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To celebrate the launch of the NEW Super Restorative Rose Radiance Cream from Clarins, we’re looking for 100 Community members to test and review the latest anti-ageing innovation from one of your most-loved skincare brands!


If your skin has been affected by hormonal changes, such as visible signs of ageing or lack of radiance, then this is for you! The expert ingredients, including Harungana and Hibiscus flower extract, work to intensely restore skin’s radiance for a firmer and plumper appearance.


SR Rose-1.jpg


To be in with a chance of testing and reviewing the NEW Clarins Super Restorative Rose Radiance Cream, simply comment on this blog post by clicking ‘Post a Comment’ at the bottom of the page and tell us your favourite Clarins product, and 100 people will be chosen at random to receive the full-size moisturiser in exchange for a tried & tested review on the Community.


T&Cs: Entries will close at midnight on 15/07/19. 100 members will be chosen at random from the entries. Product will be given in exchange for a review on the Community. The product cannot be returned and there is no cash alternative.

Winging It

I would love to try and give my skin a much needed  boost 

Love Love Love Clarins x

First Base

Would love to trial this product adore all things with Rose Fragrance fan of Ester Lauder and jo malone but would be good to try a different brand. Age 55 if that fits the product with clear skin.  Use Debenhams Truro my local if I go in town. Prefer mail order 😊

Getting Lippy

My absolute favourite go to Clarins product is Double Serum. It's a real confidence booster. Jan

Winging It

I love the Clarins Re-move and Re-boost products. They are excellent and helped me deal with hormonal skin changes when I was having lots of problems with other skin care products, they are soothing, refreshing and not heavy at all

Winging It

Desperate need of something to help with signs of ageing please 

Blending In

Love Double serum by Clarins as it gives my skin a radiant look but would love to try this new product as trying to give my skin a youthful look again ❤️

All Eyes on Me

@Rasa5555  Happy birthday 

Beauty Crush

This sounds like a great cream and if chosen I would give it to my Mum who has more mature skin and is always looking for something to reduce the signs of ageing! 

Clarins make great skincare products and personally I love the Beauty Flash Balm as it leaves my hydrated and glowing.


Fresh Face

Clarins Eye Contour Balm- dark circles vanished after 30 years of other products!

First Base

I love Clarins! My favourite products are their Suncreams. Best ever!

Fresh Face

Double serum is my favourite product! I use it as part of my night time routine which is mostly made up or Clarins products and I've noticed such a difference in how my skin feels! 


Couldn't do my routine without it! 


What an amazing opportunity to try something new!

First Base

It’s been a while since I last used Clarins as I haven’t been able to afford it lately. In the past I used a day cream which I loved. 


Fresh Face

Sadly I haven’t previously tried Clarins as it was out of my price range but now my kids have grown up I have more expendable income to try new brands. Rose is my favourite fragrance, so would love to try this product as a gateway into Clarins products!

Winging It

This new product sounds perfect for my mature menopausal skin - I’m still trying to find something to help with all the changes it’s going through.  I love Clarins products, particularly their fantastic sun protection creams but my favourite everyday product has to be the double serum. 

Getting Lippy

I've not had a chance to try clarins but would love the opportunity to try this product to unleash my love for the brand! 

Winging It

I would like be to try this cream. I am 61 years old have fine lines and some skin pigmentation. I think I would be an ideal candidate. 

First Base

Fantastic Creams and 'Even on a Down Day'....When Nothing Goes to Plan or Just One of those Days?

I Get Out My Clarins in the Evening and 'That Stressful Day' seems to 'Fade Away.

I am 'Best Friends with My Clarins' x

Winging It

I would love to try this product, as my skin is changing now I'm going through the menopause and need something that really works.. I don't use Clarins so don't have a favourite.... 



Winging It

My favourite is beauty flash barm. Is a cult classic for a reason.

Winging It

I love the Clarins Double Serum as it does wonders for my wrinkles. 

Winging It

I love clarins skin illusion foundation, it is perfect for my dry skin, doesnt cake at all. Feels very light and gives good coverage #clarins

Winging It

I love clarins men's Super moisturiser gel and the men's grooming heroes. 

Fresh Face

I am a big fan of any product with rose extract or fragrance on. And if it's a Clarins product, then it's a must try. Was waiting since ages for this particular product launch.


Can't wait to try and share my positive reviews. 

#clarins #clarins #DaisyCR  #Clarinssuperrestorativeroseradiancecream


Winging It

This would be ideal for me I love clarins and my skin has been affected by hormones since having my kids, I've also just turned 28 so I think my poor skin could use with this 😊 my favourite product of theirs at the moment is clarins re-boost magnifying hydrating cream works miracles for my skin x

Winging It

I love using the Clarins Double Serum it gives my skin a much needed pick up as I am running around a baby, toddler and primary school child its a hectic time in our home daily so this helps me to pamper my skin and feel good 

First Base

I am 38 and my holy grail Clarins product is Beauty flash balm it really awakens & tightens my skin, great if you don't have much sleep. 



First Base

Having a bad year takes toll on the skin not to mention the climate and everyday life, so i'm looking to try to look for a cream that will sort my skin out,

Fresh Face

My favourite product has to be the Clarins Wonder perfect Mascara 4D. I love the way it instantly adds thickness and volume to my eyelashes with minimal application. 😊

First Base

Hi, like some of the people here, I am a Clarins virgin! however, I believe there’s a first time for everything :-) and I would simply love to try this brand and product. I’m going to look for the lip oil, as mentioned on this forum. Thanks.

As I have gotten older I am definitely noticing changes in my skin. It’s taken on a dull and tired appearance and the radiance seems to have gone. It lacks lustre and brightness, so if there’s a skin care product out there that can change that, I’m ready to give it a go. Good luck to everyone. Debs x

Fresh Face

My favorite product Clarins is Moisture-Rich Body Lotion, the skin is moisturized  and smooth. I love this brand.😘😍

Winging It

Clarins' timeless lipstick, Joli Rogue in Deep Red shade... All time favourite! 

First Base

I love the Clarins lip oil its looks and feels amazing...would love to try the new antiaging moisturiser hitting my 40s think i need to start looking into a product thats moisturising and delivers the added antiaging benefit too.

First Base

I've not tried Clarins before but one of my friends swears by your products, I'd love to try this it might just be the push I need to start a fresh regime.  Thanks for the opportunity

Getting Lippy

I love Clarins and would love chance to test this out. If anything can help my aging skin it will be this . Please please pleeeese.

First Base

It's hard to pick a favourite from the Clarins range as I love so many of them, but at a push, I think I would have to choose Clarins Beauty Flash Balm.

Winging It

I would love to try this! I am so behind the times, I haven't tried any of the clarins products! This would be a perfect way to start. ☺

Winging It

Clarins Double Serum

First Base

I love Clarins ' Double Serum ' complete age control. 

I'm getting married on September 10th and I am losing weight so my skin needs all the help it can get.  I would love to test your new product . Thank you for considering me


Winging It

I absolutely love the  body treatment oil, the smell is heaven and I didn’t get a single stretch mark through 2 pregnancies ! I’ve also always been a fan of the multi active range 

Winging It

My favourite Clarins product is: My  Clarins Recharge Relaxing Sleep Mask. 

As a mum of 2, I have not had sufficient sleep for over 6 years!

My 8 year old keeps waking up before dawn & my 6 year old annoyingly woke us both up again at 7.30 this morning, even though it is the weekend & there is no school.

This mask makes my skin look like I have had 8 hours of sleep, removes pollutants & toxins & has eco friendly packaging.

Getting Lippy

My favourite Clarins product is the extra firming day cream, I love the fragrance and the consistency of the cream, it's so creamy!  it makes my skin feel soft and firm at the same time.  I love it!

Winging It

I do not currently own any Clarins products but would love to try them. They are a very reputable brand and I’m sure my skin would benefit from using it!

First Base

I would love to try your anti ageing face cream please as I’m 50 next year  and my face is showing slight signs of ageing sadly. I’m hoping your facecream will give me more confidence as I’m at the age of the dreaded menopause.  My favourite Clarins product is your Double Serum. My skin feels great after using it. 

First Base

Will be honest never tried Clarins have always stuck with the same moisturiser because of cost and not liking new one.  As I get older feel a new fresh one would help to get that extra glow 😀

First Base

I love Clarins. My favourite products are the extra-firming day and night creams. I also love their eye serum.

Winging It

Clarins super restorative day cream is my super favourite. Haven’t tried the rose one . Would love to try it out . Clarins is my all time favourite skin care brand 

Fresh Face
I love the clarins serum as it's nourishing and hydrating on my skin, perfect for summer!
Getting Lippy

I tryed the SOS fresh mask last night and I must say I am SUPER impressed! My skin can be a little dull and greasy when I wake up but after using the SOS fresh mask (leave on for 10 minutes and.. baby soft skin!!) It's actually got a glow and it's so, so soft! So that's my favourite clarins product!! Also the lip oil 👌#clarinssosfreshfacemask #pickmeplease!

First Base

I like clarins lip oil and foundation..i really gives a complete coverage

Winging It

I would love this! I have these two annoying lines across my neck and I’m constantly looking for something that will help diminish them. My skin is combo and dull and it constantly looks like it’s battling the effects of winter- even in summer. I’m in my late 20’s so skincare has become something I have been researching more.Hope I get chosen and will leave a thorough review on Debenhams’ website-promise!