overwhelmingly large spectrum of masks on the market, it can be hard to know which ones would work best for your skin type. Two Debenhams Beauty HQ team members put a selection of brands to the test to give you their verdict on which of their masks served their skin types. Daisy has dry skin, and Taryn has oily skin - so if your skin type matches on of their's, keep your eyes peeled for their opinions. 


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Taryn used: Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

This black-as-night mask is an intense dose of Bamboo Charcoal which draws out impurities in a flash. Not only does it de-congest skin, but it also reduces pore size and helps blemishes heal. 

Taryn's verdict:  "I love this charcoal mask, it is lovely to apply and leaves your skin feeling really clean!"


Daisy used: Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

This overnight mask is beauty sleep in a bottle! It's filled with powerful but gentle fruit exacts to intensely nourish even the driest of skin. 


Daisy's verdict: "This mask is one I go to when my skin is in a serious need of moisture – usually during the winter. It does the job perfectly."



Taryn used: Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment 

This cult mask was created in the hills of Hollywood with the specific aim to tackle the majority of common skin concerns such as blemishes, large pores, scars and redness.


Taryn's verdict: "This feels super refreshing and ever so slightly tingly which I really like, smells amazing too!"


Untitled design (29).png

Daisy used: Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment

This intense treatment hydrates parched skin using the modernist skincare technologies. A dry complexion will emerge feeling replenished, nourished and calm. 


Daisy's verdict: “For me this is a must to leave on overnight, twice a week, as I feel putting my makeup on the next day sits so much nicer on better hydrated skin."

La Bruket

 Taryn used:  L:a Bruket Natural Kaolin Clay Mask

This clarifying mask is made with mineral rich kaolin clay to absorb excess oil and cleanse pores. The amazing clay also has a reputation for its power to remedy headaches and stress.... our new Monday night go-to?


Taryn's verdict: "This is very different to the Glamglow Mask, still feels very fresh but doesn’t dry down as much so I think this one would be better for sensitive skin."


Daisy used: L:a Bruket Hydrating Face Mask 

This creamy, soothing mask is packed full of skin loving ingredients such as aloe vera, cucumber and elderflower. Our skin is feeling quenched just thinking about it! 


Daisy's verdict: “I LOVE anything with aloe vera in, so this is perfect as it’s super soothing – it’s a real lightweight formula which feels amazingly hydrating too.”


Untitled design (30).png



Taryn used: Starskin Purifying Silkmud Pink French Clay Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are famous for being extremely hydrating, but this sheet mask is making a mark on the blemish busting map. Simply apply and lift away, mess free for a clear, radiant glow. 


Taryn's verdict: "Although it makes you look slightly crazy the results were really good, my skin felt so smooth and my pores did look slightly smaller!"


Daisy used:  Starskin Nourishing and Brightening Face Mask

This mask has a one-of-a-kind blend of oils to make one the ultimately hydrating, plumping treatment. We would recommend to use in the evening so you can wake up to the product absorbed, leaving your skin looking radiant and youthful. 


Daisy's verdict: “Leaving this on feels like a mini DIY spa! The oil formula works wonders for dehydrated skin, especially as Camellia oil is renowned for being used in East Asia so it’s something I can definitely trust.” 


Like Taryn I too have oily skin and use the Origins charcoal face mask once a week and it really does help keep face from getting congested and helps control the oil levels. But I always find it funny when you answer the door when you’ve got a flask mask on, I’m sure I’ve scared a few delivery drivers! 🙂

Beauty Crush

@SavitaM I do too and love that one myself! Haha, you and me both!