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We're celebrating women over 40 who still look gorgeous (or even more gorgeous) as they go into their 40's and beyond. Here's some of their top tips to ageing beautifully.  


Jennifer Aniston, 50 years youngScreen Shot 2019-03-04 at 15.08.42.png


Image courtesy of @jenniferanistononline  Instagram

Top tip:  
‘I do love oxygen facials when I can get to them. I think they’re very good for us, our skin’. She But I’ve also always taken really good care of my skin. It’s one of those things my mom beat into my head. “Take care of your skin; put on your moisturiser.”‘


Elizabeth Arden Red Door Services, Debenhams Oxford Street have Oxygen Blast Facials on their menu. 

Shop moisturisers 


Helen Mirren, 73 years youngScreen Shot 2019-03-04 at 15.21.10.png


Image courtesy of @jhelenmirren Instagram

Top tip: 
“Don’t over-do it, not too much,. Also wear eye make-up and don’t be afraid of it, mascara is every woman’s best friend.”


Cindy Crawford, 53 years youngScreen Shot 2019-03-04 at 15.28.04.png


Image courtesy of @cindycrawford Instagram

Top tip: 'I love using a dry brush before I bathe or shower. On dry skin, I use the brush all over my body, always brushing toward my heart. Not only do you brush off dead skin, you invigorate your body, stimulate your lymphatic system, reduce cellulite, and decongest your skin (talk about a miracle tool)'.


Naomi Campbell, 53 years youngScreen Shot 2019-03-04 at 15.35.27.png


Image courtesy of @Naomi Instagram

Salma Hayek, 52 years youngScreen Shot 2019-03-04 at 15.39.10.png


Image courtesy of @salmahayek Instagram


Top tip:  "I noticed the beginnings of a turkey neck. I said to my makeup artist, 'Are you seeing what I'm seeing?' She said, 'I hate to admit it, but I do.' So I started using the serum all over my neck. Two weeks later the turkey was gone! Well, a little piece of the turkey is still there, but I keep it under control with the serum."

We also asked our lovely Beauty Community to share their insider tips and tricks to ageing beautifully. Here's what they had to say: 



To look good, you have to feel you look good.  Confidence is key. I know it might sound stupid, but it's true.  If you think you look good- Everyone around you will think so too!


For Makeup, you should find a good concealer, foundation and pressed or loose powder in your skintone. True Match by Loreal is truly amazing. Blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and lipgloss are also great investments. Makeup sponges and brushes are also great investments because they make applying makeup very easy. Youtube also gives you great ideas for makeup applications and ideas. 



My top tip is to keep on evolving and don't get stuck in a rut. It's easy to carry on wearing the same make up and  using the same old skin care products, wearing your hair in the same safe style and get into a comfortable state. 


I love trying new products and colours. I'm open to new ideas for application of make up and how to mix and match colours and techniques. Less is more especially when it comes to foundation, I try to apply it sparingly and use concealer more. I don't want to look like I'm wearing a mask. 


The same with skin care, your skin and it's needs change over time so you have to keep on testing new products. Take care of your skin, I remember nearly 20 years ago having a facial at the Dior counter in Debenhams and the lady who did my facial said you must always moisturiser, do you want to be a plum or a prune? That's always stuck. Always wear a SPF it's not just for your hols. 



I cannot agree more that one of the most beautiful things on a woman is her confidence, that and a smile. I personally think going for a no makeup make up look makes you look younger, than a full face of makeup, a nude lip with subtle pink or bronze on the lids.


Looking synthetic or too made up with surgery or Botox makes a person look older to my mind automatically, than someone who make have some wrinkles here and there as we only assume the made up person had horrendous wrinkles that's why they needed the Botox etc. 


Exfoliating the skin and mosturising and priming skin before  applying makeup makes for a smoother base, which again helps in faces looking younger and fresher than when the foundation sits on top and sets in our face lines.


Applying foundation by thin layers instead of caking it on in one go will also mean makeup doesn't get thick and crack in your face lines giving the appearance of wrinkles more than what are actually visible pre makeup.


Of course good skin care and healthy eating and exercise will do wonders and give you a natural glow to your skin.



For beauty tips i would say always remove your make up-no matter how tired you are, use a good mouisturiser and start using anti-ageing products. With SPF if you can. Keep fit and eat healthy!! 



I am 41 and still get mistaken for being in my 20s/30s, so I would say use anti aging cream and focus on those smile lines around the eyes as soon as you can afford the stuff! I started using anti wrinkle cream at 26!!!! BUT, I do not smoke, drink or lie out in the sun much which helps!  x


Age is but a number and that we are all beautiful no matter what age we are, but a few things Ido to help the ageing process starts with hydrating my body with water, and then using an oil free moisturiser, my favourite at the moment is Cliniques Moisture Surge. It gives my skin a glow which helps my skin look more youthful without looking too oily.


I love highlighter but have found really shimmery powder highlighters can sit in my laughter lines around my eyes and draws attention to my fine lines so I swapped powder highlight for Macs cream base in hush and I put it just on top of my cheekbone for a youthful pop of light 😉



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Hope i look that good in my 40s 😬😍

Going Pro

I love this article! It is also very fitting with International womens day on Friday. Beautiful women. I am a couple of years away from the big 40 and although I do not feel it (at all!) I am noticing the tell tale signs, I have always looked after my skin and I plan to age grey hair at a time! Smiley LOL

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how amazing do they all look especially Helen Mirren so beautiful 💕

Perfectly Primed

I am 41 now and I feel confident in my own skin! It is so def. an attitude! Love the skin you are in and it flippin shows!!!! Smiley Wink x

Just Arrived



651D1BC1-D36A-4301-962F-0ACD9F746356.jpegMakeup makes me feel so confident.....☺️