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New on You: Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette


To celebrate the launch of Urban Decay's latest must-have eyeshadow palette, we're BUZZED to be giving away 100 Naked Honey Palettes for FREE for our Community members to test & review before it launches at Debenhams!


The palette has 12 golden neutrals including classic golds, warm ambers, and rich chocolate browns: perfect for creating a swarm of looks, from bright and sunny to dangerously seductive after dark. Fronted by the incredible Lizzo and Joey King, you'll ooze all kinds of confidence wearing these shades.







For the chance to enter, log in or register on the Community, click 'Post a Comment' below and tell us your favourite Urban Decay product (don't forget to use the '#' to tag it)! 100 members will be chosen at random to receive the product, along with 5 questions to answer and post on the Community for your fellow members to see.


Ends at midnight on Friday 20th September.


Shop all Urban Decay here.


T&Cs: Entries will close at midnight on 20/09/19. 100 members will be chosen at random from the entries. Product will be given in exchange for a review on the Community. The product cannot be returned and there is no cash alternative.

Living the Highlight

There's a few products I really really enjoy from UD! I got the original naked palette as a present as that was my proper first nice palette. 

I must say that since I bought the born to run has been a game changer. The shadows are great quality and easy to blend. 

Fingers crossed I can try this new UD palette 😊

Born To Run Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay 

Nailing It

Wow @EllenL this is a fantastic opportunity my favourite product and probably the most popular is the All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay ❤️

Fresh Face

My favourite products have to be their heavy metal glitter eyeliners my favourite shades are  goldmine and distortion. It's perfect to add along the cut crease and glam up any look.

Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner 7.5Ml - Distortion - Urban Decay  Heavy Metal Glitter Liner Trio - Urban Decay 

Getting Lippy

Thank you @EllenL  for this exciting opportunity Smiley Very Happy


Without a doubt my favourite Urban Decay product is Eyeshadow Primer Potion-Eden - Urban Decay . There really is no other product that measures up to it! As I am now in my mid forties it gives me a perfect crease free finish, hiding all of those minor imperfections Heart

Getting Lippy

I love Urban Decay products! Great quality cosmetics with multiple products to suit different individual needs.

My favourite product is Naked 3 Palette - Urban Decay  it has my favourite shades and is a staple product in my makeup bag

I would love the opportunity to try the new Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette, I like gold tones but never find the correct shade to suit my skin tone and eye colour

Getting Lippy

I love my Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette - Urban Decay  bought from Debenhams. Would love to try this one too!


@EllenL  thank you for another brilliant opportunity! This pallete is amazing!

I really enjoy using All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay .

Beauty Icon

What a great opportunity! Thank you @EllenL 


Urban decay is now my favourite! There isn’t one thing about it that I like 

but I loved the All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay 

the way it locks makeup and can be used to intensify the eyeshadow pigments! Wonderful


and I am loving my #urban decay game of throne eye palette 

the eye shades are brilliant!


i tried Urban decay stay naked liquid foundation in 50 WY and I absolutely loved it ! 


I wish everyone good luck 





@Michele82  @Areej  @BeautySeeker-03  @Boss786  @Priya_13  girlies check this amazing opportunity 😏

Beauty Icon

@Beauty1  @Boss786  @JennnCore  @Areej  @EmaSullivan  @Galara01  @bonnieburton  @Kimbellini  @Priya_13  @Pineapple  @SophieG1  @Hue_beauty  



sorry I know I have missed a lot but can’t seem to find many


good luck guys !! 🤩🦋✨🍀


Thanks @Shafaqshehzad  Smiley Happy

I don’t even know where to start! I LOVE urban decay. 

I love the eyeshadows (singles and palettes ) Moon Dust Eye Shadow - Space Cowboy - Urban Decay being my fav!

I love the setting spray and eye primer and love they come in travel size and a duo packMakeup Lockdown Travel Duo - Urban Decay .


good luck everyone 



Beauty Icon

The honey palette is stunning. My favourite UD product is the 


I discovered it about 8 years ago and I have nevet been without it. I always keep a spare too just in case I run out 😁

Nailing It

I wouldn’t be without my Naked Cherry Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay  the colours last all day and it is so easy to go from day to night looks.

Nailing It

My favourite urban Decay products sre the all nighter spray and naked 3 pallet.

All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay 

Naked 3 Palette - Urban Decay 

Beauty Icon

@EllenL oh my HONEY IM HOME😍😍🤗


i loved the palette saw it at the counter the other day


Im really enjoying the urban decay all nighter setting spray locks in makeup come rain or shine😎😍

All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay 🤞🤞

Nailing It

My favourite product has to be the All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay  Heart I always use it after I apply my make up whenever I go out. I have never tried any of the eyeshadow palettes so it would be great to try one of them as everyone really praises them.

Going Pro

@EllenL  Its got to be the UD all night setting spray  I've recommended it ,my sons OH took it to Mexico & couldn't praise it enough  the best one she has ever used apparently Heart

All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay 

Nailing It

Hi @EllenL  

My favourite product of Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick 5.3Ml - Psycho - Urban Decay 

Winging It

I would love to win this product not for me but my daughter.  Unfortunately I was visiting her and when I opened the bathroom window which was upstairs her palette went flying out the window.  no idea how I did it.  but it smashed to smithereensSmiley Sad  I did offer her my own one but she declined.  so wish me luck.  x

Getting Lippy
Beauty Icon

I can’t believe in what I’m reading @EllenL!!! I’m soooo excited about this right now!!! Having tried the palette on me at the 1st Birthday Party, I was considering purchasing it. It’s perfect for my eye colours and no women can never go wrong with gold!!!

My favourite product from UD is 

Born To Run Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay 

Living the Highlight

Thankyou @EllenL for another wonderful prize giving!


My favourite product from urban decay has definitely got to be All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay 


My god did this save my makeup meltdown during this summer during my brother wedding!

Can't thank urban decay enough for designing this powerful setting spray and savings so many girl like me that sweat so much as soon as it's over 20C 🙈🙈🙈


Good luck to everyone that's entering!

Beauty Crush

Urban decay has done some cult products particularly their eyeshadow palette 🎨 lately. I am really fascinated by their new honey palette and really wanna give it a try it looks beautiful 😍


My favourite UD product is their All night setting spray which we also received as a small mini few months ago from beauty club sample and I hope a lot of community members got a chance to try this amazing product. 

Definitly do what it says. No makeup meltdowns no fading and no setting into creases. Best for warm day and nightouts.

keep you sets and fixed all the time 😃


All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay 

In the Spotlight

I'm sure I'm not the first to tag this as my favourite UD product but it's got to be All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay 💚 

I've not yet tried any of the Naked Palettes but I've heard so much about them !

In the Spotlight

What a great opportunity 😍 would love to try this palette as after seeing it at the first birthday event I’ve fallen in love with it! 

My favourite Urban Decay product is the Optical Illusion Face Primer 28Ml - Urban Decay @EllenL 

Getting Lippy

This new palette looks really amazing - perfect for the party season.  My favourite UD product is the make up setter !!!   Would love to try these new shadows (here's hoping).

Getting Lippy

Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss 7Ml - Savage - Urban Decay 

I adore these lip glosses, they have great shine, the peppermint oil is refreshing & plumps my lips a little. Plus they are long lasting as with other lip glosses, I usually have to keep reapplying.

Nailing It

New Season Sparkles ✨

This new palette from Urban Decay looks amazing and would be perfect to add some sparkle and glam for the festive season ahead! 

I really love the rich  pigments and the versatility of Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette - Urban Decay  and would be excited to be chosen to try this beautiful new range ✨✨✨

Beauty Icon

Another great opportunity to review 😍 good luck everyone my favourite is the Naked Reloaded Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay 

Getting Lippy

My favourite product is Naked Reloaded Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay such beautiful colours. Urban decay were my first big beauty splurge (many years ago now) 

Getting Lippy
Getting Lippy

I love Urban Decay eyeshadow and have a few of their palettes.  The Naked range is lovely  Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation 9G - Fair Neutral - Urban Decay 

Winging It

Thank you @EllenL 


My favourite product is the Naked 3 Palette - Urban Decay . The nude tones are perfect and blend well for a subtle or bold look. Would love to try the new palette too Smiley Happy

Winging It

My fav urban decay product is Optical Illusion Face Primer 28Ml - Urban Decay  blurs out imperfections and a fantastic base for foundation or can be used alone for a fresh natural look!

Getting Lippy

Omg this would be amazing to be chosen so many products to choose from Naked Reloaded Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay  this is my absolute fave product but they all are. I love perversion mascara, vice lipsticks, rebound spray, eye potion primer, setting spray, I love my urban decay peel omg so many amazing products ❤️

Winging It

Wow! The colours in this new pallete look amazing. My favourite urban decay product would have to be the naked skin concealer. I have been using this concealer for a few years now and can’t find anything better in terms of the quality and price. I feel as though it has great coverage and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. 

Beauty Icon

No freakin' way! This is awesome, @EllenL 🖤


My favourite is still Naked Reloaded 🖤 although the All Nighter Setting Spray is a close second! 


Thank you for the tag, @Shafaqshehzad 😘😘😘

Winging It

Thankyou so much for this amazing opportunity. To be honest i have never tried urban decay product myself but my sister was using its eyeshadow pallete and mascara and she is a huge fan. 

Getting Lippy

Naked Cherry Palette #urbandecaynakedcherrypaletre 🍒🍒🍒👀👀👀


Omg what an amzing test this would be to be a part of. I love the Naked Cherry Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay  Perfectly beautiful warm colours for this time of the year. 

Getting Lippy

My favorite urban decay product is the #allnighter makeup setting spray. It's litterally a staple in my makeup bag and is the only setting spray iv tried that does its job and keeps make up looking freshly applied all day long! 

Fresh Face

I love UD, I have almost all of their eyeshadow palettes and think this new Naked Honey palette could be my most favourite to go with my skin tone if I was lucky enough to win. My most favourite product has to be UD's #eyeshadowprimer which go hand in hand with their eye shadow palettes, the lasting power with it is great.

First Base

My fave #urban decay is the #cherry palette gorgeous colours and very elegan

Winging It

My absolute favourite us product is the stay naked foundation it's a total lifesaver I won't leave the house without it on #staynakedfoundation

Winging It

Oh wow, palette looks stunning!! I've not used many UD products but absolutely love the lipsticks and liners💕💕

Winging It

My favourite product is the all nighter setting spray , but i would love to have the opportunity to try out one of these palettes. They are very popular but a bit out of my budget. 

Fresh Face

I have never had an UD eyeshadow palette so this is an amazing opportunity! 


Vice Cream Lipstick 3G - Tryst - Urban Decay  is one of the only UD products I’ve used so would looove to try another product! 

Winging It

My favorite product is Naked Cherry Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay  and I would like to try the new palette ❤❤🙏

Getting Lippy

I love everything from the Urban Decay range, but my favourite in the Naked 3 Palette - Urban Decay 

Winging It

My all time fave from urban decay has to be All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay  I have 4 backups at the moment. That’s how much I love it