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Each week we’re bringing you the hottest new beauty arrivals you need on your radar. Here’s what’s just landed on our desks this week…


Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 10.37.09.png


Lancôme has introduced a new and empowering fragrance that is a real game-changer in the world of perfume. The new Lancôme Idôle is one of the slimmest bottles in the world (just 15mm thick), it's totally refillable, ingredients have been ethically sourced and both the bottle and ingredients are sustainable - making this a feel-good fragrance for you and the environment. The scent itself is a beautiful blend of Rose essence, rose absolute and rose water combined with jasmine, patchouli, cedar and vanilla extract. 





Lancôme has been busy creating and as well as launching the new Lancôme Idôle  fragrance, they've also introduced two skincare wonders that you're going to love. First is the super hydrating Rose Milk Mist. This nourishing milk transforms into a refreshing weight cloud of comforting hydration that keeps make up in place. Next up, is the Rose Sorbet Cryo Face Mask,  this amazing mask will transform your skin in just 5 minutes. Specially formulated with salicylic acid, rose water and sunflower seed oil to target signs of ageing, smooth skin's texture, reduce the appearance of pores and illuminate the skin tone. Plus, both products are delicately scented with rose to indulge the senses. 


NARS NARSissist Wanted Miniature Eyeshadow Palette

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 11.15.35.png


We know that the Nars Wanted palette is a cult favourite and now you have a cute mini version that is perfect for on-the-go. The exclusive pocket-sized compact features a collection of six seductive eye shadows in buttery matte, lustrous satin and shimmering metallic finishes. Formulated with innovative power suspended in a liquid binding system creating high-impact colour, the eye shadows deliver the ultimate, intense, pure-pigment payoff.




The Smashbox Studio Skin Full Coverage 24 hr Foundation is a creamy liquid foundation that gives you the best of both world's - full coverage and a whole host of skincare benefits. The foundation delivers 24-hour full coverage -= all with a comfortable matte finish. And, it's been specially created with your skin's health in mind, the formula nourishes and perfects the skin with Hyaluronic Acid and kaoolin clay and bamboo powder to control oil and shine. Plus, it's also enhanced with antioxidants to protect skin from pollutants and Vitamin E to shield skin from environmental aggressors. The new Photo Finish Oil & Shine Control primer is a real skincare saviour. the transformative gel-to-powder primer feels like a cloud and magically mattifies your skin. Infused with healthy skin ingredients such as witch hazel, salicylic acid and zinc that works with your skin and pores to control oil and shine for up to 12 hours. 


Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer Therapies Rose & Lychee Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment 

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 11.47.40.png

Inspired by the philosophy of Ayurevda, one of the world's holistic wellness and healing systems, Philip Kinglsey has launched the Elasticizer Therapies' Rose and Lychee Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment. And, it sounds good enough to eat! This hair hero restores your tresses and your mood too.  This pre-shampoo treatment delivers a super-charged boost of elasticity, moisture and strength to your hair so it feels bouncy, silky, shiny and much more manageable. The expertly blended ingredients bring ultimate equilibrium and wellbeing. Rose balances the heart and emotions while Bengal Lychee calms the mood and relieves everyday modern stresses. Empowering wild cedarwood grants a sense of clarity and royal saffron and Sicilian amber encourage strength and self-expression.


Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below! 

Total Glossip

Literally mouthwatering beauty products. Would love their samples in weeklyfreebibies😍😍😍

Nailing It

@SarahS want to try everything😍


I've just tried the new Lancome fragrance! It's so beautiful! And the packaging is to die for 😍😍😍


Love it all @SarahS  . Heart

Perfectly Primed

@SarahS  The Lancome Idole is on my wish list, I'm going to try to get a sample as the fragrance is just my taste  I love the smell of Rose and have bought other perfumes which have Rose in them

I quite like the sound of the milk mist & Rose Cyro Mask for the same reason 


@SarahS  I’m a big fan of Lancôme and Elasticizer. The new fragrance is just amazing!!! I smelled it two days ago in Debenhams and it reminds me a little bit of J’adore, but fresher. I’ve been using Elasticizer for a while and nothing else is comparable. Nars miniature palette is so handy and gorgeous.  🥰🥰🥰

Beauty Icon

@SarahS  ooh defo the perfume i need to see it in its full glamour😍😍


An the nars mini pallete looks gourgeous😎🤩


Would love to try Lancôme Idole fragrance and the rose mask 😍

Living the Highlight

Everything looks and sounds amazing 😍 I really can’t wait to receive my sample for the IDÔLE fragrance 💖

All Eyes on Me

Excited for the Cryo Mask! 

Getting Lippy

Lancôme Idôle  - it's a beautiful aroma, very classy bottle too! I love my Lancome fragrances. thanks! 

Beauty Icon

Oo I need to smell the new Lancome fragrance!!!

Getting Lippy
The Narsssist Pallette 😍
Getting Lippy

I have a shopping day planned with my daughter tomorrow which is VERY likely to include a visit to  Debenhams.    I’ll be interested in taking a look at the Rose Milk.   I may even treat myself ...  

Winging It

I love lancome perfumes i really cannot wait to try #idole. Also the Nars mini pallette looks stunning too another must have! 💋

Winging It

hydrating Rose Milk Mist sounds very tempting!! Especially my skin is very dry staying the office all day Smiley Sad

Getting Lippy

All the items look really great,  and I would love to try any one of  them. The perfume sounds fab,  and rose milk sounds Devine. I like anything that includes rose. .My hair is very dry and the deep conditioner would work miracles on my straw like barnet . The skin mist would be a nice extra to win 






Total Glossip

 @SarahS  Please bring #Lancome Idôle and #nars eyeshadow mini palette in weekly free samples. 



Going Pro

The elasticiserHeart and the lancome fragrance bottle is super chic  


That perfume bottle looks so stylish! I also like the look of the Lancôme rose milky mist. 💟

Winging It

Absolutely gorgeous colours in the Nars Beauty Palette 🎨 


would be be interesting to smell the new Lancôme perfume as I am a big Tresor fan. 

Getting Lippy

Ohh to just pick one hmm no, as every single of these are very tempting 😊😊😊 really would love to try all these. Have tried Lancome Idole it's just WOW so beautifully packed a lot of emotions in this little bottle 👍👍

First Base

Hi I am Joanne and I  a self certified  perfume addict so  Lancôme Idôle sounds amazeballs I would love to try is sounds delicious and fresh xx

Winging It

The Nars miniature Eyeshadow Pallet, the colours look amazing, right up my street! ❤️

Nailing It

The NARS mini palette has the best possible colour selection in a small palette. Doesn't mean you're restricted very much by having less shades as loads of options possible with it.  And the quality sounds fantastic ☺️😊

Fresh Face

As much as I love eyeshadow and that NARS palette looks beautiful, I’m very excited about the Smashbox foundation and primer! My combination skin gives me an oily nose and chin so this primer sounds ideal. Deep purple bags (more like suitcases) under my eyes and uneven skin tone are the bane of my make up existence so a full coverage long stay foundation is very exciting. Plus I LIVE for a matte finish ❤️

Winging It

The Idole fragrance smells amazing, I've yet to try the other products, but they seems pretty nice too !

Total Glossip

I heart Nars! 💓


@SarahS I love the Lancome fragrance its so unique 😍😍😍

Total Glossip

Not tried any of the others, but I had a sample of the Lancome Idole and its so lovely-a nice light perfume Smiley Happy

Perfectly Primed

@SarahS everything looks lovely, I wasn't sure about the Lancome Idôle at first sniff but now love it and the bottle is beautiful. I have bought the Rose Sorbet Cryo Face Mask but haven't tried it yet, the Rose Milk Mist sounds great too. 💕

Winging It

My favourite is the Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer Therapies' Rose and Lychee Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment ... sounds divine! 

Perfectly Primed

@SarahS 20190816_174214.jpg

I've tried my mini sample of this today & it manages to strike the balance of sophistication & casual. My husband commented on the essence of Rose & suggested it would be perfect for a summer's evening dinner party 

Getting Lippy

Really like the look an the new Lancome fragrance.

I love all things different & this bottle looks stunning & refillable fantastic,as long as it will be easy to find a counter that will refill it!! Does it just have to be a Debenhams store or any Lancome counter??

Wondering what it smells like 🌸🌸🌸 xx

Winging It

Would love to try the smash box 24 hour foundation or the Lancôme idole or maybe just everything. .It’s a tough call with all the stunning makeup there I would love to try out. If I have to pick one, it would have to be the smash box foundation, I’ve heard lots of great reviews. Apparently it’s just glides on the skin, just stunning. 

Nailing It

I want everything but specially the perfume!

Perfectly Primed

@Linz72  I asked the same question regarding the refills & the SA in my local Debenhams said the refills facility wouldn't be rolled out immediately & then only in certain stores at first ,she then mentioned a large Boots store where I live which will be getting refills first & then over time all Lancome counters will have the facility 

Winging It

Me too want try them all especially but especially Lancôme Idôle the looks aesthetically pleasing if that makes sense 😂

Winging It

Lancôme Idôle sounds lush! I’m currently a lover of la vie est belle my all time fav perfume the bottles look classy too 💗

Getting Lippy

My favourite would be the Lancome Idole, as well as smelling divine, it's also refillable and the ingredients have been ethically sourced.  I would love to win! and I wish everyone good luck x


Winging It

Smash box primer is fab so will have to try the foundation! Sounds amazing!!