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NEW ON YOU: Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur


To celebrate the launch of Gucci’s first unisex fragrance, we’re giving away over 60 Mémoire d’une Odeur’s for members to test and review!


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The new scent, fronted by Harry Styles, explores the power of memories. It’s a universal scent, with a blend of Roman chamomile and Indian coral jasmine, creating a fresh fragrance transcending both gender and time.


If you’d like to take part, please click 'Reply' below and tell your favourite fragrance memory and 63 members will be chosen at random. You will then receive the fragrance and 5 questions to answer and post on the Community for your fellow members to see.


Ends at midnight on Monday 5th August.


T&C's apply.

First Base

My favourite fragrance memory was my 15th birthday gift from my Grandmother- Estée Lauder, Beautiful. I felt so grown up! 

Winging It

My favourite perfume memory has to be Gucci Rush as it reminds me of times of freedom when I used to be able to go clubbing from Thursday to Monday and wake up whatever time I wanted amd have dinner ready for me on the table.

Fresh Face

My favourite perfume memory is being on a plane for the first time ever, and my mother treating herself to a bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier Classique. It was the first and only holiday that I've ever been on with my family because we've never had the money for one, so this was a big thing for her to splash out on a treat for herself, let alone a really expensive perfume. Every time we buy her a bottle for Christmas or her birthday, the scent ALWAYS brings me back to watching her spray herself with this indulgent look on her face while sitting in an outside cafe in Italy with a coffee ice cream.

Fresh Face

My favourite fragrance memory is “borrowing” 🤭  my mums perfume when I was younger! Always made me feel so grown up trying her pricy perfumes out instead of my cheap body sprays!!

Fresh Face

Apple Blossom, as it always reminds me of summer and was one of my very first perfumes, I tried.

Winging It

My favourite perfume memory growing up was #CharlieRed

I usto absoloutley love it and all the different ones you could get. 

Was only cheap but seemed to always last and smelt fairly expensive. 

I think they do still sell it too some places. 

Getting Lippy

My favourite fragrance memory is when I start working and I've earned my own money, I've started to buy perfumes. I can't go out without wearing a perfume. I love them! ❤️

Getting Lippy

My favourite fragrance memory is smelling Dior Addict 2 on my now best friend, I also used to wear that. We met by talking about it!

Nailing It

My mum used to wear a perfume, the bottle was worn out so no writing on it so not sure what it was. It is a scent that forever reminds me of her. I still have the smallest amount left in the bottle and it still smells the same as it did then. Sometimes I will dab the tiniest amount just to feel like a 6 year old girl again at her mothers dressing table! 

Getting Lippy

My favourite perfume memory was when I meet the love of my life and he wear estee Lauder fragrance wich now is discontinued 

this perfume was amazing! I still keep the bottle ❤️❤️❤️ I was so addicted to it! 




Getting Lippy

My favourite perfume memory has to be when my husband (then fiance) bought me Dahlia Divine by Givency as a birthday gift! He chose the scent not knowing what i like/dislike and i absolutely love it! Still a fav till this day! 

Winging It

My late mum suffered with various meental health issues but I vividly remember her spraying Estee Lauder Pure Linen before she went out and growing a foot in confidence everytime. Perfume can be so transformative. When I sorted her posessions I found a bottle still boxed and sealed and it is something I treasure.

Nailing It

My young perfume was and still i love  Gucci Guilty Eau Eau De Toilette For Her - GUCCI Smiley Happy they remebers me mine and my husbands first met Smiley Wink it was so hot and sweet as these perfume Smiley Happy ♡♡♡♡♡

Winging It

I wore the Gabrielle Chanel perfume on my wedding day and it's my favourite fragrance memory Smiley Happy

Getting Lippy

I love Gucci bamboo because strong yet graceful, based on one of Guccis most recognizable design signatures, has defined references in todays multi-faceted woman.

Beauty Icon

One of my favourite perfume is no longer available , actually it was only available for a very short time Lou Lou Blu by Cacharel, every time I wore it I would receive compliments as to how beautiful it is . 

Winging It

Has to be YSL elle. I used to wear this perfume before I got married. The scent is very sentimental to both my husband and I, reminds me of when I fell in love with him 10 years ago! I still wear it to this day, it's his favourite. 

Getting Lippy

Wow I love new fragrances 


My favourite fragrance memory is my wedding day, my mom was putting on her favourite  Estee Lauder youth dew, and turned to me and sprayed some on me too.    Sadly I lost my mom 20yrs ago

First Base

My favourite Aunty always wore cacharel anais anais and I was very young in a department store and said to mum ‘is Aunty Annabelle here?’ Because I could smell it.

Winging It

My first fragrance memory is getting my first bottle of "grown up" perfume.  It was Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden and I was 17 years old.  I wore it on my wedding day nearly 4 years later.  It still gives me butterflies in my tummy when I smell it.  I have tried many others in the years since, and they each have a different memory.  I love that about perfume.

Winging It

My first holiday abroad without the parents to Lanzarote with my sister when I was about 18. I bought Escada in the airport and wore it all holiday. Now when I smell any of the Escada fragrances they remind me of a sunny hot holiday.

Fresh Face

My favourite memory was when I bought my first perfume which until this day is my absolute favourite which I can’t go without! It was chanel chance, and there always has to be a bottle of it in my collection 

Getting Lippy

My favourite scent memory is of original Poison.  It was my first grown up perfume, from my dad on my 13th.  

I lived in Qatar and we camped at the beach with 20 others.  

It reminds me of the sea, happier days and friends and fun.  

Opium is another favourite.  It reminds me of cuddles with my nana.  

Fresh Face

My favourite perfume memory was not long after I met my husband (boyfriend at the time) I was wearing Alien by Thierry Mugler, it became our fragrance! Every time we both smell that perfume now all those memories we had come flooding back, it’s the best feeling ever! 

Blending In

My favourite fragrance memory is the scent of Estee Lauder youth see. My mum wore this when she was getting ready for a night out and I can still picture her getting ready, curling her hair, putting on makeup. I used to steal a spray as it made me feel grown up. Oddly the bottle reminded me of coca cola!



Fresh Face

My favourite fragrance memory is my wedding day perfume . Cinema by YSL . Was always my favourite fragrance lasted all day and such a beautiful scent! A classic timeless fragrance !😊

Fresh Face

When I was a kid my grandad used to take me for long walks around a particular place in our little village that was full of flowers. I’m now 32yo and he passed away long time ago but the smell of flowers always reminds me of him and puts a smile on my face 🙂

Blending In

My fragrance memory is from the eighties when Giorgio Beverley Hills first came out. I was down Oxford Street and could smell this amazing perfume everywhere and wanted to know what it was. I soon found it in Selfridges! It was so strong I believe it ended up being banned from being worn in restaurants, ha ha!

Fresh Face

My favourite fragrance memory is when I first picked up my mums Chanel perfume and sprayed it on my pretty flowery top. At the age of five i was sure that was the moment I transformed from a girl to a little woman (it made sense at the time) . Of course I had to go and dig for my mums favourite pair of red heels... and there I was smelling gorgeous and looking gorgeous. Sounds so funny now but it truly was a moment I won’t forget. 

First Base

Coco mademoiselle is such a classic scent that I love dearly. My mum sometimes wore it when I was younger and I loved it. When I graduated from university I didn’t get the grade that I wanted and was so devastated. My mum really had my corner and made me realise how well I’d done and what I had achieved. She bought me Coco Mademoiselle as a graduation present and the perfume is a reminder of the love she gave then and how she lifted me back up. The scent brings me so much comfort and strength. 

Fresh Face

My favourite fragrance memory is hugging my mum and always smelling her signature fragrance Chanel No. 5. Everytime i smell it on someone else it reminds me of my mum <3

Nailing It

@DaisyCR i smelt this when i went to the UD event 😍😍😍  i would love to try this  for longer💕💕💕


i love the gucci envy me ! It reminds me of our time when we first met and hubby gave me it as gift💕💕💕💕

Getting Lippy

My memories of my mum wearing Rive Gauche when I was a child & me loving  the blue, silver & black bottle & thinking it was so grown up & sophisticated!

My mums choice of fragrance has changed so much with time but if I wax to smell it now it takes me right back!!!! 💕

Fresh Face

My fave fragrance memory was on our wedding day 15 years ago on the 15th of this month (August), I used Chanel co co mademoiselle eau de parfum combined with the hair fragrance  and bath products 💍👰🏻🤵🏼🥰 ... but I would love to try a new fragrance 😉 

Fresh Face

My favourite fragrance memory is when my high school boyfriend bought me the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume on our first valentines together. Fast forward 6 years later, we are still together and I’m still wearing that same perfume Heart

Winging It

This perfume will always hold a special place in my heart as I was wearing this on our holiday to Malta in 2009 when  my husband proposed to me out of the blue. Every time I spray this, it just takes me back and I can never get enough. Two kids and 6 bottles later, I still love it!!!💙💙💙7BE220E7-C638-4580-9CFC-3F6A645BAAB7.jpeg



Fresh Face

I remember my grandma smelling of coty l'aimant when I was growing up. Whenever she would hug me, it would smell so beautiful. I still ask for a bottle of it every Christmas. It may be budget but it evokes massive memories of happy days for me 💜

Fresh Face

my favourite fragrance memory is when my mam bought me dolce and gabanna light blue for the first time it was the first perfume i ever had and i still love the smell of it today 

First Base

Bodyshop dewberry fragrance will forever take me back to being a 12 year old - painting my hair with hair mascara and buying every shimmery Rimmel lipstick I could get my hands on! 

Winging It

My perfume memory is my mum’s Estée Lauder Youth Dew in the 1980’s. Dad used to buy mum a set  every Christmas with the perfume, body cream and soap. She still uses it today and she is now 72 x 

Getting Lippy

My memory is of Paco Rabanne - Olympea. I wore this perfume on my trip to Rome. It was a fantastic trip and every time I wear this perfume it reminds me of the amazing time I had Smiley Happy

Winging It

My favourite fragrance memory would be my past youth 😢😉😂 wearing Lacoste can't remember the name but very feminine fragrance in clear tall bottle and silver cup. 

First Base

My favourite memory is a bit funny. My husband bought me a Dolce&Gabbana Dolce for my birthday as a present and that scent totally didn't suit me, was hard to breath when I sprayed it on. But I was still  as I wanted to show my gratitude. 

Some time later I told him I don't want perfume as a preset as it's just too boring :-)

Getting Lippy

My first fragrance memory was YSL Paris, the first scent I was given as a gift from my boyfriend. It reminds me of carefree teenage freedom!

First Base

Still looking for that French Riviera  garden post rain fragrance which I can remember from my previous holidays 🎈🎈🎈

Getting Lippy
My fragrance memory is Viktor and Rolf Bonbon. I’ve worn it for my graduation, 21st, and sixth form prom/smart day. It reminds me of celebrating my success and good times!
First Base

When I first got engaged, someone gave me the most wonderful tip of my life: but a perfume you’ve never had before and wear it for the big planning days - dress shopping, meeting potential photographers, visiting venues, choosing flowers, your hen do, the day itself and on your honeymoon.... then put it away for AT LEAST six months. 

From then on, whenever you wear it, you will be taken straight back to those brilliant, joyful days. 

Mine was Kenzo Elephant, we spent two years planning our wedding before tying the knot in June 2005.

Sadly my husband was diagnosed with cancer 18 month ago later, and he passed away in May 2008. 

All these years later, Kenzo Elephant is saved for sad days, when I need to remember the fun of the run to the wedding, the amazing day itself, and all the happy feelings keep me going through the tough times.

Getting Lippy

My favourite perfume memory is of when I was much younger and my older sister used to use Estee by Estee Lauder and I had finally saved up and bought myself a bottle! I was so happy when I used it for the very first time! It is still my favourite perfume 25+ year on!

First Base

My favourite fragrance memory is picking a perfume from Debenhams for my wedding after having a Clinique makeover. I went for Gucci Guilty because it just stood out straight away and I just couldn’t resist it. 

Fresh Face

I have loved perfumes all my life, but I can't think of any strong memories linked to a perfume. Maybe because no one has ever given me a very, very expensive one! 😂