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Whether it’s something spicy or warmly woody, here’s a run down of the must-have fragrances you need to switch up your scents this Autumn.



YSL Libre Eau de Parfum 67475523_154585699058090_2609587881925752581_n.jpg


Translating to the word 'free' in French, enjoy the brand new fragrance celebrates the contemporary woman of today.  Inside the couture bottle you'll find sensuous notes of Morrocan orange blossom fused with French lavender. 


K by Dolce&Gabbana


Treat the king in your life with the brand new earthy scent of wooded Tuscan hills. Combining fresh citrus and Sicilian lemon with revitalizing lavandin and juniper berry, transport yourself to Mediterranean sun with just one spritz.


Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Intense 


The most recent fragrance from the Mon Guerlain family includes its key note of vanilla, fused with crisp lavender and vibrant mandarin. Add this sweet scent and tribute to today's femininity to your Mon Guerlain collection for a fresh new upgrade.


Jimmy Choo Urban Hero Eau de Parfum 



This aromatic and woody scent, inspired by the urban man of today, packs subtle yet sweet undertones of lemon caviar. With heart notes of rosewood and vetiver, enjoy a new sophisticated scent with a underlying mischief. 


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High Brow

Amazing new fragrances!




High Brow

Perfect for gifting and also treating own self 🤩🥰

Beauty Icon

Ysl is definitely next on my list but then I haven’t smelt the new mom guerlain yet so it could be tough to decide 🙈

All Eyes on Me

@DaisyCR  All look exciting ,I tried a sample of LIBRE & loved it ,the bottle is iconic based on the YSL handbag, but I do like a vanilla scent to so  Mon Guerlain  is one to try ,decisions decisions 

Nailing It

I got my sample of Libre last week and I ordered my big bottle straight away (and even paid way to much postage to get it next day ) .

It is a stunning fragrance Smiley Happy 


Mon Guerlain and Libre really wanted to have them as a part of my collection.

Beauty Icon

@DaisyCR  omg i cant wait for mon guerlian intense hopfuly got high hopes as i love the irignal and the edt

Also i smelt the d&g for men and it smelt 🔥🔥🔥 next on my list for my son defo🤩🤩

Beauty Icon


Can't wait to try YSL Libre and as it comes out on my birthday Sept 4th...well who knows😀

Beauty Icon

@DaisyCR  I have tried Libre and it’s a beautiful fragrance ☺️🤩

In the Spotlight

@DaisyCR  already bought Jimmy choo for hubby ❤😍 my eyes on ysl libre ❤😍😍🥰🥰🥰Screenshot_20190902-115800_Gallery.jpg


All Eyes on Me

@Suzy Happy birthday for the 4th ,hope you get all you wish for Heart

I did a little review the other day ,take a look it will give you an idea whether this is for you Smiley Happy

All Eyes on Me

@Rabia  I got a sample the other day , and I loved it & the iconic bottle Heart


Can’t wait to smell the ysl one all their fragrances always smell amazing 😍

Perfectly Primed

Literally waiting to spritz all of these all over myself and create a cocktail of perfume explosion 😂☺️☺️☺️☺️

Beauty Icon

The  Mon Guerlian Intense one sounds great to me @DaisyCR . 

Beauty Crush

I’ve had a sample of the YSL libre if you like Olympea Eau De Parfum Gift Set - Paco Rabanne  this maybe one for you 💜 I’m no good with the notes but that’s what I’ve a-likened it too 🙃 

Winging It

They all look amazing, I prefer warm woody parfum in autumn 🍂🍁 can’t wait to try YSL one 😍

Living the Highlight

These all sound amazing, I can’t wait to give YSL Libre a try! 😍

Nailing It



Nailing It

I have received a mini sample of the YSL and love it ! Also love the full size bottle would look fantastic on my dressing table 🤣

Total Glossip

Received a sample of the YSL Libre perfume in the post and really loved it already 😍😍😍

Winging It

Heart Libre really wanted to have them as a part of my collection.

Getting Lippy

My eyes are definitely looking at the YSL perfume the bottle is just so beautiful 

Winging It

My all time favourite perfume is insolence, 🥰 in Leeds for the day and might pop in for a cheeky sniff 👃 of the  new guerlain 😁 x


Literally LOVING all the latest fragrance releases, so many amazing choices! 😍🙌

Nailing It

always love new perfumes coming out

Nailing It

Wow these looks soo good

Winging It

Can’t wait to try them all .

Winging It

I've not tried any of these yet but I'm interested to sample them.  I like to get new perfume when the season changes and  it feels like it's time to move away from my summery favourites!

Fresh Face

What amazing new fragrances. I would love to try Jicky Eau De Toilette 100Ml - GUERLAIN 

All Eyes on Me

I've sampled the Libre and love it @DaisyCR still to try the Mon Guerlain intense but suspect I will love it as much as the others IMG_20190907_175332.jpg


Fresh Face

Looking forward to trying out samples of new products my favourite perfume at the moment is Prada Candy,  Giorgio Armani Si and Coco Channel Mademoiselle

Winging It