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To celebrate the launch of the NEW Super Restorative Rose Radiance Cream from Clarins, we’re looking for 100 Community members to test and review the latest anti-ageing innovation from one of your most-loved skincare brands!


If your skin has been affected by hormonal changes, such as visible signs of ageing or lack of radiance, then this is for you! The expert ingredients, including Harungana and Hibiscus flower extract, work to intensely restore skin’s radiance for a firmer and plumper appearance.


SR Rose-1.jpg


To be in with a chance of testing and reviewing the NEW Clarins Super Restorative Rose Radiance Cream, simply comment on this blog post by clicking ‘Post a Comment’ at the bottom of the page and tell us your favourite Clarins product, and 100 people will be chosen at random to receive the full-size moisturiser in exchange for a tried & tested review on the Community.


T&Cs: Entries will close at midnight on 15/07/19. 100 members will be chosen at random from the entries. Product will be given in exchange for a review on the Community. The product cannot be returned and there is no cash alternative.

Fresh Face

Clarins Eau Ressourcante is just beautiful.  Fresh, light, uplifiting scent, everyone comments on it.

Winging It

I recently bought the Clarins toning body polisher which I LOVE! It smells just like you’re in a spa. I use this in the bath after adding a few drops of the tonic oil for the most relaxing soak ever 🛀 

Winging It

I have never tried any products by Clarins but this looks like something I would love, especially because it’s made with rose! 

Winging It

I love the beauty flash balm! It’s great as a primer but also fantastic to use on top of moisturiser for days when you don’t want to wear make up - a staple in my makeup bag now!

Getting Lippy

Wow that’s amazing opportunity. 

My favourite Clarins product is the Blue Orchid facial oil which is so smooth and energising. 

Fresh Face

i love clarins and theybare so generous with samples . i love the clarins fresh cream scrub. it makes my skin so soft and cleanse it so perfectly. i start using it recently and found a huge difference in my skin. its so gentle yet so effective for my skin. love it


SR Rose-1.jpg




SR Rose-1.jpg



Fresh Face

I would love to try this product - as I am now 42 my skin is showing signs of aging and anything that can slow that process and make my skin feel smooth and hydrated is a win. That's why I love Clarins Beauty Flash Balm as I find it does just that when I've been super busy and I'm after a quick fix

All Eyes on Me

My favourites so far are  SOS Hydra Face Mask and the Honey Lip Comfort Oil, but this Rose Radiance Cream sounds like it could become a fave too, would love to try it! 

First Base

I'm at that joyous stage in life & use the Restorative night cream,which my skin loves💖.

Interested to see,what the rose cream might do,as don't wear makeup,as a rule.😊

Winging It

My fave product is the hydrating cream, it stops my face from getting dry after a shower Smiley Happy

Winging It

Hydra-Essentiel Cooling Cream-Gel is my favourite product. It just melts into my skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and moisturised all day. Love it.

Winging It

Embarrassed to say I haven’t personally tried any Clarins products! But they all look so lush and luxurious, would love to try some out!! 

First Base

My skin was dull and dry after having my thyroid removed last year.  My sister recommended Clarins Double Serum and also Super Restorative Night cream and they both made an amazing difference. My skin feels fresh and bright and I wouldn't do without them. I would absolutely love to be able to try their new Rose Radiance cream.

Fresh Face

I would really love to test clarins rose

Getting Lippy

Clarins is such a good brand, all their products are amazing. The one that stands out the most to me is the ‘Blue orchid face treatment oil’.

I love it because it it helps my skin maintain its moisture and prevents my lines from getting worse ❤️❤️❤️

Winging It

Clarins double serum is my go to product and i swear by this one. It actually deliver reukts fellas! I am sure my skin would love  this rose cream too!


First Base

Oh i love clarins!! been using it for years, my favourite series is hydra-essentiel for now, but need to change for the aging series, so this would be amazing chance for me to try and giving my honest review after usage

First Base

I really enjoyed using the Hydro essential gel cream as it was great for my combination skin and was light. I wonder what the new cream will be like! Smiley Happy

Fresh Face

i love the clarins double serum. it is soo good because its effective and its worth it. plus they give a good amount. the one i bought was 30ml. i would really love to try this clarins product because i would like to use clarins more often and i know i wont be disappointed. plus i would recommend to others.

Winging It

I've loved all Clarins products that I've ever tried but my current favourite is the Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate

Fresh Face

Fave Clarins product is Fresh Scrub as it is just rough enough to feel like my skin is rejuvenated

Winging It
Clarins Gentle Foam Cleanser is a classic for all the right reasons. Just opening the tube releases a waft of a delicious, comforting scent. It feels great as you lather it, rinses off beautifully and leaves my face feeling soft and properly clean, without the tightness of a soap. I've tried a variety of different soap-free cleansers, most of which promise the earth in terms of softening and soothing, but this is head and shoulders above all the others.
Fresh Face

I’d love to be able to try this as since being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 and going through chemotherapy and radiotherapy it’s left my skin feeling and looking like crepe paper so this would be AMAZING 


id love to review this i am a huge clarins fan. 


My favourite is a new one but a good one. 

Its the my clarins reboost refreshing hydrating cream. if i had to choose an oldie but a goodie it would probably be the toner with iris. this is also a firm favourite 

Getting Lippy

Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream is lovely!

Winging It

The best Clarins product for me is the Double Serum, which I have used on and off since it came onto the French market. It has made up for too much sunbathing  and other serious sins one commits when young......

Now, having reached a more mature age, I wonder if the Clarins rose 🌹 cream will  make me look even younger and wiser!

Fresh Face

I have been using Clarins products for over 30 years now since my mother in law introduced me to them- it’s amazing how time flies-  

I think  I now need to realise I need a little more help than the beauty Flash balm that I adore. The opportunity to intice me to an age relevant product would great. 😃 many thanks


Also just to mention Clarins shower Mouse is like a spa day in a can!

Winging It

Would love to try this new Clarins cream, I like to try before I buy 

Getting Lippy

am already a double serum convert , would love to try this new moisturiser (and my middle name is Rose!)


Total Glossip

This is amazing! My favourite Clarins product by far is their Cleansing Milk With Gentian for combo/oily skin! It works miracles. Helps so much with my hormonal acne and it is so gentle on my skin. It removes everything on my skin with such a small amount so it lasts ages! It’s the best cleanser I’ve ever used.

Perfectly Primed

My favourite Clarins product is a recent find after having a lovely eye treatment at Debenhams Clarins counter. It is the Hydra-Essentiel Moisturizing Reviving Eye Mask. This cooling blue cream/gel texture eye mask is lovely and soothing on hayfever eyes and also if your eyes are dry or tired. You can use it as an express treatment for puffiness or as an overnight treatment.IMG_20190714_183432.jpg


When I bought it I was given a sample of the super restorative night cream which I have yet to try, if I am lucky enough to be selected to try the NEW Super Restorative Rose Radiance Cream it would complement the night cream perfectly.  At 52 my skin definitely suffers from hormonal changes, visible signs of ageing and lack of radiance.


I also love all the Clarins shower and body treatment products which I have used for a few years, it's only recently I have started to try their skincare. 😍💕


Good luck everyone 💞

Fresh Face

Clarins flash balm is by far the best product.

Getting Lippy

My favourite product is the instant light natural lip perfectors, especially pink shimmer, because they leave my lips silky smooth and make them look so plump, juicy and voluptuous 💗💗💗 Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector 12Ml - 10 Pink Shimmer - Clarins 

Fresh Face

I'm really loving the beauty flash balm by clarins atm🤩 makes my skin look so bright and fresh!! #brightens #tightens 

Fresh Face

Love, Love, Love 

Clarins - Gentle Foaming Cleanser For Dry Or Sensitive Skin   ......   The only cleanser that leaves my menopausal skin, clean, refreshed and cool, without that horrible tightness !  A tiny amount goes such a long way too!!   Naturally good!!!!
Fresh Face

There are many Clarins products that I cannot live without... Eau Dynamisante, Huile "Tonic" and of course Huile Orchidée Bleue.


There are so many products that they discontinued and that I miss dreadfully - a blue bath tonic (that you could buy as a set with the Huile tonic).  The Bain aux Plantes Relax is just not the same.  Then there was a Doux Nettoyant Moussant (that disappeared never to be seen again) and the replacements (Cottonseed, Shea Butter and Tamarind) just don't have that same rush that one gets with a foaming cleanser.    


Oh and everyone should have the Beauty Flash Balm at their disposal.  

The Hydra Essential Range is perfect for travelling - especially if you are flying any distance, to combat the dry cabin air.  


But all Clarins products (when applied using the specific Clarins method) are wonderful and effective.


All that said my skin has recently undergone some changes and is lacking a little radiance.  I would be delighted to test this new product and see if it could work for me. 


Getting Lippy

My current favourite is the Clarins lip oil in the shade honey 🍯 It is the perfect nude ‘your lips but better’ shade. The oil consistency makes it so comfortable and conditioning on the lips-I highly recommend!

I am a huge fan of the Clarins brand and would love to try the skincare.


Getting Lippy

Its hard to choose one product..clarins has an amazing range..and fragrances are very unique of all products..i love their re boost night mask..and lip oils range..there are so many others gel cleanser...sos primer..very lightweight..i would love to try this moisturizer 😍

Blending In

my all time favourite beauty product has to be the Blue Orchid face oil that I quite often use on my body too as well as rub 1 - 2 drops on the ends of my hair, the scent is out of this world 😍♥️  

First Base

 I love Clarins Double Serum - It glides on my skin and leaves it feeling like silk

Getting Lippy

Ooh that’s a tough decision but would say the Gentle Foaming Cleanser. Such a luxurious feel but no dryness and smells amazing too. I’d love to test this product as now in my 40s, I can really see changes in my skin and want to make sure I look after it as much as I can x

Nailing It

I haven’t  used clarins for some time, I belive the last product I liked was a hand cream! However after battling cystic acne which suddenly showed up at 26, although I was totally clear skinned as a teenager, Probably hormone changes or stress!  However  for  a two years I have now had spot free skin since dermatologist prescribing . accutane however have some pigmentation marks and feel my skin has aged .I would love to improve the texture so I can feel ok with my bareface again! This sounds like just the thing I need! 

First Base

Definitely Beauty Flash Balm 

A Wee miracle in a tube 💕

Winging It

My favourite clarins product is firming night cream. I wake up with a lovely glow!

Fresh Face

I love Clarins double serum, have been using this ever since it first came out. Nothing else beats it. Would love to try this new moisturiser as my skin is showing signs of ageing dark circles, wrinkles and dull looking skin

Winging It

Lip Oil xx

Winging It

Definitely the under eye concealer! It's a daily must!

Getting Lippy

I love the Clarins lip comfort oil. It feels like such a quality product, the plumpness of my lips after using it is brilliant. It has an amazing shine and lasts ages. It's my go to lip product in my handbag.  

Winging It

I love the double serum and clarins body oil 💞

Winging It

 i just love Clarins facial wash - never leaves skin feeling dry and my sensitive skin  is never irritated Love it- gentle and properly cleansing , lasts for ages