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The House of Dior is pleased to offer you a preview of its new creations:

New SAUVAGE Men’s Fragrance and New JOY Women’s Fragrance, available respectively on the 21 August and 2 September.





If you’d like to take part, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Post a Comment' and tell us what brings you Joy and 200 members will be chosen at random.


T&Cs: Entries will close on the 19th August*. 200 members will be chosen at random from the entries. Product will be given in exchange for a review on the Community and the product pages online. The product cannot be returned and there is no cash alternative.

Getting Lippy

Joy to me is waking up in morning and seeing my little baby smile at me 💙 

Winging It

What a great oppotunity im so excited! I love the smell of Sauvage.


HeartWhat brings me Joy is the smell of Sauvage!! it reminds me of when me and my partner first met as he had this fragrance on and I've loved it ever since. I can't wait to smell the new one.Heart

What also brings me joy is finally being able to develop in my role at work and working towards a promotion. I feel very excited for this and for whats to come in the future. Smiley Very Happy



Winging It

I love getting in from work and being greeted by my fur grand puppy he makes life so much happier since he came into our lives and to see the family of course ❤️🐶

First Base

Organising a massive group meal but not telling the guests who else is invited so a surprise to them as they make new friends

Getting Lippy

Joy for me is my family and my funny cat. Cat Tongue

Fresh Face

My family my daughter,son and currently expecting another bundle if joy

Yes parenthood  can be exhausting and tiring but it is worth it to see them smile laugh and see them grow and become their own unique  characters and individuals 

Getting Lippy

Joy for me is being with my kids and my partner. Just having a family night in watching films and having fun 

Getting Lippy

What brings me joy is crawling into bed after a long day and just cuddling with my Hubby. Super cheesy I know 😝 🧀

Fresh Face

Hi guys, it’s been lovely reading everyone’s posts, some of which have made me laugh and some have brought a tear to my eye but each of them are special in there own way to the person who’s written them 🤗🥰🤗

Now, I’ve just celebrated my 50th birthday but unfortunately I am terminally ill and I’ve been fighting cancer for almost 21yrs with the love and support of  my absolutely amazing family BUT..................

1 of the best things I love and treasure is if I’m babysitting my beautiful granddaughter Bella who’s nearly 4yrs old.

We’ll snuggle up together after she’s been in the bath and she’s been dried, dusted down with talcum powder and wearing her favourite pyjamas ready for bedtime. We’ll then have some supper and then go up to bed and have a bedtime story cuddled up together with our arms wrapped around each other and every so often Bella will look at me with her sleepy eyes and say “I love you to the end of the rainbow grandma” which always leaves me with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes and I’ll just about manage to say “I love you too my darling “ but sometimes Bella will notice my tears and she’ll say “Don’t worry grandma, I’ll still love you to the rainbow in the morning after we’ve had some nice dreams”

Children say the most lovely things and they’re always honest in what they say 😀😀 I just wish Bella would be honest when she’s been playing with my makeup and spraying my perfume lol 😝 so if I’m lucky enough to win a bottle of this new fragrance I’ll have to hide it out of her way 😝 

The name of your new fragrance #Dior Joy is so appropriate because this is what Bella brings to me every single day no matter how bad my day is going 😊😊

Good luck to everyone who enters xxxx


Winging It

So would love a sample oh joy it’s so gorgeous hope to get picked as don’t win anything 

Nailing It

@DaisyCR two wonderful fragrances for sure!

What gives me joy, well my family whose health is good and we can all do amazing things together making special memories and most importantly my 4 year old daughter who is the most important tiny thing in my life! 


Fingers crossed for being selected 

Winging It

What brings me joy is getting into my nice hot bubble bath every night with my book....salts, oils, bubbles and JOY...It is always the little things in life.


Winging It

Joy to me is coming home to my dog and seeing the pure love in his eyes. Even if it is just because I give you food food makes me happy too. 

Getting Lippy

Oh lovely, I just love  my dress making, but even then I love to wear a nice fragrance 

In the Spotlight

Ok, I absolutely adore Sauvage, I want to buy a bottle for myself 😂

It's the silly little things that bring me joy, a sunny day, an out of the blue compliment, being included with simple plans and spending time with loved ones 💚

It's all about appreciating the little things then everything else seems that bit better too 💕

Winging It

The joy on my families face everytime we are together brings me joy Kids playing brings me joy Older people who are love after 50 years together brings joy Lots of things bring me joy Being alive bring me joy 

Getting Lippy

Joy to me is time with those that mean the most. Although I love my material things of late  I have have learnt the importance of time  i would love to receive the dior joy it's my favourite new scent

First Base

Joy is spending time with my family and creating memories that will last with me forever. Its the truest form of joy that requires nothing but love and happiness

Getting Lippy

Being regularly bedbound, my daughter and husband bring both joy and light into my life. Our 10 year old "puppy" 🙄 brings 'bound' less joy too ❤️

Winging It

@DaisyCR  My 4 children bring me Joy, i know most parents say this but mine really do. 😍




Getting Lippy

Nature, sunshine, good company, a nice beverage and some tasty food brings me joy! 

Getting Lippy

My son brings me joy daily he never fails to surprise me in all he achieves at school he is autistic and has his struggles daily but improves and does his best every day ##proudmummy

Getting Lippy

What brings me joy is Being with my Son and partner and having family time, enjoying each others company and create memories.

Also being mindful and meditating, appreciating life, seeing other people happy and in love

Beauty Icon

@SophieG1 Anytime! Smiley Happy Fingers extra crossed! xx

Fresh Face

What makes me happy is some sunshine! I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time in the garden and planting new things ❤️

Getting Lippy

I get so much joy when all my family sit down together for Sunday lunch. 4 generations all together and I'm so proud! 

Fresh Face

What brings me joy... my little daughter, my friends and my family ! I’m so blessed to have such a supportive and great family and friends! #joy

Fresh Face

What brings me the most joy is my boyfriend. When I wake up or go to sleep and he’s next to me I just feel so blessed and happy to have such an amazing partner.

I took him to see my nephews and just watching him play with them melted my heart. I know one day that we will have that and it just brings me so much joy thinking about that day and thinking I’m going to marry this person and have a family with him. 

Winging It

My beautiful darling children are what bring me joy ❤️❤️❤️ I thank God every day for them ❤️

Fresh Face

what gives me joy is being surrounded by my 12 grandchildren


For me, it will always be my family, M sweet little babies that bring me joy! 😍 Most Beautiful smiles in the world... I mean look at them - they bring joy to everyone  💕



Getting Lippy

Spending time with my friends and family brings me joy

Winging It

My 2 young girls bring me joy everyday

Getting Lippy

 Waking up every day and breathing in the air ,call me selfish ,there are lots more things that bring me joy ,i could be here all day , but the waking up every day and being alive ,being able to sit in the garden after the rain that's what brings me lots and lots of joy... 

Winging It

My children bring me joy. My 2yr old discovering new things and showing me what new things he has learnt (today telling me colours of things around a shop). My 11yr old just saying silly things that just make you laugh

Fresh Face

Haveing a lazy day at home with my partner watching are favourite TV shows. 

Winging It

Cheese and onion toasties bring me utter joy. 

Fresh Face

Self care is ❤❤❤

Having to try new make up and explore beauty options

Total Glossip

What a fabulous opportunity!

What brings me Joy is being with my children andsseeing them happy 🙂

Getting Lippy

Thank you very much for this huge opportunity i hope this time i am lucky and win this awesome gift from you thank you very much 

Getting Lippy

First of all my family and my other half gives me joy. ❤️❤️❤️ And also laugh, smiling, live in the moment, go shopping and try something new give me joy. 🥰🥰🥰

Getting Lippy

My great joy is coming home after a hard day at work, to be greeted by my wonderful husband (and best friend), with a big smile, a cup of tea & time to listen to what has happened during my day!

Getting Lippy

Joy is when I get a random smile, hug and kisses  from my 3 year old boy. Love him to bits!

Winging It

What brings me joy is my 3 kids and a vacation 😍

Getting Lippy

Life brings me joy with so many natural smells sights and sounds it's just fab. We take life for granted and we shouldn't. Enjoy our lives is what I say 

Perfectly Primed

Wow would love to win these two fabulous fragrances for my self and my partner!

So far I haven't won anything so this would bring Joy to my self and my partner ❤️

Blending In

the thing that brings me the most joy is my son .... Smiley Very Happy ......#Dior

Fresh Face

Joy is travelling and see a new places😍

Winging It

My son's smiling face😁

Fresh Face

What brings me joy. A few months ago I had a nervous breakdown and o was away from home for five weeks. 

I saw Grant my husband every day but I missed my Bess and Teddy. The JOY I felt when at last I was allowed home was the welcome I got from Bess and Teddy our dogs. Their love is unconditional. I've had a lot of upset recently. I've been hurt by family members but my husband and my dogs make it worth while.

I'm coming up 69 years young and I would like to try the Joy perfume but I don't have any luck in these things. Well I have tried

 You know its always young ladies that are testers well that's what I think

 What about us women who have lived

 a bit?