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Benito Brow Bars are the hidden beauty gems that are tucked away in some Debenhams stores. From brows to lashes, Benito offer a stunning selection of beauty treatments that are guaranteed to transform your beauty look and leave you feeling fresh and fabulous.


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We visited Benito is Debenhams Oxford Street to discover their lash treatments and we were not disappointed. At the Benito Brow Bars, their treatment menu for eyelashes consists of a lash lift and lash extensions so we put both to the test. An eyelash lift curls, volumises and tints your own eyelashes for a naturally fluttery, full look. On the other hand, eyelash extensions see individual lashes applied to yours to create a long, full, dramatic finish.


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The lash lift

Benito's eyelash lifts are the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for an accentuation of their own, natural eyelashes. The process is speedy and contains four simple steps. Firstly, a bonding gel is applied to start the curling process, which is then followed by a lifting balm and volumising fix. Lastly, the eyelashes are tinted to give them a dark, gorgeous fuller finish. 


Eyelash extensions

 Eyelash extensions are perfect for people who love the look of false strip lashes, but hate the hassle of applying them ever day. Lash extensions give that full, dramatic look effortlessly but feel weightless to wear. Each individual lash is applied to suit your unique eye shape and preferred style, so you know your lash extensions will suit you.


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Where can you find Benito Brow Bars...

Debenhams Birmingham

Debenhams Blackpool

Debenhams Cheshire Oaks

Debenhams Chester

Debenhams Derby

Debenhams Edinburgh

Debehams Glasgow

Debenhams Leeds

Debenhams Liverpool

Debenhams Manchester

Debenhams Meadowhall

Debenhams Merryhill

Debenhams Metro Centre

Debenhams Newcastle

Debenhams Nottingham

Debenhams Oxford

Debenhams Oxford Street

Debenhams Preston

Debenhams Rugby

Debenhams Silverburn

Debenhams South Shields

Debenhams Sunderland

Debenhams Telford

Debenhams Trafford Centre

Debenhams Wakefield

Debenhams Wolverhampton


 What lash look do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

Nailing It

Very pretty! I'd like to get my eyeslashes done, so glad to hear Debenhams now do them! I love the natural results



love this addition to Debenhams store.Can you please tell the prices 

I m interested in last tint plus lift. 


Beauty Icon

Really want to try the lash lift  so glad Debenhams doing it 


I love the idea of the eyelash extensions which are tailored to your individual eyes This would save so much time, not having to apply false lashes which I always struggle with! 😂

Total Glossip

I didnt know they did lashes, I thought it was just brows, thanks for the info x

Nailing It

Lovely lashes 😍must look into this