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The House of Dior is pleased to offer you a preview of its new creations:

New SAUVAGE Men’s Fragrance and New JOY Women’s Fragrance, available respectively on the 21 August and 2 September.





If you’d like to take part, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Post a Comment' and tell us what brings you Joy and 200 members will be chosen at random.


T&Cs: Entries will close on the 19th August*. 200 members will be chosen at random from the entries. Product will be given in exchange for a review on the Community and the product pages online. The product cannot be returned and there is no cash alternative.

Winging It

Travelling abroad brings me joy

Winging It

Spending hours playing with my 7 grandchildren their beautiful smiles and cheeky laughs and the hugs and kisses they give me

Nailing It

What makes me happy is coming home from work to my wonderful family. Helping those in need and seeing the smiles restored on their faces . I also love to win competitions or be chosen for products . These are 3 things that make me happy

Fresh Face

Would love to test I love to try different fragrances 

Fresh Face

Taking a moment, especially at the end of a busy or stressful day, to just stand and watch the sun go down.

First Base

brings me joy spending time with my Nan, she’s my best friend and it makes me the happiest spending time with her 💖

Fresh Face

The biggest joy is my life is my family being happy and healthy and that my petcare business is really taking off and that i can help soo many animals and their owners. That brings me tons of joy!

First Base

Seeing the eyes light up on my children’s faces brings me #Joy and also when we all get together with the whole family from different corners of the world also brings me lots of #Joy looking at my mums face gleam with her smile❤️

Nailing It

My morning coffee brings me joy😍

First Base

What brings me Joy is spending time with family especially on the Christmas holidays and seeing them happy and smiling and I know that all is ok in there lives and so am I .

Winging It

The only thing who bring me joy is when i come home from work and my son waiting to the door to Tell me what he done, and he start to play with our two guineea pigs who is a joy to watch. 

First Base


A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.


"tears of joy"
 delight, great pleasure, joyfulness, jubilation, triumph, exultation, rejoicing, happiness, gladness, glee, exhilaration, ebullience, exuberance, elation, euphoria, bliss, ecstasy, transports of delight, rapture, radiance 🥰
Fresh Face

The biggest thing to bring me joy is to see my family happy - cliche I know! 

Other than that, when I see my food coming that is definitely JOY.

Fresh Face

My brand new baby grand daughter is what brings me joy 

Fresh Face

I would love to take part in this campaign  I struggle to find perfume that suits me so I would love to try this one and give an honest review 

Winging It

This face35118D91-2272-4C6B-BA9B-CE433D4DAB2A.jpeg


Winging It

The JOY of finally buying our own home after years of renting. No help from anyone, just all our pennies put away. So happy and couldn't be prouder or happy than finding our little love nest. The JOY is has brought us both is spilling over to family and friends Smiley Happy

Beauty Crush

What brings me Joy is spending time with my family whenever I get a chance as I work too much and taking care of my nieces and nephews that brightens up my day.


Thank you for the opportunity Smiley Happy

Fresh Face

Beautiful scents bring me joy. 

Fresh Face

What brings me the most joy in my life is my rescue dog Toyah.

Driving round my cul de sac & seeing her wee face watching for me at the window.

Toyah is not only my joy she’s my saviour after loosing my partner & mother less than two years apart 🐾❤️🐾

First Base

There are many things that bring me joy but most of all it is my family, my kids and my husband to be, when I see them mucking around, playing and laughing in our beautiful house and garden. The feeling is incredible. 

Fresh Face

My family and my pets give me joy every day.  But beauty products come close . One product I will not leave the house without is a fragrance 

First Base

I am a lady of match moi I need elegance! Savage is like walking on water. Protection is high and low all round purified from every angle walking with your head high. That's what I call elegance. 

Fresh Face

What brings me joy is waking up every morning and seeing my two beautiful babies with a smile on there face and so much imagination in there little heads they are my go to in life and I wouldn’t be half the person I am now with out them x Smiley Happy 

Fresh Face

Cant wait to try ,love Dior [Hope  im lucky

Fresh Face

Seeing my nephews and niece every time I come back from university brings me the greatest joy! Their smiles are everything!

First Base

How can I explain the profound sense of joy when walking into the high street flower shop.  The combination of the roses, freesias, lilys, lavender, eucalyptus satiate my senses and overwhelm me with a sense of well being.

Winging It

Spending time playing games with my little boy harry

First Base

Oh my favourite perfume, the best fragrance to where when meeting with friends and family, pure JOY ! 🥰

Winging It

Friday after work, when I change into leggings, my fave New Look shirt with late vest under it and glass of vodka with sparkling water with freshly squeezed lemon and I spend rest of the night chatting to my better half while drinking, cooking and listen to our favorite music, sometimes in front of a garden log burner fire if the night is dry - watching the stars

Winging It

Joy for me is seeing the amazing man my son has become over the last 4 years. Undiagnosed Chrone's disease resulted in him having major surgery and sepsis. He rebuilt his strength and his physique in the gym. His beautiful girlfriend was by his side every inch of the way. They would be the perfect couple to test Sauvage and Joy.

Winging It

JOY is coming home with my children from a disastrous tour of Europe.


Made us all appreciate UK and the safety of our country.


JOY to see the UK border controls at Calais..


But most of all JOY to see my home.. your home is your home regardless of how small or incomplete it is..


JOY is finally appreciating what you have taken for granted for such a long time...


JOY is being safe..



Total Glossip

Wowww another great opportunity 💕💕 to be honest only one thing which gives me joy is my daughter.

She is 5 year old and soo naughty and if I will be real here, I scold her alot 😂 alot means alot because of her tantrums but when she goes off to sleep, atleast for 10 minutes I sit at the the corner and look her. I mean like why she is sooo cute and does innocent things.

I know for every mother on this planet love her child❤️🌏 and sometimes we forget everything when we see our child, no matter how hurt or sad we are.

My daughter is magic smile for me ❤️❤️✨✨


All the best everyone 💕 thanks @DaisyCR for this opportunity 💞

First Base

What brings me joy... Being in a remote place surrounded by nature with no technology, with my wonderful family of course. Pure bliss 😍

Winging It

Sunny days and warm nights bring me joy 😊 I think the weather is a real mood lifter!

Getting Lippy

So many things bring me joy - but one that always reminds me to see beauty is the smell of fresh air. I was brought up in a rather polluted area with acid rain and pollutants (when I wash my face at night, my towel sometimes comes out a bit grey!), now that I've moved to a less densely populated city, I get to smell the clean rain, fresh air and grass, I really treasure it Heart

First Base

What gives me joy is after a day working in retail with all its challenges is a long soak in a huge bubble bath, feet up and a glass (or two😜) of prosecco. X

Winging It

The thing that brings me joy is being able to help my students every single day become a better person and help them become closer to their goals, as I am a teacher👩‍🏫. 

I would love to test this woman's perfume, I would be honoured to be picked 😁😁

First Base

I experience joy when I see my little boy using the skills I have taught to him and when I see our pet rabbits leaping around.

Fresh Face

What brings me joy is my niece, she's 7 months old and amazing! 

First Base

My grandchildren make me happy I love being a nanny ,also I was very happy on 17th july a year ago when i got a doner kidney now I have more time with them as I dont have to go to dialysis ❤

Winging It

To wake up to a new day knowing my wife will be beside me through thick and thin, my illness does not make me an easy person to live with but knowing my wife is there brings my heart to bursting point just like when the kids were born, you just can't explain the emotions that run through you from the crying with joy to holding them for the first time

First Base

I would love to test Sauvage because I always use Dior products and I absolutely love them!

Getting Lippy

Without a doubt for me right now it’s baking. I find is so therapeutic. Love to de-stress in a quiet kitchen. There’s nothing quite like trying new recipes and turning them into your own. Can’t lie... the best bit is eating it and sharing with the family!

Winging It

Starting the day with the sun shining through the window and realising it us the weekend ahead to do as you wish

Winging It

My two dogs bring me joy.... every day when I take them out in the woods. They always know when you are down and need help..

Chilling Out

What brings me joy is being able to come home to my 2 beautiful children and just knowing that they’re safe. 😇

First Base

The sense of smell is so closely linked to emotions; the scent of face powder conjures up the lovely memories of my mum; the smell of my baby grandson after his bath; my husbands cologne when he kisses me. This is where I find joyful moments.

Getting Lippy

The beauty of nature brings me joy. 

Fresh Face

I love Dior perfume which brings me joy but in all honesty my little princess and prince bring the most joy to my life dont have families family they're everything