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As popular as it may be, there’s no doubt that fragrance can be complex. When there’s floral notes, musky notes and everything in-between, sometimes we all need a little help from a fragrance pro. Introducing Emi Miura, International Retail & Educational Fragrances Director for Lancôme, with an impressive 8-year portfolio working with key worldwide perfumers. “What I love about beauty, especially fragrances, is that they are a universal language, they talk directly to the heart.”


What is your go-to everyday favourite?

'I’m in love with oriental and spicy fragrances… Right now I’m so in love with Caban from Le Vestiaire des Parfum YSL.'


What is your favourite most recent fragrance launch?

'I really enjoyed the Mutiny launch for Maison Margiela which was launched during their fashion show. I was already so in love with all of the Replica collection that I was really awaiting Mutiny, and it didn’t disappoint me.'


So I still need to find the perfect perfume to gift my mum for Christmas! Which do you recommend?

'Well always keep in mind that our fragrance it’s like an invisible business card, it introduces you even before you have even spoken. So have a think about her sense of style, likes and dislikes and base it upon that.'


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How long do perfumes really last?

'This depends on so many things… It’s not only the fragrance itself but it can even be about how you wear it. For example you could use a very long-lasting fragrance like Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle, but you might be applying it very lightly and without any moisture on your skin so it might not be lasting long.'


How many fragrances do you usually rotate between?

'I will change from season to season, to avoid my nose from getting used to a smell.'


Best fragrance for those who love sweet, floral notes?  

'Lancome La Vie Est Belle, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, YSL Black Opium Eau De Parfum'


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