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Linda Sanchez, mostly known as @makeupbysanchez on Instagram, graces us daily with her beautiful face via fun makeup tutorials, making us add products to our Wishlist’s quicker than you can say lip gloss.


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In celebrating the launch of Urban Decay’s Naked Reloaded palette, Linda tells all on why they’re her favourite brand, her must-have products and how you can copy her everyday lipstick!


What’s your favourite new product and why?

I discovered when I was around 17. I remember seeing a naked pallet online and from that moment they was ALL I wanted in life. They didn’t sell it in my country back then and I remember being on a city trip with my friend in Madrid and I dragged her across the whole city to get that Urban Decay Naked Palette 2; I’ve used it ever since – the very first palette I owned!


When did you discover Urban Decay and what makes it stand out to you as a makeup brand?

The reason why I love it is because it’s all about being yourself. The brand is all about experimenting and having FUN… Without rules! Urban decay never judges 😊


What's the one product you can't live without?

One product I can live without is the Urban Decay All-Nighter concealer. As I struggle with acne scars, this is the only product that will do the trick for me. I use it everyday - on glam days AND no makeup days.

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Best multi-purpose product?

Probably the All-Nighter setting spray. Not only do I use it to set my makeup but also to refresh, to apply glitter eye-shadow and my highlighter. I even use it to set it in combination with the Brow Setter gel!


The perfect everyday lipstick?

It has to be the Vice Comfort Matte lipstick in shade Backtalk  - with a nice gloss on top.


How do you adapt your makeup bag to travel?

Traveling and makeup is something I always found very hard but I finally understand the importance of travel-sizes. I have everything travel size and if I don’t, I depot it into travel size pots. Make sure you bring the things you will use to top up, in my case that’s lip liner and lipstick, mascara, powder and bronzer. Plus, with the Naked Reloaded palette you got all the colours you need!


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How do you ensure you get that glow daily even in the colder months?

The key for me is to prep prep prep! Treat yourself to sheet mask in the evening and always prep the skin before makeup. Use a rich moisturiser and make sure to let that sink in properly before applying makeup. I will also switch up my foundation from the Urban Decay All Nighter to the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation. Because, in combination with a good moisturised base, it gives me the perfect glow.


Follow @makeupbysanchez and keep up with her beauty tips, tricks and demos!


Still haven’t got your hands on the Urban Decay Naked Reloaded palette? Well what are you waiting for! Shop here.

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I’ve just followed Linda she’s so beautiful! I love Urban Decay it was because of the Naked palettes my obsession with makeup began as well plus the staff are just so incredibly welcoming and friendly. X

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I love Linda  and her work I follow her on Instagram  absolutely lovely ❤

Getting Lippy

Shes so pretty 😍


living to get a glow like that !! love it, agree the UD all nighter fixing spray is sooo good for its many uses! I just checked Backtalk out and it looks like an amazing nude - how have i missed this!! Thank you for sharing xoxo

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Just saw the new naked pallette oh gosh its stunning😍


Nailing It

Love Urban Decay! Really enjoyed reading this post! Xx

Getting Lippy

Thank You Linda!


We are so happy to see some of our most loved products in your favourites list!


Glad to hear all the other positive posts and feedback.


Love Team UD