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If you follow me on this blog, you may know that I am a lover of all things skincare. My favourite brands in skincare include Filorga, Murad, Kiehl’s and Prevage. Why? Because all these brands have a whole load of science behind their formulas and products. So, when I heard that the new PREVAGE Progressive Renewal Treatment had launched, I had to find out more.


What is it?

An intensive, 4-week, at-home face peeling treatment formulated to encourage skin renewal while the powerful antioxidants provide protection so skin looks smoother, brighter and younger.


I caught up with the lovely Any Skyotte-Mosbaek, Regional Training Manager for Elizabeth Arden who talked me through the benefits of Progressive Renewal.


                                                                                                            Any Skyotte-Mosbaek, Regional Training Manager for Elizabeth Arden


[Sarah Sian, Beauty Editor] Tell me about the science behind Progressive Renewal Treatment?

[Any Skytte-Mosbaek] It’s scientific but easy to understand. Progressive RenewalTreatment is based around alpha hydroxy acid (AHA and polyhydroxy acid (PHA). PHA's have larger molecules and offer gentler exfoliation while PHA's have moisturisation and skin strengthening benefits. It also contains
Idebenone, a supercharged antioxidant that helps to protect the newly-revealed skin cells from day to day environmental factors. The treatment also keeps the skin’s pH levels optimally low so you get maximum results from the formula each week.


[SS] Why do you need different dosages?

[AM] Well that’s because your skin gets used to the AHA so you need to up the dosage slowly each week to get the results you want.


[SS] When is the best time to apply?

[AM] Progressive Renewal should be used at night. Apply onto cleansed skin. When you sleep, your skin repairs itself so Progressive renewal gives skin the nutrients it needs while you sleep.


[SS] How do you apply?

[AM]  Apply all over the face and massage well. Make sure you wait 20 minutes with the progressive AHA before you apply anymore products so it penetrates deep into the skin.


[SS] What skin type/age is this targeted towards?

[AM] This is a skin renewal treatment so it’s ideal for any skin type and age. For younger skin environmental factors can make skin look dull and tired. For mature skin, ageing factors can take its toll. As this has skin resurfacing benefits, it’s ideal for all. For younger skin you can you use twice a year. For more mature skin, you can use it more regularly. 


The best way to give it a go is to head down to the Elizabeth Arden counter at Debenhams Oxford for a Progressive Skin Renewal Treatment Speed Service. The best bit…it only takes 15 minutes.

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Shop the new Progressive Renewal Treatment by Prevage


Beauty Icon

This looks very intriguing! I was only thinking today I’m going to book myself in for a facial but since seeing this I’m swayed towards giving this a try instead. 

Total Glossip

This sounds incredible. I hope its not too expensive cos this is something i would love to try x

Nailing It

Very intriguing!