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The House of Dior is pleased to offer you a preview of its new creations:

New SAUVAGE Men’s Fragrance and New JOY Women’s Fragrance, available respectively on the 21 August and 2 September.





If you’d like to take part, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Post a Comment' and tell us what brings you Joy and 200 members will be chosen at random.


T&Cs: Entries will close on the 19th August*. 200 members will be chosen at random from the entries. Product will be given in exchange for a review on the Community and the product pages online. The product cannot be returned and there is no cash alternative.

Winging It

The one thing that brings me joy is my little boys smile when he wakes in the morning, when we go out, when he has seen something he likes an his face lights up. True joy to know that my little boy is happy 😊😍

Getting Lippy

So excited for the chance to be picked-thanks guys...., my little cat Tinker brings me so much joy 💕 her so much so has such a fab personality #one in a million 653BFD56-AE6E-433A-BE17-E3991EDA1350.jpeg#one in a million


Fresh Face

Music brings me JOY.   Whether it’s going to concerts, musicals or dancing round the kitchen with my girls it lifts me up and makes connections🎤🎸

Winging It

I think there is few things that brings me joy like playing good game on PS4 or watching superhero movie but I don't have much time to these things so I found my joy in a walks with my dog in the park, especially when she has good day to be playful and silly but still being a good girl :-)

Winging It

Not as soppy as some but waking up for work and realising its Sunday and you can stay in bed!

First Base

Being told that I smell gorgeous brings me joy

Fresh Face

My dog and my husband  and watching all the wonderful wildlife in our garden daytime and evenings gives me so much joy. 

Getting Lippy

Oh yes please please. Nothing would give me more Joy. Is both my daughter and my favourite fragrance. She is due baby number two soon but had bit of bad time. Would gift this to her to make things smell so much better and give her a feel good feeling again. 

Fresh Face

The biggest thing that brings me joy is seeing my family and other half happy... he is starting a new job so this will be brilliant for him to try this scent along with his new job, the smell sounds really nice 

Nailing It

Spending time with my family and friends 

Getting Lippy

My children bring me joy, but to know at last I can be positive about the future after ill health. I'd love to try this perfume and see how I actual feel whilst wearing it.x

First Base

The thing that makes me happiest is snuggling up with my daughter enjoying a nice cup of tea and the biscuit tin 😀

First Base

Getting up everyday and goin to see the grand kids

First Base

It’s the little things that bring me joy! 

Winning at board games, eating my FAVOURITE foods and day-time naps are some of my favourite things! 

Winging It

What brings me joy is seeing others happy ! I love supporting and working with others and helping  them with set goals seeing the end results . Seeing someone I have worked with achieve what they wanted and having a smile on their face truly makes me happy and brings me joy .  

Fresh Face

What truly brings me joy is seeing my 3 little boys happy! I love to hear them laugh and giggle their joy definitely brings me joy too!

Getting Lippy


There are many things that bring me joy such as being with family and friends, sitting on a beach on a summer day, walking in woods with my dog, watching my child grow up and sharing special moments with her and even being able to find exactly the right special gift that I know they will love for someone I care about after a lot of research and hunting it down!

Living the Highlight

Joy for me is my wonderful Husband and Daughter, they are my whole world. Heart

Getting Lippy

I find joy by exploring the unknown and challenging myself. Whether that involves parachuting, a new form of training, new food, running further than the previous day or trying a gorgeous new treatment, perfume or product.  Life is for living and exploring your limits 🤞🏽🙏🏽😉

Fresh Face

What brings me joy having all my family around for Sunday dinner. Oh, also Johnny Depp...he definitely puts a smile on my face. Looking forward to seeing him in the new Sauvage campaign. 

Winging It

What brings me joy is recently being able to make my way back to old friendships and put the past behind us due to us recently losing a very close friend in our circle which hit us all very very hard. Don’t take anybody love for granted because they may not be here tomorrow.. as painful as it was losing her. She is the reason we found our way back to each other. That’s what brings me joy, friends and family reunited.. much love x ♥️

Getting Lippy

A lot of joy, beautiful summer mornings... 

Getting Lippy

I love a good fragrance and there are scents that are uplifting and bring me Joy when I need it most!!

Getting Lippy

My children bring me joy. I love waking up to hearing them laughing together in the morning. Their little faces and smiles when they say morning mummy. Even if I think I'm not doing a great job they always bring me back up by telling me they love me and I'm the best mum. So doesn't matter what mood I'm in my babies bring me the best joy I could possibly ask for. 



Thank you for the chance in testing this amazing product. 

High Brow

Surely shopping gives me joy, but aside from that.. real joy comes from seeing my family happy 💕 it brings joy to my heart seeing their beautiful smiles.. 


I hope I get chosen ❤ @DaisyCR thank you very much

First Base

Joy is each and everyday that i get to enjoy my little boy #precious #onelife

Beauty Crush

It would be nice to have matching couples fragrances💑 as my boyfriend is the biggest joy❤️

But little things in life brings me joy too like good cup of coffee in the morning, sunshine outside the window, my two cute guinea pigs, makeup and so much more..☺️

Fresh Face

Chocolate 😁!!!!

Getting Lippy

Ummm, lots of things .... but one of my top things is coming downstairs to find my lovely dog Rusty deep in slumber ... Smiley Happy xxx

Fresh Face

taking my bra off after a long day and being with my hubby bring me all the joy I need Eau Sauvage Eau De Toilette - DIOR 

Winging It

Most definitely my children 😊

Although I’m there to pick them up when they fall and wipe the tears away (yes even the stroppy teenager!) they are also there for me.  A hug when it’s been a tough day, a cup of tea when I need quiet time and giggles when I need a smile to pick me up 💕

Fresh Face

It gives me joy that all my familys birthday are so close together -


Baby - 9th august

Boyfriend - 14 August

Mine-, 17 August 

Older son - 10 Sept


Would love to win dior as love dior items 😍😍🤞🤞🤞

First Base

I feel joy when Wednesday score, have an unbeaten start to the season and sit top of league. And I bring joy to others by jumping up to celebrate and giving the person next to me a waft of my new Dior odeur that I recently won in a Debenham's competition all about joy! 

Winging It

My dog brings me joy he means the world to me and always makes me laugh 😆 

Getting Lippy

What brings me joy is knowing how hard we work as a family we get through every month and the children are happy , we are breathing and have so much to be thankful for which a lot of people seem to forget these days , walking down the meadow with all the trees and lakes around  with my children has to be the best laughs and forgetting about day to day reality 

Winging It

❤️❤️ my fiancé! 💙💙

he works so hard for us as a family. 

Everyday spent with him makes me happy! 

His is my joy! 😍😍 

we would absolutely love to test & review these 😊🤞🏻😊🤞🏻

Fresh Face

What brings me joy is lazy walking around the park with my family and my youngest daughter asking all sorts of inquisitive questions 

Getting Lippy

What brings me Joy?.....good relationships, good friends, good wine, good fragrances, good turns   and most of all - when your family greets you with huge, genuine smiles - goose pimply Joy. 

Fresh Face

My daughters bring me joy.  My eldest is such a caring and funny young lady who loves her baby sister to the moon and back.  Seeing them together melts my heart 💓 

First Base

It brings me joy when I wake up everyday knowing that I'm alive. When I've made someone smile even when I've had a bad day. I feel immense joy in giving and sharing and that's how it should be. 

Winging It

I’m not just saying this but Dior Sauvage brings me so much joy. It’s my favourite smell ever and I wear it despite it being a men’s fragrance. I’d love to review this ❤️

Winging It

What brings me joy is when my lovely husband smells of Sauvage!!!  Days out with my family and pyjama days watching films and eating chocolate.

Winging It

My partner brings me joy and I know that is cliche, but it's TRUE. I have had many years of upset, disappointment and bad health, but nothing and no one makes me happier than seeing his face and knowing he is always there for me night and day, no matter what. We could be penniless and have nothing and I'd still feel like I had everything if I knew he was there. Hes the reason I smile every day when my head is splitting in two and the reason i can get up out of bed every day. Joy isn't just a feeling, it's something that can bring the best out in you even at your worst! #joyislife 

Fresh Face


The things that bring me joy are the laughter of my Grandchildren. Walking along the beach on a sunny day with the waves lapping against my feet and the sound of the ocean.

Nailing It

For me, Joy is the moment I picture the reaction of the one I have am about to gift something to. I take weeks to put together a present and just the thought of it Is exciting as I know how they are going to react and that motivates me more in putting together the gift!

Fresh Face

What brings me joy is life, my life my childrens, my families. I've come to cherish life which brings me joy whether it's down to seeing loved ones happy, the birth of my children,  people's achievements and dream thats brings joy to me

Winging It

@DaisyCR I work for the nhs so putting a smile on my patient's faces each day gives me joy even though some days can be very challenging 💕

Fresh Face

What brings me joy is winning competitions


My family brings me the most joy as they are able to cheer me up/make me laugh whenever I need it. ❤️

Winging It

A nice bath, pj’s on, lying in the comfy sofa with a good book and a nice cup of tea ☕️