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es, you heard right! We’re giving away a Mother's Day Hamper WORTH an amzing £400. The perfect way to make that special someone's Mother's Day. 


Filled with all her favourite fragrance and skincare treats including: 

* Mugler Cologne For Her
* Elemis Superfood Facial Wash 

* Givenchy Interpome Lotion

* Glamglow Gentle Bulle Cleanser 
* Clarins Eye Contour Gel

* handmade Soap Lemongrass & Cedar

* Thomas Roth Hungarian Water Moisturiser

* My Burberry 50ml
* Jimmy Choo Blossom 60ml

* Buvlagri Omnia Pink Sapphire 65ml


To be in with a chance to WIN, simply comment below with 'who that special someone in your life is and why they deserve to receive it?'  Winner will be chosen at random to receive the bundle.


T&Cs: Entries will close at midnight on 25/03/19. Winner will be chosen at random from the entries. The product cannot be returned and there is no cash alternative.

Fresh Face

if I won this I would share it with my beautiful daughter kerry June as she's been through a tough 2 years with her illnesses and also my grandchildren too ..... my reason for sharing is that when ever I need her she's always been there and when she was born in thank god every day as she truly is a gift from heaven so thank you my little angel love always mum xxxx good luck every body ❤❤❤❤❤❤😊😊

Living the Highlight

My mum because every time I’ve needed help with anything she’s always the first to help me.   She’s the only one I don’t mind pinching my perfumes too, would love to gift her these so she can have her own little collection 💞

Getting Lippy

My mom for the nights that she doesn't sleep, for everything she has done for me.

First Base

My mum deserves this as she is the one who sacrifices all her wishes to full fill her daughter’s wish. She is a housewife but she is the best manager of my house. She take cares of everyone in my family like my grandparents, my father, my brother without any expectation. She is one of my best tea of my life. I learned lot of tips and tricks to manage the things in my life from my mother only. I can say that mother is a live god in everyone’ s life. One can never repay to the mother for her doings for her children. 

Love you mom.... you’re worlds best... Smiley Happy

Winging It

My wee chum who is a mum is having a really tough time atm with her severely autistic daughter so this would be perfect  treat for her...xx

Fresh Face

My daughter. She’s recovering from an operation and even though she’s in a lot of pain she still smiles. 

Winging It

Definitely my mum - she’s helped me through illness this last year and has been amazing!

First Base

I would love to win this for my Mum as she is a very special person in my life and is always there for me no matter what. She deserves a special treat as she is always looking after my Grandad and running around after me and my family and never takes time for herself Love you Mum 😘

Fresh Face

The most special person in my life is my grandma. She is the most loving, giving, supportive and kindhearted person I ever encountered in my entire life. She's always been by my side and taught me valuable lessons in life, gave me the best advice and encouraged me to follow my dreams no matter what. I owe her everything!

High Brow

My mum deserves this because of how much she has sacrificed for me during my difficult period with Chrohns and the fact that she never complained about any aspect of the journey gives it all the more reason for her to be treated. She is a true soldier and the amount of love I have for her is unreal and she truly does deserve a pamper and treat ❤️

Fresh Face

I’d split it between 2 beautiful mums, one my own mum who’s been fighting on my little brother’s side to beat his cancer for the last 8 months and one my other mom (not blood-related) who has just beaten cancer for the third time now x  God bless both x

Nailing It

My mum is my special one! I can always count on her  no matter what do or where I am. <3 Smiley Happy

First Base

I would love to give this hamper to my mother in law or Mam as I call her it would make a mother’s day special.

Nailing It

I would have to share the bundle between the two wonderful mums in my life, my own and my husband’s, as they both do so much for us as a family and are so supportive. 

Fresh Face

I would share with my two teenage daughters, they have been through a lot recently and really deserve some nice treats. 

Winging It

My daughter-in-law deserves this as I can never thank her enough for everything she does.

Fresh Face

My mum for always supporting me with childcare of my daughter when I’m working even though she too has her own job p

Fresh Face

My special someone is my younger sister. She deserves this special treat because she recently became a mum and now has very little time to spend shopping for and trying out new products. As any new mum will know the lack of sleep can definitely take it's toll on your skin so this will be an amazing treat!

She can enjoy the products whilst I get to spend time with my very cute nephew! 

First Base

I would share this with my Mum and daughter for always making me smile and helping me to fulfil my dream of fostering a beautiful new child to fill our lives

Fresh Face

I know how lucky I am to still have my Mum so I appreciate all the times we spend together.  She deserves all this and more.

Getting Lippy

I'll have trouble NOT having to share this with my daughter!  She's a beauty addict too! Heart

Getting Lippy

My mother is the spring of my heart,the most special person in my life,i hope i will win the hamper to give it to her and see that warm smile on her face

Getting Lippy

My Mother🥰💖most important and special person in my life and always will be💖

First Base

My mum

She is just amazing, she is been working so hard since my father passed away many years ago and devoted herself to me and my brother, always put our needs first and never let us down

Fresh Face
My mum Winnie - she is amazing! She raised me on her own - sometimes working 3 jobs at a time so I never went without. She now looks after me with my illnesses when she should be out enjoying her retirement. I don't know what I would do with out her!
Winging It

I would share this with my Mum, who thoroughly deserves a treat after supporting my Dad 24/7 after his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.   Her life is devoted to him, and I am so proud of her. 

Getting Lippy

'who that special someone in your life is and why they deserve to receive it?'


My Mum is definitely that person! She has worked so hard all my life to make sure I have the best education, the best lifestyle literally the best everything! I am now in my final year of Uni, and don't see her as often as she is currently living in Derby and I am in Brighton! I would love to show her how much she means to me, and despite not seeing her as much as I'd like to, she still is and always will be my bestest friend. 

Fresh Face

My amazing mum, she is always there for me whatever I am going though and knows how to cheer anyone up! home is where your mum is 

Winging It

My mum and dad! They gave me everything what I needed..

Fresh Face

My mother is my hero and she is wonderful, beautiful and amazing. I am glad she is my mother. I love her to the moon and back ❤️❤️

Blending In

I would share this with my Mum, she has been amazing and supportive throughout my life, times have been hard but shes always there with love and advice,  to be able to treat her would be amazing xx

Getting Lippy

I would love to share this gift with my kind and caring My Mother In Law who has been so amazing at welcoming me into the family and treating me like one of her own. I'm from Canada and moved here to be with my husband a few years ago. She knows how much I miss my family, and always goes out of her way to keep me company when I am lonely. I'm very fortunate to have such a close relationship with her and consider her to be like a mother to me. She is always getting small and thoughtful gifts for everyone and deserves to be gifted with some amazing gifts herself. 

Winging It

I'd share this with my daughter in law , as she's such a busy mum and deserves a treat x

First Base

I will share this with my super incredible mother who raised up 6 of us by working hard physically and mentally. Now she lives far away from me but she cares for me more than ever. And her love for us never ending. I will love to share with her just a little gratitude towards her infinite love.

First Base

My mum is no longer here, so it is just me and my lovely daughter

Winging It

My beautiful daughter who has given me two gorgeous granddaughters. Smiley Very Happy

Winging It

My mum definately deserves this and even more. Love her so much, she always does her best for me and I want to do the same for her. When I come back home I bting her lots of presents, and that would be perfect for her Heart

Fresh Face

I would give the hamper to my Nannie, she raised me as a mum and is the woman I look up to every single day. I cannot think of a bad bone in her body, she deserves this more than anyone I know. She is my inspiration and I hope I can give back with this to say thank you to her for all she has done x

Fresh Face

My special person is my sister, she deserved it because whilst my mom had cancer, she had the strength to take care of my terminal stage mom, her family of her own, me and my brother, then when my mom passed, it was hard on her, since then I try doing small things to show my appreciation and this will brighten her days up a little bit more 💕 nothing will replace my mom but she has been a mother figure to my bro and I 🥺🥰

First Base

My daughter is so special she puts everyone first before her self and never gives up and always treat others before herself now it’s her turn I think 

Fresh Face

Having no living female relatives I'd share with the girls at work.

Fresh Face

My sister, she deserved it because whilst my mom had cancer, she had the strength to take care of my terminal stage mom, her family of her own, me and my brother, then when my mom passed, it was hard on her, since then I try doing small things to show my appreciation and this will brighten her days up a little bit more 💕 nothing will replace my mom but she has been a mother figure to my bro and I 🥺🥰

Winging It

My mum is the best person ever she does so much for me and my sisters. She deserves this for all she does. 

First Base

7AB3C68A-46B6-44B9-9962-C1769644C934.jpeg70th Birthday Celebrations!

Gotta share with the **bleep**! She turned 70 last summer and took me on a cruise to celebrate. The least I can do is pamper her with some posh designer products!

First Base

I would share this with my sister Maureen who is a hard working nurse that always puts her family 1st. She never spends any money on herself and will help anyone who needs it. Shes the baby of our family and we no longer have a mum or dad and we support each other and have a very strong bond that will never be broken. I often wish i could win the lottery so i could buy her a house next to me and let her relax with no money worries and for her to have peace of mind. I love her more than life itself and she so deserves to be treated like a queen.


My special someone is and always will My my Mommy,because there’s no one who will love me and always be there for me like her. To say sorry for All the trouble and all the sleepless nights she had to go through to raise me. To say thank you and to show her how much she meants to me..She has been my pillar of support, my life will be incomplete without her I would love to gift this hamper to her to show her how much I adore her.. I love you momm


I love you mommy ❤️

First Base

I give this to my mother who in the last 2 years has beaten breast cancer, suffered 2 strokes and a heart attack. She’s still as glamoures as ever, loves clarins on her skin adores givenchy and desire everything still tries her best to look beautiful.

Winging It

I think there's  enough here to share with both  my besties, Lily and Mia.  They make every day a bit brighter and always make me laugh., its hard to be down with them around and their support is much appreciated but they deserve more and these lovely fragrance items would be a great treat.

Winging It

I'd share with my girl friends at a pamper night

Fresh Face

Heart My mom, I can never tell her what she is to me, how much I love her. What I'm today is all because of you Heart