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es, you heard right! We’re giving away a Mother's Day Hamper WORTH an amzing £400. The perfect way to make that special someone's Mother's Day. 


Filled with all her favourite fragrance and skincare treats including: 

* Mugler Cologne For Her
* Elemis Superfood Facial Wash 

* Givenchy Interpome Lotion

* Glamglow Gentle Bulle Cleanser 
* Clarins Eye Contour Gel

* handmade Soap Lemongrass & Cedar

* Thomas Roth Hungarian Water Moisturiser

* My Burberry 50ml
* Jimmy Choo Blossom 60ml

* Buvlagri Omnia Pink Sapphire 65ml


To be in with a chance to WIN, simply comment below with 'who that special someone in your life is and why they deserve to receive it?'  Winner will be chosen at random to receive the bundle.


T&Cs: Entries will close at midnight on 25/03/19. Winner will be chosen at random from the entries. The product cannot be returned and there is no cash alternative.

Winging It

My mum is the special person in my life who deserves the best for everything she has done for me ♥️

Total Glossip

To be honest I’d split this amazing hamper between 3 wonderful mums who are super amazing... one being my own mum, a legend in her own right, one of my friends who takes parenting to its limits, and another friend who is dealing with things no one should ever have to deal with and is still holding it together to be an awesome mum x

Nailing It

My Mum is my special person. She always goes out the way too help me & give me so much in life, she never treats herself because she is always putting our life & work first. The last couple of years have been hard for us and especially my mum. This would be unbelievable too gift to my mum as she deserves it more than anything❤️  (Ps I’ll be golden child if I gifted her all of this🙈)

Fresh Face

My mum, my mother in law and my aunt.


Always at the end of phone when I need them. Always have the best advice 

Beauty Crush

Special someone in my life is of course my mom, and she deserves every best in life, including this!

Winging It

My special someone is my mum as she is always there for me Heart

Winging It

My mum because of everything she has been through and has still been there for me! She deserves to be treated!Heart

Getting Lippy

My mom is my special someone, she and my dad raised 7 children and worked shifts to. She is retired now and spends time looking after my dad and they both enjoy going out together,she has done a lot and would be nice if she has a little pamper session x

Winging It

My mum and my daughter!!! I love both!!!HeartHeartHeart

Beauty Icon

Definately has to be my Mum. She has taught me many things over my lifetime. She is not only my Mum, but my best friend too. We didn't get along 100% of the time, but then again, nobody does. She gave me the wisdom on how to handle money situations. Following her advice, was the best thing I could have done. I don't have money problems. She always encourages me to learn new things, explore new things. "Knowledge is something nobody can take from you" she says. She us totally right on that one too. "Travel, meet new people, learn the different customs, and do it while you have your health, because if you don' may miss out on a lot later on". I do travel a lot, and love meeting new people, learning of their customs, and seeing how others live. It makes you appreciate what you have, because the little things we have, we take for granted. Little things like buying a cake can't be done in such places like Cuba, etc. We simply go to the cupboard and get food. A lot of people in different countries can't do that, because they don't have the food. My Mum taught me to respect and appreciate all that we have. As I've just mentioned there are a lot of people in the world who don't have 1/4 of what we have. 
My Mum is always very supportive in things I wanted to do. Yes, she'd cautiion me if she felt I was taking risks..but all in all she was supportive. 
She is always very brave. Never does she complains. She'd make comments that there were others who were worse off than her. always a person who stand by you if she believed in you, but would always be straight-up when her opinion was asked, and it may not have been the answer you wanted, yet it was honest. She's not only my Mom, but my best friend. Truly, she IS my hero... ❤

Fresh Face


MY mum is the most beautiful and is the most wonderful person in my life she deserves something really special this mothers day.She has been their for me not as a mother but as a best fiend through my ups and downs in for that reason she deserves something very special this mothers day.I love her lots and I hope she has a very special mothers day with this gift.


PS.All that I am or hope to be I owe to my angle mother.

All Eyes on Me

What a wonderful prize ❤️ My mum is amazing and the most wonderful person, she is so caring and selfless, if I can be half the person she is I will always be happy. 

Blending In

My mum is the most special person in my life who is always there for me 


My Mum is the special person in my life. She always put her family first instead of herself. I would give this hamper to her as she deserves a good pamper and relaxing treats! X


My mum is the most caring and selfless person I know, she helps everyone . She supports me and my family and is always there for us. If I won, I would share this between my mum and sister, they are the most important people in my life 🙂💕



I would love to give it to my (mom) aunt who took care of me after my parents died when I was 7 years old .since then she took care of me like her own daughters. She taught me to trust in myself   she taught me to work hard and to get independent in my life.she deserves a big thank you.Though she is not in UK but she is always with me. 😍

Getting Lippy

My mum would definitely receive this  Not one to treat herself this would be a perfect bundle for her. She's supported me through a lot through university and with the geographical distance between us it's sometimes hard to show her how much she means to me.  

Beauty Icon

My Mam is the special person in my life who totally deserves a lovely treat like this!  ♥️  She's always thinking of other people.  If she hears someone has been ill she always sends or takes round a card and a present, and always phones regularly to check on them.  Even though she hasn't been in the best of health lately and has numerous hospital appointments, she always worries about others first.  


She never thinks to treat herself, and always likes treating other people.  


Shes amazing!!  💕💕💕

Winging It

My Mum, love her so much, she is the strongest in the world, had to go through so much 

Nailing It

My mum she deserves this amazing hamper she always there when i need her always supporting me when im feeling down a true Hero ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤞🤞🤞❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤞🤞🤞🤞❤️❤️❤️

First Base

My mother is the most selfless and hardworking woman I know. She gave up a chance to work and develop her career to bring me and my two siblings up whilst facing financial hardship. She is absolutely devoted to her family and she deserves this amazing treat.

Fresh Face

Love to win.

Beauty Crush

I would share this fabulous prize with my mum she is the most amazing and selfless person, my sister  (she is always there for me) my aunt  ( kind and full of wisdom )

I am lucky to have these amazing women in my life!😍😍😍

Getting Lippy

I would share this fabulous prize with my mum.  My mum is the hardest working mum. She wakes up everyday at 5:45 a.m. to make our lunches, cleans the whole house, irons our clothes, cooks all our meals for us and the list goes on and on. When we were young, she would help us with our homework, pick us up and drop us back to school 4 times a day. She used to help me study when electricity used to go away in Kenya, by reading from the textbook and I used to fall asleep and she would still keep reading in the candle light. She is a housewife. Sometimes people don't realise how much work there is to be done as a housewife. We are very lucky to have her as our mother. She is the glue that holds this family together. She is the most selfless, encouraging person I have ever met, and she deserves the best! My mother is beautiful. She is strong. She is caring. She is selfless. She is confident. She knows exactly how to help you, and she gives the best advice. My mother puts everyone before herself. She is super funny too. My mum’s laugh is contagious, and you can always tell that she is in a good mood when our family says that Mum has the “mum laugh.” I think it’s time that somebody else recognizes the great things that our Mum has done for her family. But all those extra roles could not compare to the most enjoyable one she has: being the most fabulous mum. Wishing everyone the best of luck and thank you to the Debenhams Team for the chance to win this bundle for that amazing person in our lives.

Beauty Icon

Id share it between my 2 sisters as im the youngest of the bunch im bit spoilt by them both.

So id love to spoil them with this hamper.

Their always helping me with things in life always been there when i need them thru lifes ups an downs.

Even though they both have difficult lives of their own they will always be there for me bless them 😍💕👩‍👧‍👧


Getting Lippy

My wonderful mum who is always there for two adult children who are chronically ill

Winging It

What a wonderful gift!  I'd share this with my Aunt who has been like a mum to me since my mum (my Aunt's sister) passed away 10 years ago.

Winging It

My mum is the most special and important person in my life and she deserves this as she has always been there for me, my sisters and brothers through the ups and the downs. She is always smiling no matter what and she has the biggest heart 💓 

Fresh Face

My mum is my special someone who deserve averything on this world! 

Winging It

Who is that special someone in my life? I would say my mom, but since she is no longer alive Smiley Sad that title would go to my sister. She was/is always with me, always there when I needed her.  She cares how I feel, often pops with a visit and always gets me some makeup/skincare treats. Last time she got me whole bundle of my favourite cosmetics, so I would love to win to treat her once too so she knows that I think about her too and really appreciate everything she does for me Heart


My mam deserves this hamper because she's had s stressful year and it would be fantastic to treat her ♥️♥️

Nailing It

My mum, who struggled hard to make us successful  inspite of all the hurdles she faced.

Beauty Crush

l have immigrated  to England to be with my partner .In my previous relationship my Mother in Law was horrible 


In fact apart from my amazing Goddess of a Grandmother most of the senior women in my life ( mother and step mother ) have been horrid and sometimes l thought that most women seem to think that it was their job to be tough on daughter in laws.


And then l meet my Mother in Law to be ( as soon as my partner proposes) l was made to feel so welcome,it feeds my soul to meet a woman like that, 


I realise that many of you have always had  joyful relationships,me not so much so as well as a wonderful man l have his mum as well. 


l would love to share this with her we could have so much pleasure with this prize.

Fresh Face

my mum and my grandma is a special peraon in my life.

Winging It

My beautiful 81 year old mother Helena 

First Base

My mum who has been through a hell of a lot in her lifetime, she deserves some luxury 

Fresh Face

my wife and daughter

Fresh Face

My Mum is the special person in my life because she never puts herself first and is always there for me, my sister and my girls. 

Winging It

My mum Nikki who is an amazing resilient woman who I admire for some of the trauma in her life and she would love this prize

First Base

My mum deserves a treat for working so hard. 

Winging It

I would give this to my Daughter who has just become a Mum ,  This is her first Mother's Day So it  would be nice to make it as special for her as she as always made Mothers Day special for me!

Winging It

My gorgeous mum deserves this! She’s a holistic therapist and always treating us, I’d love to give her a special treat to spoil her back!



Total Glossip

My mom deserves every bit of love and care which her children can bring to her. Since my fathers death she is having a hard time as so many of her near and dear ones turned their backs to her. 

The entire focus of her life had been us her kids and she has been selflessly devoting her every bit of energy and services to her kids and grandchildren.

i am proud of my mom and she is definitely one of the most important persons in my love life 💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️


My mum, because she’s coming from Brazil to visit and would be delighted with this amazing gift. 

First Base

My Mum obviously! No sob story, just a normal hardworking Mum who is incredibly selfless and gave us everything we ever wanted growing up and who continues to support us all even now we’re adults. She also loves experimenting with new beauty products so I know she’d love this, and would discuss each item in depth!

Perfectly Primed

Mmmm... this is hard... i cant just choose 1 special person... it will have to be a few people. My mum first of all, then my sister and then one of my best friends that i've known for 16yrs since we first started working together. We've had our ups and downs but all 3 have been there for me through ups and downs. Iwill most likely share something from the prize bundle with each one.

Winging It

Very special lady. Dedicated her life to raise her kids and grandchildren to be left all alone when her help is no longer needed. 


Winging It

I would split this between 3 mums. My mum who deserves to be spoilt rotten, she always puts her family before herself and never gets round to treating herself. She's had a difficult time of late and she really deserves better. The second mum has also had some tough times in life thrown at her but manages to be a great mum. The third mum is also another great mum who has also had a tough life and deserves a treat.

Total Glossip

The answer to that question is unquestionably my Mum.   We have had our ups and downs (as I imagine most mother and daughter's do), but when it has mattered the most, she has always been there, without question or judgement.  I can never thank her enough for that.    My Mum has been having a bit of a rough time with her health,  so this would definitely bring a smile to her day and make her feel a little pampered.  She loves all things skincare/beauty/perfume related and there are many lovely products in this bundle.


Giving a huge thumbs up and hugs to all the wonderful, special people in our lives.  Wishing everyone the best of luck and thank you to the Debenhams Team for the chance to win this bundle for that amazing person in our lives <3

Winging It

I share this between my mum and my mother in law, they both deserve this.