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The House of Dior is pleased to offer you a preview of its new creations:

New SAUVAGE Men’s Fragrance and New JOY Women’s Fragrance, available respectively on the 21 August and 2 September.





If you’d like to take part, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Post a Comment' and tell us what brings you Joy and 200 members will be chosen at random.


T&Cs: Entries will close on the 19th August*. 200 members will be chosen at random from the entries. Product will be given in exchange for a review on the Community and the product pages online. The product cannot be returned and there is no cash alternative.

Living the Highlight

May be cheesy but brings me joy arriving home from a hard day at work and have my puppy waiting for me. Doesn't matter how my day went she will make me happy! 

Beauty Icon

I love pulling into the driveway of my parents house and seeing my 4 neices little faces plastered on the windows waiting for me. When they see me pull in, they start jumping up and down, and blast out of the door and surround my car. When I get out of my car, they almost knock me over with enthusiasm and we talk about the Debenhams Community Page! I just want to grab them all up and roll around with them like little puppies ❤

Living the Highlight

Putting thought into gifts for loved ones and seeing the smile on their faces brings me so much joy 💖😍 

Nailing It

This brings me so much joy ...

Getting home after a crazy day at work followed by a long commute in busy traffic to find I’m the only one home.     Heels off, makeup off, pjs on and a cuppa.   

What can I say, life’s simple pleasures give me deep joy Smiley Happy

Nailing It

Would love win this amazing duo both strong characters who advertise this perfume and personal idols of mine! Joy is when I am at home with my husband and son and just that moment of when you've made dinner, cracked open a glass of bubbly or vino and that moment when you know you can relax after a long day at work or just that me time you need in life! These bring me the best joy in knowing I'm with the two most important men in my life and we can catch up on the day and just blether. ❤️

Getting Lippy

Catching  my 18 month old daughter talking to my 4 month old son and seeing the massive grin on his face. This tells me that they  already have genuine love for each other.. that’s what brings me joy😍💗💙 even if sleep is limited right now my kids are my life ! I would love to take part in this challenge so fingers crossed for me 🤞🏽☺️

Going Pro

Sounds like a lush duo to review 💕😍 what gives me joy... Funny was thinking about this today as I'm growing older and my priorities have changed, as a mum my utmost joy is having two lovely little boys and watching them grow into respectful gentlemen, but as an individual myself me and hubby sat and listened to some mellow old school bollywood songs during dinner today, and it felt so peaceful my heart loved it. Generally though when I'm on my own it's having upbeat music on in my car and singing along. I love music for every mood, it gives me such pleasure xoxo

Going Pro

@DaisyCR  Thanks for this awesome opportunity!!

Joy for me is bringing happiness to others and my family❤️

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Seeing my loved ones and my two additional family members (my dogs)  peanut and prince  Happy and Healthy  BRINGS ME JOY 🙂,  my world and life revolves around them, my family mean the world to me.❤️

Getting Lippy

The most joy is brought to me in helping others and making them happy. When you help someone when they least expect it is when I find they appreciate it most. It could be anyone, and they will have a smile on their faces for the rest of the day. This is very generous of Debenhams and I appreciate it so much. To give access to high end products to people who may not afford it but still love fragrance and beauty is wonderful. Can't thank everyone involved enough!

Getting Lippy

I am so excited for this opportunity! Debenhams is amazing! What makes be happy is makeup and beauty products. They bring me peace and serenity to use makeup products since they are an art form where I can express myself in whatever way I like. I adore trying new styles and perfecting techniques. 


@DaisyCR i like to come home, when all my family are together and everyone is waiting for me!😊

Getting Lippy

Waking up early before everyone else in the house and taking my two dogs over the fields. On the way there you pass the odd paperboy or milkman in the morning silence.

The fields are filled with dew covered grass and the crisp fresh air stings your nose! 

The dogs love investigating the fresh morning scents.

we come home wide awake and make a hot cup of tea as everyone else starts to arrive in the kitchen for breakfast and morning chatter! 

My kind of Joy 💖

All Eyes on Me

@SilviaP I need that kind of joy in my life! 🐕


@Ashli That sounds amazing! I just pictured them stuck to the window waiting for you 😁 Fingers crossed for you on this one! 🤞


Many things bring me joy, but off the top of my head it's cruising on a motorcycle with my husband even when we don't have anywhere in particular to go, one of the best feelings for sure! Thanks for this amazing opportunity!


@Pineapple @Boss786 @DJMcCumiskey @SophieG1 @Michele82 DIOR!! 

Nailing It

@DaisyCR My little boy brings the ultimate joy in my life, looking at him washes away all the stress. Would love to win these two because they are our signature scents. 

Beauty Icon

@DaisyCR  wow what gives me joy is watching my children now all teenagers having a laugh an a joke with eachother or shall i say at eachother,s expense🤣

while me an their dad just smile at them quietly☺.

Suppose were all blessed in some kindda way or other just gota find that thing that brings you heartful joy


Beauty Icon

@DaisyCR I absolutely love the smell of both of them so this would be an actual dream to try them out 😍😍


what brings me joy is going out with my friends and enjoying life before it’s too late 💗

Going Pro

@DaisyCR what brings me joy is going on a long relaxing walk in the countryside or woods with my partner and our pug dog Consuela. There's something about being out in the woods amongst nature which just makes you happy and forget all the stress of the world 🌳🌿🌺🍂🍁🌾🦉🐦🐻

In the Spotlight

What brings me joy is a end of week pamper! Face masks, facials, hair mask, all of it 😍 @DaisyCR 

Nailing It

Visiting to come and see my family brings me joy, it brings me so much happiness when we are all together HeartSmiley Happy 

Beauty Icon

@DaisyCR That's the New On You of the year!!!!❤❤❤❤


What brings me joy is helping other people, whether it's a friend with some advice, a stranger on the street or my fellow beauty club friends, nothing brings me more joy than making someone else happy!😊


@Julia Her reduced redness on a make up free face, and @SophieG1's clear skin have been an absolute JOY to see!💃😊❤❤❤❤❤


Edit: Thank you so much for the tag @nogravityleft !!❤❤❤❤

Total Glossip

My family and the children I look after give me joy especial when they learn or do something new. Knowing that I have helped to make then expand their capabilities fills me with pride. 

Total Glossip

@DaisyCR  Honestly we had no idea how much JOY we would get from finding out we are going to be parents! Nothing compares to seeing your tiny baby’s heartbeat for the first time 💓 

Going Pro

Thank you @DaisyCR  & Debenhams for another fab  opportunity Smiley Happy

We ( hubby and I) love nothing better than to take the family cocker spaniel to the beach ,the excitement on his face ( dog not husband) ears flapping in the sea air just makes you smile with "JOY" 

Fish and chips after ,sausage for the dog .Heart

Winging It

I would love to be chosen at random  for the man's  and the woman's fragrence.  Antoinette and Francis

Total Glossip

My daughter Aaliyah brings me the most joy. I’m a single parent and it’s hard sometimes to keep on going. Whenever I see her, she brings me joy and she’s the reason I do everything in my life ❤️

Beauty Icon

Another amazing opportunity from Debenhams, thank you and also to Dior for this chance @DaisyCR 

Spending time with my loved ones, friends brings me joy. Buying beauty products also brings enormous amount of joy.


Good luck everybody. xx 


@Annmac  @Suzy  Ladies something for you to try and win!




Beauty Icon

@DaisyCR  the one that brings joy to life every single second is my son, I can't imagine my life differently without him. ❤

@Pineapple  I'm forever grateful to you, for your advice on my skincare,  your advice has changed my skin completely and I'm able to enjoy my holiday makeup free without a worry of redness or big pores ,thanks to you ❤❤🙏


Going cycling on the  weekend with my boyfriend and taking a picnic gives me joy

Nailing It

My husband loves sauvage. We both feel the greatest joy looking at our 2 beautiful children growing into confident yet cheeky personalities.

Fresh Face

So many things bring me joy. What brings me joy the most is when my relationship with God is on track. It’s a type of joy that I can’t explain.  I’m also filled with joy when people around  me are happy and excelling in their lives. 

Ps: some people might read this thread and might be in a place in their life where they feel like they aren’t experiencing joy. Just look around you, focus on the things you have rather than the things you don’t. Look back on how you’ve grown over the years. Think about the people that love you and just take a moment to appreciate life and the fact that you’re still alive.  That itself, is something to be joyous about 🤗❤️. 

Getting Lippy

My Husband brings me joy, we met 14 years ago at a point in my life when I had had enough of men. We met through friends and became friends ourselves slowly it changed between us with him giving me the time and space I needed to be able to trust him. I couldn't love him more nor be more happy than when I'm with him, he makes every day better by being in it with me

Getting Lippy

Seeing my son and his partner happy and content in their life together brings me joy

Perfectly Primed
Sitting with my parents and siblings in the lounge and watching our favourite show brings me absolute joy!!! We've all been in different parts of the world lately and I crave for all of us to be together ❤❤
Nailing It

Our daughter brings us the most joy ever. She's everything and more 😍

Perfectly Primed

My family, my cats 🐈 , this community and makeup all bring me joy 💕💕💕

Beauty Icon

@Julia Aww that's really warming my heart!!! I love that you're so happy with it right now!! HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart

First Base

what brings me joy is sitting down with my kids when they’ve been bathed and smell  lovely 

Beauty Icon

What gives me joy is seeing the bond between my daughter and her father they are so similar it’s unreal. 

This is such a great opportunity ❤️ 

Nailing It

Joy is planning a new adventure around the world!!

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@Pineapple  Thank you ❤️ 

Beauty Icon

Tks a lot for tagging @nogravityleft 

I hope I can be chosen for this great opportunity given by @DaisyCR 

Good luck to you and everyone entering ☺️


Loads of things bring me joy, but when I come to collect my 3 year old in her nursery, she spots me from a distance and runs in my direction screaming in excitement: “mummy, mummy”, then she hugs me and says: “I love you!”, that’s when I have think, being a mum is hard work, but it’s sooo rewarding. I love my children to bits! 🥰🥰🥰

Beauty Icon

@Beauty1 I

Thank you for the heads up lovely 😊

Getting Lippy

Trying new things before others brings me joy 


My little niece Eva brings me joy! She is 20 months old and she is so full of life, first words and love ❤ she always brightens my day ❤

Beauty Icon

No worries , good luck @Suzy . Smiley Happy

Beauty Crush

All things beauty and my family bring me joy I feel like I am in my happy place when I am surrounded by beauty and my family both my brith family and my dancing family 

Winging It

Thank you for this great opportunity @DaisyCR!!


What brings me joy? Taking my beautiful black Labrador out for a long walk in the woodlands by my family’s house. Nothing quite like some much needed fresh air after a long day in the office!

Getting Lippy

Waking up, getting my coffee ready and sitting in front of the dressing table. Then recreating my face! Moisturisers, concealers, eyelashes, eyeliners. Just getting crazy with make up everyday brings me Joy. I just love playing with makeup it makes me so happy ❤️❤️❤️

Getting Lippy

The biggest thing that brings me joy is seeing my family and partner happy. If theyre happy, you can see it all of my face that im happy too! I think my partner would be absolutely elated to try this scent as sauvage is his all time favourite and i also think it smells absolutely amazing!