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es, you heard right! We’re giving away a Mother's Day Hamper WORTH an amzing £400. The perfect way to make that special someone's Mother's Day. 


Filled with all her favourite fragrance and skincare treats including: 

* Mugler Cologne For Her
* Elemis Superfood Facial Wash 

* Givenchy Interpome Lotion

* Glamglow Gentle Bulle Cleanser 
* Clarins Eye Contour Gel

* handmade Soap Lemongrass & Cedar

* Thomas Roth Hungarian Water Moisturiser

* My Burberry 50ml
* Jimmy Choo Blossom 60ml

* Buvlagri Omnia Pink Sapphire 65ml


To be in with a chance to WIN, simply comment below with 'who that special someone in your life is and why they deserve to receive it?'  Winner will be chosen at random to receive the bundle.


T&Cs: Entries will close at midnight on 25/03/19. Winner will be chosen at random from the entries. The product cannot be returned and there is no cash alternative.

Blending In

all mothers are precious gifts for us children anyone would be honoured to give such a beautiful gift to a beautiful my most wonderful lady 

Fresh Face

My mum!  She's a diamond x

First Base

I would give it to my wonderful mother in law.  I've recently gone through chemotherapy for non Hodgkin s lymphoma.  My own family did nothing but this wonderful lady was with me every step of the way, phoning, visiting, texting.She has been an amazing sourse of support and love and is so deserving of this lovely prize.

Winging It

my mum is 78 and the kindest most generous person i know and would do anything for anyone

Blending In

I would give this to my service user Maureen who I have cared for over the last 3 years. She lost her only child and has no family left where she lives. I lost my Mother to cancer and the day i arrived to be her personal carer we hit it off straight away and she now classes me as her 2nd daughter. She has a lot of health problems and was recently released from hospital after 6 months after a terrible accident. Even when she is in constant pain she tries to make others laugh. This lady is a total gem and I think she deserves this. She would be so shocked but over the moon Smiley Happy

Fresh Face

My mother in law. She drops everything for us all the time. She is frequently found drinking coffee in hospital waiting rooms while one or other of the kids or us gets treated!

First Base

My mum has passed away and so has my lovely mother in law. I am a mum to 3 lovely children and have just had a knee replacement and the pain is unreal hopefully it will get better soon.  Can I nominate myself I could do with cheering up and I would share it with my friends who are some of the best mums I know ❤❤❤

Blending In

My mam she is my best friend and has always and still does help me with my daughter when I need her ❤️ X

Blending In

My mam she is my best friend and has always and still does help me with my daughter when I need her x

Winging It

That special someone in my life is my mum. As every mum is, she is everything, I also know she will share so me and my sister get to try these amazing products too 😊👍20190322_161102.jpgMum ❤


First Base

This would be so lovely for my mam, she hasn’t had the best of times nd didn’t have much of a Christmas. Something like this would make her Mother’s Day ♥️

Fresh Face

Would love to share this with my Mum as she deserves a pamper this Mother's Day!

Blending In

I would love to win this for My Mum as she got me my dream wedding dress and is going to a football match with me on Mother’s Day just so I can meet people from Hollyoaks!

Fresh Face

My mum is THE BEST mother in the world...she  brought up 3 girls basically alone with a fulltime job! 

No internet, no home grocery delivery, no steam mops...just her 2 precious hands! Full of love comment, morals and values! 

She is not only the Best mum but also fantastic nan...we love her sooo much! 

That's why she deserves to win this hamper! 

Fresh Face

I would share this hamper with my mum and my friend Surbs. I had a nasty fall last year which has all but totally destroyed my left knee. My mum has spent the last year supporting me at numerous hospital and physiotherapy sessions without a grumble, battling consultants when I was too emotionally weak to do so to ensure that I was diagnosed properly and she is still beside me as I now face numerous surgeries. Surbs has been my spiritual support and strength. Helping me to stay positive with her words and actions at times when I have just wanted to crawl into a cave and give up. I am so fortunate to have such wonderful women in my life and it would give me enormous pleasure to be able to share such a wonderful gift with them. They are both Queens 👑❤

Fresh Face

Would have to say my very special Mummy is the wonderful lady in my life who deserves this. She is not just my mum but my best friend. No matter what she has been through, she is always there for my brother and I, and now her grandchildren too. Nothing is ever too much and she deserves a very special treat X 😍

Fresh Face

Would love to win this for me 😁

Probably sounds a little selfish but I need a treat for 8 months of sleep deprived nights ❤👶


Blending In

I would LOVE to win this and share it with my mum, not only is she amazing and has dealt with so much in her life she also teaches me to be a good mum to my two children! She definitely deserves a treat and I'd love to see the look on her face if we won! I know for sure she would be after the #mugler cologne and I'd definitely be after the Special Edition 2019 Blossom Eau De Parfum 60Ml - Jimmy Choo  fingers crossed!❤👩‍👧

Fresh Face

My mom is the most special lady in my life. She is my best friend and has always put her children first than herself and anyone else. She has taught me what it means to be loved, how to love, be kind and good to others and achieve your goals in life. I am soon to be a mother and I pray that I will be at least a bit like her. My mom is the best.

Fresh Face

 I’d love to give this box of delightful beauty products to my mum, because she deserves a little pampering! 

Getting Lippy

My mum Mandy is so special to me, she is my rock! She definitely deserves to win because she never treats herself and needs to be extra spoilt this year.  My mum is the most selfless soul I know and everyone that knows her would say what a beautiful person she is inside and out! 

Thank you for the opportunity to enter x

Fresh Face

My mum is the most beautiful, selfless, hardworking individual. She cares for everyone, and never spends enough time on herself. She worries about others more than she worries about herself and I don't show her enough appreciation! I would love to win this for her, she definitely deserves it!! #mumstheword


Thank you Debenhams for this chance to win! Good luck to everyone! 



Fresh Face

Someone special would have to be my MUM 🌷 she’s the most selfless, kind, generous, caring, special and dedicated Mum and Nana. She’s recently been nominated for ‘most inspirational woman’ within her workplace. She truly deserves to be spoilt and she loves anything ‘beauty’ especially skin care. 

First Base

My mum. She continues to be my hero and inspiration forever and always 💕

Fresh Face

My special person is of course my mum! She’s always there to support me and as of yet I haven’t managed to give her what she receives in return for putting up with me! She’d adore this x

Blending In

❤❤❤❤This would make an amazing gift for my mother who has just become a nanny for the first time with my daughter! My mum has been there through everything for me and for now my daughter and I couldn't thank her enough! My mum has a very rare condition called Scleroderma, which has affected her hands and has very little movement in her fingers! This has not stopped her from being a receptionist, a a mother, a wife,a proud homeowner and now a Nanny! She has learnt to live with this and relearn all the things, you take for granted, and can do everything that you can do! She doesn't let it affect her in one bit! If I could become half a mother that she is I would be extremely pleased!! ❤❤❤❤

Winging It

My mum she is amazing she works 7 days a week and doesn't get time to herself so this would be amazing to win so she.can be spoilt. 

Winging It

My mum of course 💛💛💛

Fresh Face

My best friend Connie. I’ve had some shocking luck recently and would have fallen to bits without my solid ever-supportive amazing friend ! I’d love to thank her for all she’s done for me.

Fresh Face

My wee mummy 💕 she deserves the world 🌍 she raised us on her own and we owe everything to her ❤️  xx

First Base

I would absolutely share this with my darling sister, she has always been there for me. Since we lost our mum at Christmas she has become the most important woman in my life, a reassuring shoulder, we share tears and laughter, we live miles apart but we are only a phone call away day or night.

Winging It

The special person in my life is my daughter Summer-Marie.She didn’t have the easiest time in school and then had her heart broken by first love but no matter how down she is she is always there for me and I couldn’t be a prouder mum.Would love to spoil her.I know it’s mother’s day but without our wonderful daughters  and sons we wouldn’t be the amazing mums 😍

Blending In

My mum deserves this as Shen is the best mum ever 💜 she’s always making sure everyone is happy before she looks after herself. Even when she’s tired, she will make sure all her kids aren’t happy she’s the strongest woman i know

Blending In

Yeah My mum deserves this as She is the best mum ever 💜 she’s always making sure everyone is happy before she looks after herself. Even when she’s tired, she will make sure all her kids aren’t happy she’s the strongest woman i know

Fresh Face

My mum is the most special person in my life! She deserves everything and much, much more! When I was seriously ill in hospital having a major operation she was by my side constantly for 2 weeks (even sleeping besides me on the most uncomfortable chair ever so I wasn't alone) without hesitation she is the best! I don't know what I'd do without her! 

Winging It

I would love to share this with my amazing mum she is 80 and still so beautiful and loves to look and feel her best. 

First Base

I would share this with my mum, shes had a tough few years after losing my dad and having health troubles herself, despite all this shes always so supportive to me and my daughter and i would love to be able to spoil her with this suprise gift . 

First Base

My mum, she's had so much going on she deserves to be pampered! My nain, she's been there through everything with me and my children and my sister who just had her second little girl last night and is doing an amazing job of having two under two! 

First Base

All mum's deserve a treat on mothers day you should give away sample packs to all mothers who registered and mini pamper kits for all mum'sas they all deserve it ....

Winging It

My special person is my daughter. She’s been an amazing help since I lost my mum her nan 3 years ago. She’s helped me so much. Also she’s just lost her uncle and helped arrange his funeral parting the payments for her other nan as she can’t afford to pay it alone so my daughters done all that. Without a grumble not a word of complaint. She’s just so loving loyal genuine kind generous and beautiful inside and out. She’s deserves the world and more but if I could win this to give her it would be a start and a beautiful gift. For all the things she does for everyone else she’s so selflesss and I’d love to share this with her. Thank you for this opportunity 

First Base

I would choose to share it with my two girls ...... they’re the reason I’m a Mam and they deserve to get as spoilt as me!! 👍🏻😍 xx

Fresh Face

Yvonne wilson my big sister. She works very hard and deserves a treat as our mum is no longer with us. X

Fresh Face

I would be so grateful if I will have the chance to share this wonderful gift with the most special person in my life: my mother! She did great job with us, and I will never be able to give her back all her efforts! Thank you

First Base

My mom deserves this hamper she has done everything for me and my sister brought us up to be strong independent young women to be polite and stand up for ourselves and to enjoy life! My mom is my best friend a daughter mother relationship like no other!

First Base

My special person is my mam with out her love and support my son would have hardly anything she has helped me so much by buying stuff for my house when we moved in also she is the perfect grandma to my son if he needs a new pair of shoes she there to help I couldn’t have wished for a wonderful mam love her to bits.

Fresh Face

I’m so lucky to have to beautiful mums ❤️ They share everything so would love this little hamper! X

First Base

My Mum definitely deserves this!

First Base

I would give this to my very lovely friend  Lindsay who has supported me and been there and provided much cake and love after my diagnoses of breast cancer.

Blending In

My Mum is simply the best. She’s always been there for me my whole life without fail. She is my rock. 

She deserves this because she has always gone above  and beyond for myself and my children without asking. This treat would make her year !! Fingers crossed 

Fresh Face

My Mom is the most special person in my life. In January her Dad (my Grandad) passed away then at the beginning of March his wife (her Mom, my Nan) had a stroke. Mom has been through such a tough time, working evenings of a full time job and spending the days caring for her Mom. She is a superstar and deserves a medal. I would love for her to win this. It’s her 60th this year too. She deserves some good luck xxx