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The House of Dior is pleased to offer you a preview of its new creations:

New SAUVAGE Men’s Fragrance and New JOY Women’s Fragrance, available respectively on the 21 August and 2 September.





If you’d like to take part, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Post a Comment' and tell us what brings you Joy and 200 members will be chosen at random.


T&Cs: Entries will close on the 19th August*. 200 members will be chosen at random from the entries. Product will be given in exchange for a review on the Community and the product pages online. The product cannot be returned and there is no cash alternative.

Fresh Face

I get joy from seeing my children growing up into adults and reliving their childhood with my grandaughter.  I get joy from making memories like making daisy chains, sharing picnics, paddling in the sea, picking lavendar and remembering old songs and smelling familiar smells.  Fragrances can trigger a memory and I love remembering special moments when I smell a certain scent. I would love to create new memories with new fragrances that I have yet to try.

Fresh Face

Looking for a new Dior fragrance to freshen up my style. Smelling good and being fresh brings me joy... I love it when someone walks past and comments on my fragrance, it's great to share the joy ....

Blending In

I can list things that make me happy and things for which I am thankful. But what brings me joy? seeing my family and my lovely partner happy. Talking with my beautiful nice ♥️@DaisyCR

Fresh Face

What brings me the most joy is seeing my 8 year old daughter happy, laughing , playing and giving me the sweetest hugs and kisses 🤗

Winging It

Joy as being fully present in the moment and resides in the small moments of the everyday. I feel joy when I feel connected to other people, to nature, to music or myself.  Sometimes, it’s just the recognition that I am drawing breath.

Winging It

Having family day out or having fun and doing great things all together- it's a satisfying joy feeling and another memory recorded 😍 

First Base

Family give me joy. Seeing my children grow up into sensible adults. 

Winging It

Joy comes in many forms just the sunshine can bring me joy but just lately my grandson brings me so much joy 

Winging It

I love early on a Saturday morning getting up and going for a walk along the beach. I do live in Scotland so it’s very rarely warm but being out early in the fresh air really brings me joy 💙

Winging It

I adore having evenings with my friends and family, having a good meals and catching up with each others busy lives, just taking a breath, enjoying each other's company, good food, good wine and laughing 

Fresh Face

Love, food, and travel Cat Wink

First Base

My son

Fresh Face

Joy is getting home after a long day at work, jumping into a hot bath full of bubbles, glass of wine and pamper night to de-stress! Me-time!!

Winging It

For me, it is reading a book at home in the garden while I enjoy peace and quiet. This gets me recharged to carry on with a very busy life! Have a nice week everyone!Smiley Very HappyHeart 

First Base

That blissful feeling when you get home from work after a long day, sit down to watch Netflix with a warm meal on your lap and your dog beside you. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Winging It

Well the things that bring me joy is not only seeing my beautiful kids after a hard days work. Also if I have being with my kids 247 then the best part that provides me joy is when they are asleep or should I say bedtime as thats is sometimes the joyful time!!! Have kids not only is a blessing but is a JOY!!

Winging It

I find joy when I have a good day away from a rare disease called sarcoidosis. I can put my makeup on and feel feminine and human even if it’s just a little bit. 💋

Getting Lippy

Filing the fridge with delicious food +  lighting a candle +turning the TV = joy

Fresh Face

My husband's and daughter's faces after a long day at work. Weekends. Love. A good laugh with friends. A nice meal. A glass of wine. 

First Base

It really is the simple things that bring me joy....nice sunny weekend early morning, no work to go to and fun with family and friends all lined up for the weekend ahead....bliss!

Winging It



A younger glowing skin with my new foundation I’ve had so many compliments since wearing it ☺️

First Base

Joy is watching your children achieve something they thought was impossible, the look on their faces ...priceless!

Fresh Face

What brings me joy? Seeing my family and friends enjoying life to the full and spending time with them

Winging It

I absolutely Love relaxing on my sofa with my cat & wstching a Good Film & Box Sets. No interruptions; just Peace & Quite & Her & I.

First Base

Chilled meals with the family on a Sunday ❤️

Winging It

Ice Cream smothered in Raspberry sauce with chocolate shavings 🤤


Winging It

My 2 gorgeous girls brings me joy everyday x

Getting Lippy

@DaisyCR  What brings me joy is when I open my eyes in the morning and know I am alive to spend my time with my wife and children. Thank you

Winging It

Ok so I’ve just started back to work after having a baby, been finding it hard going back and leaving my baby girl, but soon as I walk in the door and see her little face light up....that brings me joy, my heart could burst, I have so much love for that little lady even if the melt downs start at 6pm. I’m so lucky to have her in my life. ❤️

First Base

What brings me joy is seeing animals and how they can make you smile and less stress by just seeing them cuddle up to you, they make you feel so loved and wanted and all you want to do is protective there sweet innocent faces 

Getting Lippy

What brings me joy is when my children spend quality time with their grandma who has dementia.  It lovely to see they grandkids spending time chatting Bout their day and playing board games with her what a lovely sight to see the three of them xxx 😘🥰

First Base

I could send my kids my partner give me joy but that word isn’t meaningful enough to express what they give me in my heart and soul. So what gives me joy the sun on my face, listening to music ,reading a great novel, food,beer seeing loved ones so many things give me

joy being alive and being able to experience the feeling of joy everyday in comfort things the things that I’ve experienced for Years but also new kinds of joy im Yet to experience 

First Base

what gives me joy is seeing family and friends happy

First Base

Joy is feeling sunshine warmth after a rainy day walking home from work on a Friday afternoon. Bring on the weekend!

Fresh Face

Being able to spend time with my grandchildren always brings a smile☺ to my face. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize 

Winging It

My Joy is seeing how proud my daughter is of herself when she achieves something on her own, without my help. Smiley Happy

Getting Lippy

Family brings me joy, having a good work balance and home life brings me joy, my beautiful baby niece brings me joy. Smelling good brings me joy! 

First Base

Of course my son brings me an abundance of joy, watching him grow into a young man with empathy for others and a good moral compass is so gratifying. That he's chosen to join the armed forces and serve his country makes me so very proud of him. I don't think there is any joy greater than that of being blessed to be a parent ❤

Nailing It

I try to enjoy the little things in life; sunny days (rare in rainy Manchester! Smiley Very Happy), days when my partner is cooking and/or have dinner waiting for me when I come back home from work, weekends when I've nothing planned, a nice glass of wine...

First Base

Rainy days, heating on, snacks, duvets, pyjamas and movies with my 4 beautiful girls aged 16,10,6 and 3 months  ❤️ 

First Base

** What joy means to me...** Heart


Joy is coming home to my own house where my fiancee and 6 month old cockapoo puppy are. It is knowing that however bad a day has been seeing them at the end of it is all that matters. My fiancee and I get married in 2021 and are looking for wedding fragrances so would be great to try these as we are both big fans of the Dior range 💕

Winging It

What brings me joy is seen my mum smile. She’s not just my mother,she’s my world ❤️

Fresh Face

Joy is the best strategy of mind to be in so can’t wait to try the smell of joy 

First Base

I live a very stressfull life but nothing brings me more joy than my children's smiles, my family's laughter, makeup & sunsets on beaches 😍 

First Base

The day I got my gorgeous Dior glasses!! I feel so glamorous every day, now having to wear glasses everyday is less of a chore xx

#Joy #Dior 





Getting Lippy

A nice long stroll along the beach at sunset is what brings me joy in life!

Fresh Face

Simple things bring me joy on daily basis:  having my morning cup of tea in the garden,  having a walk and going off the usual path,  being in awe of how inquisitive my children are.   But then new shoes, lipstick and perfume bring me a lot of joy too, just a different type Smiley Happy

Winging It

Lots of things bring me joy. My husband and children bring me joy everyday but since I became disabled it's the small things that make me happy. Being outside on a nice day, hearing the birds, seeing happy families, people interacting with the outside world and getting fresh air. Too often we are glued to our phones and forget to look at the important things. 

I would LOVE to try the new Dior Joy perfume, I usually wear heavy type perfumes (alien, black opium etc) but I really want to try something new so this would be the perfect opportunity 🤞🏻

First Base

Seeing my granddaughter gives me the best joy ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

First Base

What brings me joy?

many things do- I have the privileged job  as a midwife so  get to see new life, new families, the joy and love in parents faces as they meet their newborn for the first time.