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New on You: Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette


To celebrate the launch of Urban Decay's latest must-have eyeshadow palette, we're BUZZED to be giving away 100 Naked Honey Palettes for FREE for our Community members to test & review before it launches at Debenhams!


The palette has 12 golden neutrals including classic golds, warm ambers, and rich chocolate browns: perfect for creating a swarm of looks, from bright and sunny to dangerously seductive after dark. Fronted by the incredible Lizzo and Joey King, you'll ooze all kinds of confidence wearing these shades.







For the chance to enter, log in or register on the Community, click 'Post a Comment' below and tell us your favourite Urban Decay product (don't forget to use the '#' to tag it)! 100 members will be chosen at random to receive the product, along with 5 questions to answer and post on the Community for your fellow members to see.


Ends at midnight on Friday 20th September.


Shop all Urban Decay here.


T&Cs: Entries will close at midnight on 20/09/19. 100 members will be chosen at random from the entries. Product will be given in exchange for a review on the Community. The product cannot be returned and there is no cash alternative.

Fresh Face

Hi! My absolute favourite urban decay product is the Naked Heat Eye Shadow Palette 1.3G X 12 - Urban Decay  🧑 the colours and pigment are fantastic and the shade range is beautiful 🍁 πŸ‚ perfect for autumn! 🌟πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Winging It

I've not used many UD products but absolutely love to try anything!

First Base

I absolutely love Urban Decay - I have the Naked Reloaded Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay  and use it all the time! My absolute fave! Would LOVE to win this palette!! 🀞🏻🀞🏻

Getting Lippy

For me it must be Naked 3 Palette - Urban Decay eye looks are limitless with this palette 

Winging It

I'd love to try an Urban Decay eyeshadow palette, those golds hardly look neutral to me, much more interesting than my 2 greys and 2 browns, best UD product I've tried is #Urban Decay Stay Naked Correcting Concealer.


Fresh Face

I have to say that All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay is my fave product. Was not a believer in setting sprays until I discovered this absolute gem! Totally hooked and not looking back!

Fresh Face

My favourite is definitely Naked Petite Heat Eye Shadow Palette - . - Urban Decay  by far!!! Before I discovered this gem, I used to use 3-4 different palettes and still could never achieve the perfect look, but this palette has an entire array of the most flattering shades out there! It’s been irreplaceable in my makeup bag!

Winging It

There are seriously so many Urban Decay products that I love! But my absolute favourite has to be Naked Basics Eye Shadow Palette 6 X 1.3G - Urban Decay 


Nude shadows are my go to, and this palette is perfect for me, so good for travel too as it’s so teeny.



Getting Lippy

Without a doubt my favourite product is #the Naked Skin Shapesshifter contour-color correct - Highlight Palette.   

Thank you for the chance to try this new eyeshadow pallette

First Base

Love Urban Decay, their eyeshadows are super well pigmented! My favourite is Naked 3 Palette - Urban Decay - I can rock a neutral look or go full on smoky and it's all a beautiful pinky tone. This new palette looks great, can't wait to try it out.

Fresh Face

Love urban decay, their eye shadows are always stunning, I feel like their naked palettes are a makeup kit essential! My favourite product is their Vice Liquid Lipstick 5.3Ml - Backtalk - Urban Decay  so many gorgeous shades but back talk is my every day go to 

Fresh Face

Definitely my favourite Urban Decay product is the Naked Cherry Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay  This is my fourth Urban Decay eyeshadow pallette and I find the shadows so easy to blend to create great looks. I just can't wait to add the honey pallette to my collection as its just my sort of colours β€οΈπŸ‘x

Winging It

This pallette looks stunning Heart Finally a full pallette that'll make my brown eyes pop, I can't wait to try it out!

The original Naked Palette was my all time favourite Urban Decay product, and my sister and I were devastated when it was discontinued. We bought a job lot before they sold out and I'm down to my very last one Smiley Sad So the chance to win this brand new baby to test would be a real treat. I also love the Vice Cream Lipstick 3G - gash - Urban Decay  The colour is so beautiful and suits me perfectly, I only wish it came as a matte liquid lipstick so it could last all night.

Fresh Face

My favourite UD product is the Original Eye Shadow Primer Potion 10Ml - Fail Bait - Urban Decay  This makes applying my eye shadow and eye makeup perfect and i would love the chance to try this set before it launches <3  I also love the Limited Edition Alice Lipstick 3G - Mirana - Urban Decay  beautiful colour <3 

First Base

My favourite is the Naked Skin Concealer 5Ml - Fair Warm - Urban Decay  as I use it every day! I still have my Naked Heat Eye Shadow Palette 1.3G X 12 - Urban Decay but would love to try the naked honey for the neutral winter golds! 

First Base

Oh my goodness what an AMAZING prize 😍😍 I fell in love with Urban Decay when I was in my teens for their bold and daring colours. My current fave is the X Kristen Bright Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay. Its great for on the go top ups throughout the day and easy to pop into your handbag for on the go glamour! 

First Base

I love love love the #urbandecaygameofthrones eyeshadow and highlighter palettes. Also love the #minorsin eyeshadow primer, Backtalk Make Up Palette - . - Urban Decay and any of the #Naked palettes!

Fresh Face

My favourite Urban Decay product is the original naked palette, this made me fall in love with Eyeshadow after being a makeup virgin for so many years! 

Winging It

Where shall I start! the list of my favourite products form Urban Decay is long, but the 2 things that I cant live without are  All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay and Original Eye Shadow Primer Potion 10Ml - Fail Bait - Urban Decay .

Getting Lippy
Fresh Face

My favourite product is the On The Run - Bailout Mini Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay. It is my 'go to' palette just because of the simple and natural eye looks it can create. It's also the perfect size as it also fits in my mini makeup bagπŸ˜€ I really want to try the new honey palette just because I prefect the more natural palettes rather than big bold colours and this is it! As soon as I saw it I fell in loveπŸ˜…

First Base

My favourite Urban Decay product is the Naked Heat Eye Shadow Palette 1.3G X 12 - Urban Decay 

Winging It



Naked Reloaded Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay 



First Base

My favourite product from Urban Decay is De-Slick setting spray. I am a very oily person and I usually have to touch up my makeup  throughout the day. Since finding De Slick it completely removes the oil off my face in one spray, it keeps my makeup set to my face throughout the whole day, and it is very refreshing too. I no longer have to touch up my makeup and I don’t get oily anymore. This product also is amazing to keep shimmery eye shadows in place, so it doesn’t smudge or lose its pigmentation. #deslick #settingspray 



Fresh Face

My fav is All Day All Night Travel Duo - Urban Decay  use them every day! 

Getting Lippy

I don't wear a lot of makeup but love #allnighter fixing spray, it really does do what it says on the bottle. These colours are right up my street love the less is more look. 

Winging It

To be honest lv never used this brand been reading everyone’s comments so would love to win and give it a try

First Base

I was so excited when I saw this pallette! I love urban decays eye shadows and I love bees 🐝

My favourite product is Naked 3 Palette - Urban Decay  I absolutely love the colours and how silky the powder is, it blends beautifully. Good luck everyone on this amazing give away 

Nailing It

My fave product is the All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay 

Holds my make up in place perfectly 

Getting Lippy

My favourite Urban Decay product is the All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay this product has helped my makeup stay in place giving me a matte finish look. 

First Base

Oh this is so exciting I would love to win this! I adore 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil 12G - Heartless - Urban Decay  its so beautiful and really emphasises your eyes and makes them look so glamourous. Love being a part of this community! 

First Base

I love most of them so it is hard to choose just one. The setting spray all nighter is amazing and I love all the naked palettes (yes I have them all) perphaps naked cherry and naked heat a little more than the others but if I had to choose one it would be born to run. It is my go to palette to travel as you can create so many looks and for me at least there is a shade for brows hence I dont need to travel with a lot of products.

Born To Run Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay 

First Base

I absolutely adore all the naked eye shadow palettes! They are so pigmented and forever! However my favourite has to be the Naked heat pallet. The colours are so warm and perfect for this time of year!

Naked Heat Eye Shadow Palette 1.3G X 12 - Urban Decay 

Fresh Face

My favourite Urban Decay product is the All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay  i love this product so much as it makes your skin feel hydrated as well as keeps your makeup looking fresh all day and all night long. It is perfect for a night time or even for keeping your day to day makeup in place! Couldn’t live without this product, 10000% needed in your makeup bag😍

Fresh Face

The Original Naked palette is one of the best palettes I own, the next best item for me is the #Primer Potion in Eden, it's simply amazing, my eye shadow does not budge with this as my base. Recently I brought the #De-Slick make up setting spray for the hot weather and for my holiday in Dubai, it is one of the best sprays I've used, it keeps my make up fresh and in place all day long. I hope I get a chance to try what looks like another great palette.

Fresh Face

I loveee the Urban Decay #Naked2 Palette. Used all the sparkles in it therefore this would be the perfect next palette for me!!

Winging It

My favourite so far is the All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay but there's so much from this brand I still want to try 😁

First Base

I honestly cannot wait for the launch of Naked Honey! My favorite UD product is quite hard to pick, I would say either All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay  as it locks my makeup into place like no other setting spray or Naked Cherry Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay  as I am loving the pink/red tones at the moment. 


Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity x

Fresh Face

I recently got the Naked Cherry Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay and it is crazy good! Urban Decay are fab at picking out complimentary colours which you can work together to create a whole range of looks and the formula blends amazing! Fingers crossed the Naked Honey is just as good! 

First Base

Amazing opportunity to try out another gorgeous palette! My favourite is the naked cherry palette! Naked Cherry Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay 

Blending In

Love urban decay especially the Born To Run Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay  would love to test this new palette out and see what looks I can create 😍


Blending In

Would love to try this new eyeshadow palette!! Love the Born To Run Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay  such an amazing palette would love to see if this could compare! 

Winging It

Wow I really did not know this honey version existed. It looks amazing and I would love to have a try of this. I have two best Urban Decay products, the first is  Naked Reloaded Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay which works much better for me than the original and the second one is the Born to Run palette (sorry I am having trouble tagging this product) that is superb in terms of colour selection,  pigmentation and consistency! I cannot get enough of it!  Oh and I almost forgot I'm also having a bit of a love affair with the UD brow blade! 

Winging It

Hello, I have not had the opportunity to try #Urban Decay Products.  I have been wanting to since I have read good reviews. I would be thrilled to try Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette.  #UrbanDecay. #UrbanDecay-NakedHoneyPalette #UrbanDecayPalette 



Fresh Face

I am new to UD family. I love all products, from foundation, eyeshadow pallets to the amazing setting spray.

If I had to choose THE ONE it will be Naked Cherry Palette πŸ’ 


Naked Cherry Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay 



Fresh Face

my favourite UD product just has to be the All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay !!! No matter the occasion or weather can always count on my makeup to stay in place and perfect!

Getting Lippy

My fave product has the be the setting spray, it is incredible! All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay 

First Base

I have 2 Urban Decay palettes I bought from Debenhams when there was an offer on in the Preston store. The original (2) is a staple for every look and the #electricpalette ( my fav)   is totally unique, sometimes my daughter likes to use it all over her face as face painting! Love both and will always use Urban Decay products!

Getting Lippy

Im in love with  #All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay  β€οΈ

First Base

My favourite UD product is the Naked Heat pallet 😍 i use it everyday!! #nakedheatpallet #urbandecay