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Collect your complimentary luxury Dior sample bag from Friday 22nd of February 2019. Simply present your Beauty Club card at your nearest Dior Beauty counter to be shade matched and receive your 7-day sample of the new Dior Forever Foundation in your chosen finish of Matte or Glow. You will also receive a miniature Dior Lip Maximizer lip gloss and JOY by Dior fragrance sample.



The new 24H wear high-perfection Dior Forever Foundation, is now available in 66 shades in 2 long-wear finishes: matte and skin glow.. Not only does it include an SPF35, but also has anti-pollution and antioxidant ingredients, creating a skin-caring foundation with sensational comfort.


Already love the foundation? Shop here.

To complete your Dior experience, you’ll also receive a mini Lip Maximizer lip gloss perfect for your clutch, as well as a sample of the vibrant and floral JOY by Dior fragrance, composed of top notes of zested bergamot, mandarin and jasmine.


Discover more about the fragrance.


Shop Dior.




T&C’S: Beauty Club samples have limited availability and will be given out on a first come first serve basis from 22/02/2019. One sample bag per Beauty Club customer. To redeem sample, show registered Beauty Club card at the Dior counter. No purchase necessary. Offer valid in UK stores with a Dior beauty counter only. Sample box contains one 1ml JOY by Dior Eau de Parfum, one 2ml Lip Maximizer only – with the foundation sample pot to be redeemed from counter after receiving your sample bag.


Stores with a Dior counter:


Debenhams Birmingham

Debenhams Oxford St

Debenhams Westfield 

Debenhams Birmingham Backstage

Debenhams Pollock - Silverburn

Debenhams Dudley  - Merryhill

Debenhams Liverpool

Debenhams Glasgow

Debenhams Milton Keynes

Debenhams Sheffield - Meadowhall

Debenhams Leeds

Debenhams Crawley

Debenhams Preston

Debenhams Chester

Debenhams Cardiff

Debenhams Norwich

Debenhams Leeds - White Rose 

Debenhams Manchester

Debenhams Dundee

Debenhams Thurrock - Lakeside

Debenhams Manchester - Trafford Pk

Debenhams Westfield Backstage

Debenhams Belfast

Debenhams Bury St Edmunds

Debenhams Broadstairs

Debenhams Brighton

Debenhams Portsmouth

Debenhams Uxbridge

Debenhams Basingstoke

Debenhams Basildon

Debenhams Lecister

Debenhams Swansea

Debenhams Eastbourne

Debenhams Cambridge

Debenhams Telford

Debenhams Truro Cornwall

Debenhams Barrow in Furness

Debenhams Craigavon - Rushmere Ctr

Debenhams Gateshead Metro Ctr

Debenhams Colchester 

Debenhams Middlesbrough

Debenhams Stirling

Debenhams Harrow

Debenhams Blackburn

Debenhams Croydon

Debenhams Iverness

Debenhams Oxford

Debenhams Redditch

Debenhams Coventry

Debenhams Bromley

Debenhams Sailsbury

Debenhams Newcastle 

Debenhams Chelmsford

Debenhams Bristol

Debenhams Sunderland

Debenhams Ipswitch

Debenhams Clapham Junction

Debenhams Southampton

Debenhams Workington

Debenhams Winchester

Debenhams Londonderry - Foyleside

Debenhams Romford

Debenhams Southend-on-Sea

Debenhams Aberdeen - Trinity Ctr

Debenhams Reading

Debenhams Plymouth

Debenhams Hounslow

Debenhams Bangor

Debenhams Sutton

Debenhams Woking

Debenhams Straford-upon-avon

Debenhams Exeter 

Debenhams Llandudno

Debenhams Ayr

Debenhams Warrington - Golden Sq

Debenhams Guildford

Debenhams Edinburgh

Debenhams Scarborough

Debenhams Doncaster

Debenhams Gloucester

Debenhams Bedford

Debenhams Luton

Debenhams Nottingham 

Debenhams Mansfield

Debenhams Banbury 

Debenhams Wigan

Debenhams Hastings

Debenhams Bath

Debenhams Stains

Debenhams Bolton

Debenhams Hemel Hempstead

Debenhams Orpington - Nugent S/ CT

Debenhams Swindon

Debenhams Stoke on Trent

Debenhams King's Lynn

Debenhams Ilford

Debenhams Hull

Debenhams East Killbride

Debenhams Bournemouth

Debenhams Taunton

Debenhams Lincoln

Debenhams Newry

Debenhams Wimbledon

Debenhams Leith

Debenhams Perth

Debenhams Welwyn Garden City

Debenhams Weymouth

Debenhams Slough

Debenhams Carlisle

Debenhams Sheffield

Debenhams Stockport

Debenhams Ashford

Debenhams Kirkcaldy Fife

Debenhams Worcester

Debenhams Stockton-on-tees

Debenhams Falkirk - Howgate Ct

Debenhams Newbury

Debenhams Southport

Debenhams Oldham

Debenhams South Shields.


Winging It

It would be good if they could be sent to people's homes.

All beauty card holders/, monthly send out system.

Getting Lippy

Sadly not even a freebie can persuade me to go to Romford Debenhams Dior counter they are the most rude people I have ever met. They look and speak to you like dirt and that was after a purchase and that was a staff member and the manager, when they could not place the purchase through the till properly. I will never go back there ever!! When complaining to Dior directly they weren't that bothered either. Chanel on the other hand saw how I was treated and were really really great and got me to try their products (I have bought them in the past) to the point that out of principle I will never buy Dior again and I am back with Chanel for perfume as the very least. I guarantee you also, that 50% of the samples there if not more will have disappeared from that counter Say no more! So my advice is avoid Romford Dior and go to the Chanel counter. Please do comment though if other stores are great at the Dior counter I am  only talking about Romford and the response from the head office of Dior, not Debenhams.   Oh I would also like to add that the normal beauty counter in Romford Debenhams is great they always provide the beauty club samples as long as your quick obviously. I simply refuse to go to the Dior counter in there. 

Fresh Face

I am going to have to pop into the birmingham store next time I visit! My closer branch isn’t on the list but I love the lip maximizer enough to want a minature version lol and I can’t say I’ve tried the foundation either!! Exciting products 

Winging It

My shop is on the list so I go there yesterday and they said they don't have this yes, I back today and lady said that the woman from Dior is on holiday and they don't have this gifts but they have only other things like lipstick and she give me one. So what now? when I can get Dior samples? Maybe someone should chcek that. IMG_2386.jpg


Winging It

Is it available in the Leicester branch?

Beauty Crush

Well went into newcastle on tyne branch and guess what NONE left apparently inundated yesterday  people asking for freebie. Dont know how many samples they are allocated but think it should be at least double quantities. People are travelling far to collect samples and get nothing if theres none available.

Living the Highlight

I was very lucky yesterday to get the Dior samples, I had already booked the day off work (half term) and it has been ages since I was able to get a beauty club sample (my last one was the lovely sample of Joy fragrance some time ago) as I do not live/work close to the city centre and always miss out as the samples go so quickly.  

It was midday and the Dior counter was already busy (Norwich store), the two lovely ladies on the counter were so helpful and did a colour match for myself and my Daughter. We had a lovely little bag to take away with our foundation sample, Joy fragrance sample and fabulous mini lip maximiser (which I used today on it's own and it was lovely and plumping (great for thin lips) and gave my natural lip colour a pretty non sticky sheen.  Thank You Debenhams  x


Fresh Face

I am so gutted yet again although the Middlesbrough store is listed you haven’t sent any of these goodie bags! It’s not often I get in for the month end but my shifts worked in my favour but no Dior bags available Smiley Sad  

Little treats make a massive difference! 



Beauty Crush

Hi everyone, 

I got mine yesterday late afternoon from the ipswich store.

It is absolutely tiny so all of you who have missed out you haven't missed out great deal.  Foundation sample you can get anytime but will need to be matched up. It is definitely not worth traveling for hr as some of you ladies  have.  

Fresh Face

Will do😉

Getting Lippy

Good evening, 


I have a little issue and don’t know who to ask. My daughter went yesterday to get her free sample and goodie bag. She sat through the entire process of colour matching etc ... my daughter was not 100% happy with the colour or product at this point , once the process was done she was told it was £37. Understandably she was taken aback .. so she told the lady I came for the sample .. I don’t know if the lady did not understand her or maybe was having a bad day so she reiterated it’s £37. My daughter having just had a stressful day at Uni said no her here is my card I want a sample ( she wanted to try the sample as she thought she should give it ago and maybe her opinion will change ) & the goodies bag. The lady only gave her a sample .. my daughtet took the sample and left as she did not want to argue .. 


I don’t know what the actual problem was . If there were no goodie bags left, the lady could have said sorry we are out. Not just ignore my daughter. 


This is not the first time we have had issues with Debenhams in Glasgow regarding the ‘freebie samples’ . Inhave complained before and was not contacted back about being told they either don’t know about it or they can’t find the stock . I do appreciate that deliveries can be late etc.. but being polite or even in the know about it would be much appreciated! 


Kind regards, 


Nailing It

Omg was really excited to be able to get this one! The lip gloss is really pretty and has gone well with 2 lipsticks I have worn since getting it. Will be a product I will purchase Inthe future . I have had a sample of the door foundation before this also, and I absolutely love the foundation. However I do need to finish the foundation I have before purchasing one. 

Fresh Face

I asked for this sample yesterday and was told producing my beauty card was not enough and I had to show the relevant  email describing the offer before I could have the samples.  Very embarrassing and disappointing.

First Base

I’m very excited to try the foundation sample I received yesterday! The lady in Dior was so helpful 🙈

Winging It

How look situation in Edinburgh Princess street ? ... they said they dont have any... Friday 2pm... ?

Getting Lippy

I love the lip gloss 😍 I will buy this when my sample finished 💋💋💋

Getting Lippy

So happy to collect my Dior  samples in-store today! Love the minature lipstick-cant wait to try it out!Also took the opportunity to try out a few other perfumes too -never tried Jimmy Choo before but after someone had sprayed the tester I had to put a bit on myself. Delicious! #LetsTalkBeauty 

Beauty Icon

So sorry for people who didnt get it an rude staff in other stores 

Wow our bullring staff are amazing then well done brummies xx

Getting Lippy

I missed out on this because I didn't receive the email until after lunch time, on the day... in which case I was caring for a disabled person ...  Never mind Smiley Sad 

Winging It

I am from bristol. I went yesterday evening and they didnt have any! Didnt even do my foundation match ☹ 

Winging It

Hi guys 

Today I've been to Hounslow Debenhams and got my sample box🥰. It's gorgeous and I think I will buy the lip gloss if it works on my super sensitive dry lips. The lady on the counter was soooo kind and helpful. Thank you Dior ,especially the lovely staff  in Hounslow branch❤️

First Base

I was working on Friday  thought I’ll drop in store early to get the sample. Went in early morning to get the Dior  sample  bag in Debenhams Leicester.

First of all there was no one at counter, lady working at other counter advise me nobody arrives at the doir counter yet. I ask that lady if she aware of sample bag however she didn’t knew about it, she told me I have to wait until somebody comes at Dior counter.

Was about to leave and saw lady on Dior counter.  When I ask her about the sample bag she told me  they only had 5 sample bag and they ran out few days ago.


I was very upset because I made my way to store early to get my hands on it and got nothing.

Winging It

Went in the Middlesbrough store on Saturday. They told me that although they were on the list, the store never actually got them sent to them. Not the first time this has happened either.

Going Pro

Hope some are left at my local store 😀

Getting Lippy

So happy. Managed to get this in Cardiff yesterday, I thought they would have all gone but took my chance. Can't wait to try the foundation, colour match they did seems  perfect and the lip maximizer is gorgeous. Had a quick spray of the perfume, smells nice but it's not for me.... 

Winging It

What an utter fail. I saw the blog post Saturday so went down to the reading branch to be told they haven't got them in yet and that they will be in later that day/the following day. So I went back the next day to be told they don't have deliveries on Sunday and to try again the next day. I went in the next day (today) to be told by a rather smug man that they won't be getting any in and better luck next time. Not sure what he had to base that on as when I asked him he said(with a grin on his face) he just assumed they've been missed off the list. Quite gutted I couldn't get a straight answer and went into town THREE times for this specific thing. I'm glad some people managed to get it. Just a shame it's so hit and miss.

Fresh Face

Went to my local Debenhams (Reading) on friday, saturday and today. Never anyone on the Dior counter. Kept being told to come back. Today was told that the samples haven't even come in yet. :-(

Winging It

It is always the same with all the debenhams...they are supposed to be free samples to be tried and then you buy it if you like them...that is a sample..but there are always run out (until you find a male attendant that give it to you) or they don't have them and always always always the staff look at you is a pity...I hope they give them a course on how to treat future buyers and what a free sample means.

Nailing It




Its a free sample its not going to be full sized. I actually think all the samples I have had from Debentures through the card have been a really good size. Its free so whether its a miniature of the product or full size you are still getting a good deal on the product. Yes its probably not worth for some who have to pay for a bus to get in 

Getting Lippy

It doesn't seem to matter which of my 2 local stores I ask in about the Beauty Club gifts I always seem to get the same answer these days "We haven't had them in yet."

Beauty Crush

Bry I know that they are free samples and that is great! 

I was just commenting on what other people have said.

It is not worth traveling for 2hr and paying for petrol /parking etc and then being told that there is none left!


Nailing It

I didn’t manage to get one I went into store twice and was disappointed to be told they hadn’t had any 😐

Winging It

Loving this months samples!😍 Usually I can’t get to a store on time but this month  they still had some left on the Sunday 🤗 How cute is the lip gloss?! Defo buying the full size next week💕

Beauty Crush

@Bry  I was commenting on people that had to travel for 2hr pay for petrol, parking etc then get told that there are no samples left! 

Winging It

Went to two debenhams in Edinburgh on friday... the Ocean Terminal branch didnt have any staff at the counter,the princess street one said they have run out of sample.  Staffs were rude as usual. The whole experience was dissappointing. This was my first attempt at collecting a free sample ,I would say its not even worth to give it a try. 

Beauty Crush

If they are meant to be samples why arnt there enough given to beauty counters for beauty club card holders to try and test before buying full products thats suppose to be the point of samples isnt it ???

Winging It

So I visited the Dior counter at Metrocentre 5 times just to be told a different excuse as to why they didn’t have these Dior samples yet! So when I went for the 6th time hoping they would finally have them she told me oh sorry they are all gone already! Like what!!! that’s so unfair!!!😭

Winging It

Sadly, the closest counter to me is a 45 minute train journey away! 😢😢 Not so easy when you're in a wheelchair, and would need to organise a special lift to the station in the first place!! Oh Debenhams is there anything you can do for folk like me!? 

Total Glossip

Was so excited to get ours but when we went on Friday morning at the opening of the store,the lady at the fragance counter said they haven't got any stock yet and to come back later.

So we visited again in the afternoon at 4pm but none was delivered yet.

Went again on Saturday morning but the staff said none are left as they received the delivery after 4pm and all the boxes went within minutes.

So disappointed Smiley Sad 

3 trips for nothing 😩

Getting Lippy

@MFL1276 i had the same issue they never have the free samples BUT i went into the Urban Decay counter and the most amazing lady was working there and she colour matched me, applied the product to show me how to use it etc but also gave me a free sample, an entire look with contouring blushes mascara etc and im actually really excited to go back there and buy it 🙈 dior might be amazing but if they cant be bothered to deliver the service SOMEONE else willSmiley Wink 

Getting Lippy

I never tried it so wanna try it jow it works for my skin

First Base

How to get my samples.. they look pretty amazing