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The House of Dior is pleased to offer you a preview of its new creations:

New SAUVAGE Men’s Fragrance and New JOY Women’s Fragrance, available respectively on the 21 August and 2 September.





If you’d like to take part, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Post a Comment' and tell us what brings you Joy and 200 members will be chosen at random.


T&Cs: Entries will close on the 19th August*. 200 members will be chosen at random from the entries. Product will be given in exchange for a review on the Community and the product pages online. The product cannot be returned and there is no cash alternative.

Getting Lippy

Walks in nature, reading, painting and Netflix bring me joy!

Winging It

Seeing the sheer joy on the faces of my children sliding down the sand dunes on holiday in Cumbria. In these times of complex electrical entertainment from tablets and social media its great to see kids  being kids not mini adults 

First Base

what gives me joy, are the things that matter the most and they are the small moments or things. Smiley LOL


Winging It wine brings me joy after a stressful day running around after my 2 year old son, 2 teenage daughters ,2 dogs and my husband x

Fresh Face

What brings me joy is my husband, family. & friends.  When they are happy I’m happy. Life can be cruel but if you have a strong unit behind you it helps you feel good #dior #bringmejoy

First Base

My beautiful little boy brings me so much Joy!

Fresh Face

Waking up to my beautiful rainbow baby’s smile after 3 losses brings me all the joy I could ever want

Winging It

Music brings me my joy Heart I love it when I hear a new song that I know is going to immediately be my new current favourite, I love dancing round my kitchen with the radio on, I love singing along embarrassingly loudly to the radio in my car! Even reading a book with a chilled jazz soundtrack tinkling away in the background can make a dull slow evening infinitely warmer and snug Smiley Happy

Fresh Face

What brings me joy?!

Waking up every day

My daughter

My husband

The sunset

The rain

The smell of the ground when it's raining 

The rainbow 

Fresh coffee









New clothes

Looong list.. Every little thing can bring you joy if you really appreciate life and see the good in everything! We should be happier as times flies very quickly!

Live your life in a beautiful way! Smile more, love more, hug more, kiss more, do good things and good things will come back to you 🌷

First Base

Pure Joy for me is taking my retired greyhound on a morning beach walk after the end of 12 night shift.  It's great way to wind down and let the stress go!

Winging It

Nothing brings more joy to me than family time. As a family we are lucky enough to have healthy 4 generations and the joy of seeing my children, nieces and nephews making memories with their grandparents/great grandparents is priceless. 

First Base

Hugs and sloppy kisses off  my toddler daughter, listening to my 14yr old singing the and playing the piano she taught herself, the rare but precious occasions of witnessing my teenager son break into a smile, listening to my favourite songs and the smelling scents that remind me of days gone by - places that smell like the corridors of primary school or school dinners, tobacco smoke that reminds me of my grandad, roses that remind me of making 'perfume' when I was 4 from mashed up rose petals.

First Base

@DaisyCR Aside from coming home from work to my kids and dog waiting for me ( the dog is usually more excited on my return than the kids) I feel happy and joyous when someone tells me I smell nice. It makes a person appear more attractive when they smell good,maybe it's a good thing maybe it's not 😉 i have smelt new ##Dior #Joy and have to say it is #ScentSational but as a mum my kids always come first with the wants and needs.. so I would love to try this perfume for myself and await the compliments x

First Base

My just turned 18 year old son brings me joy and also smelling delicious brings me joy. My son would love to try this scent and obviously he needs to be smelling amazing now he is hitting the town and nightclubs every weekend 

Winging It

Laughing with friends, a good cup of coffee, water when I am thirsty, my kids, a floaty dress and the memories that perfumes bring... #joy

Getting Lippy

A lovely hot bubble bath, a good book and a Gin and Tonic has to be the things that bring me joy at the end of a hard week. At the end of the day, it's a cuppa specially made by my youngest daughter - pure bliss.

Winging It

I think my joy is probably quite shallow and sad but what gives me joy is Manchester United and atm especially ole solksjaer without doubt the most ecstatic rapture iv felt was 1999 winning the treble. After Sir Alex left the passion and love drained out of the club Ole has brought that back win or lose whether we finish 3rd or 7th his passion and love for that club like one of us ordinary fans brings me joy after such a long time in the club again 


IMG_20190814_095307_655.jpgSpending time at festivals brings me joy. They are a little escape from reality where I can release my inner unicorn for a few days, see some amazing music and spend the whole time smiling.

Wearing my sparkliest clothes and most colourful make up ❤️

Fresh Face

My husband manages to bring me joy everyday by making me laugh at least once a day. 

Fresh Face

Being with my mum and dad everyday.  Love them to bits.

Fresh Face

What gives me joy.... Thursday mornings I volunteer at a community centre and we do a seated exercise class for the elderly, it’s like Zumba but sitting down! All the elderly gents and ladies give it their all and it makes them smile because they all really enjoy it... it’s the highlight of my week!

First Base

I'd love to say that the most extravagant thing brings me joy but in all honest the thing that brings me the most joy is my family my mom who makes me laugh my dad who calls me sweetie and shares his knowledge my sister who is my best friend and my nephews who bring me so much love and who I'm so so so proud of 

First Base

Marie Kondo does spark me a lot of joy. I love to see the house tidy which is rare as I have 2 tiny munchkins that keep me busy all day and night! 

Blending In

Joy :  Seeing my elderly parents delighted faces as their grandchildren play.  Ice-cream break for all with fresh smell of strawberries and Frank Sinatra tones in the background.  👌🏼

Getting Lippy

What brings me #Joy is finishing work, getting home and walking up the drive to see my 2 Dogs and 2 Cats waiting on the window sill for me. Melts my heart daily.

Fresh Face

My grandchildren give me joy and wearing a lovely perfume 

Fresh Face

Simply being happy brings the most joy Smiley Happy

Fresh Face

Waking up getting my tea and spliff then spending time with family friends and my fiancé  

Getting Lippy

Lazy duvet days with my partner ❤️ love just relaxing in pjs, cuddling up, and watching films. Especially on rainy days like today, there's nothing better 😍😍

Fresh Face

A good book gives me great joy.

First Base

That Feeling when I get home on a Friday afternoon and I can cuddle up with my fluffy chihuahuas:Joy, Edward and Millie. 

First Base

My children bring me joy. Also trying new things , the sauvage smells lush. Would absolutely love to try this as I barely ever get spare money to buy myself anything new

Getting Lippy

Swimming brings me joy!

First Base

Joy to me is being to wake & welcome a new day. After two life changing bouts of bladder then breast Cancer I view things in a different way!

Fresh Face

Absolutely gorgeous fragrances. Would really appreciate this offer

Getting Lippy

Joy brings me Joy 😀 I love spending time with friends socialising and sharing this fragrance it’s wonderful

Fresh Face

The cheeky smile on my 18 month old sons face - you couldn't not feel joy when you see that smile!IMG_20190816_141739.jpg


Fresh Face

What brings me joy is my little family, my hubby and my dog. Next week in August it's my hubbys birthday (hes 44) my dogs birthday (hes 5) and it is also our 14th wedding anniversary!! Love spending my days with these 2 crazies xxx FB_IMG_1560302013943.jpg


First Base

Spending time with my family brings me more joy than anything. Ice-cream comes a close second though 😆

Winging It

Going away on holiday with family /friends and getting away from work / city life brings me great joy! 

Winging It

Spending time with my family brings me joy my husband and I word different hours and days so our daughters and respective others one lives with her boyfriend so once a week we all catch up no phones allowed to sometimes sit back and just enjoy them all conversing is joyful to me 

First Base

Seeing my husband making breakfast for the family on a Sunday morning. Bless him. 

First Base

What brings me the most joy is seeing my children and grandchildren  and my partner and my family 

Winging It

Biggest joy is having all my family around.

Getting Lippy

It's a very simple thing - my grand daughter slipping her hand into mine as we walk along or her smile when she wakes up and sees me sitting on the edge of her bed - priceless!

Winging It

Lots of things bring me joy such as my family, sunshine, birds singing, my garden in full bloom.

Winging It

Small, selfless acts of kindness that cost you so little bit can mean so much to others.Like keeping busy your best friend’s wee daughters while she’s taking some beauty and relaxing time for herself. Or asking clearly lost and confused visitors to your home town if they need any help.  A Smile returned by a friendly passerby. Early morning run and refreshing shower after. Small, simple deeds. Good Karma. Love, Kindness and Joy. 

Fresh Face

Wot brings me joy coming home to my fur baby he gives me so much love 

First Base

My daughter, the one thing I thought we never could have and now we do ❤️

Seeing her and my husband together brings me so much Joy every day.  All I ever wanted right now is in front of me and it’s amazing ❤️

Winging It

Might sound cheesy but but my joy is my husband...   he underwent open heart surgery  4 months ago.  He's the strongest man i know  HeartHeartHeart