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If you hadn’t already heard, there’s a new kid on the block: the Damn Girl mascara from too Faced – it’s ultra-black, mega-volumising and pretty damn thickening. However, for many of us, its the almighty Better Than Sex mascara which has been our makeup bag mascara staple. So which do we choose now, you ask?


We put both mascaras to the test to figure out which takes first place…




First up, we have Better Than Sex; created to give us that holy-grail mascara we all can’t live without. Inside its pretty pink packaging, the hourglass-shaped wand volumizes, lifts and lengthens to take lashes to new heights. Its film-forming polymer locks those lash curls into place to truly enhance your eyelashes to be, well, better than sex!


Untitled design - 2019-07-15T152930.806.jpg


The brand new Damn Girl on the other hand, makes those lashes THICK! Its innovative creamy mousse-like formula is composed of whipped melting waxes to combine a wow-impact with a weightless feel. Innovative polymers truly lock in that lifting and lengthening flexibility, whilst keeping lashes smudge and flake-free!


Taryn’s verdict...

Image from iOS - 2019-07-15T103346.753.jpg


Beauty Social Media Assistant @TazK drew her mascara swords, coating one eye with Better Than Sex, and the other with Damn Girl. Here's her thoughts...


“I’ve always been a fan of Better Than Sex, and now I’ve compared the two directly I can safely say this one wins as an everyday mascara. It gives super fluttery and long lashes.


When applying two coats on each eye, Damn Girl certainly won on the thickness points. The formula of this newbie is super-black and long-wearing – it’s definitely dramatic.


The final verdict for me is to use Better Than Sex during the day for long but luscious lashes, and Damn Girl for night and occasions to amp up that thickness!”


Have you tried these? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 


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@DaisyCR  @TazK  I have been  a fan of the better than sex mascara for so long is like the best mascara out there,  but haven't tried yet the new one, but can't wait to try it as everyone raves about it 💖

Getting Lippy

Fab, I was wondering about a comparison between the two, as I love better than sex, so was wondering the difference with the new one! 


Both look really goos! Need to try 💖💖💖


@DaisyCR  @TazK  No words to express how fantastic this review is. So detailed and comparing both Too Faced beloved mascaras is more than great! Tks for letting us know your thoughts. I haven’t tried Better than sex yet, but I am a truly lover of Damn Girl! 😍❤️

Getting Lippy

@DaisyCR. both mascaras looking amazing! But after all the reviews about Damn Girl! Mascara. I definitely will try that one first.

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You can definitely see the difference with the damn girl 😍


@DaisyCR @TazK 

These 2 mascaras are literally my favourite mascaras in the whole wide world! And I found both on the Debenhams Beauty Community! You guys are aaaaaawesome! 🖤🖤🖤

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@DaisyCR @TazK 

I have Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara but haven't tried Damn Girl! Great to see them reviewed together like this. Thanks


All Eyes on Me

I need to get the minis in theseand give them a go @DaisyCR 

Going Pro

Great comparison! I love the new Damn Girl! x


@DaisyCR Best mascara ever 🙌 no crusty hard lashes, no clumps, and no eye sensitivity ❤️❤️❤️

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Thank you for the comparison girls! I've fallen in love with Damn Girl!, will be tying BTS soon for a showdown too!

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@DaisyCR  oh wow @TazK  you can see i think damm girl is the one for you defo

Will try it hopfuly soon😍😍

Brillant review thku😘😘

Nailing It

I have tried better than sex but not the new damn girl. I will definitely have to try it out now that  I’ve read this review, thank you Smiley Happy

First Base

I haven’t tried either of these......yet but think I will be soon.  They both look really good on you. It’s so tough finding a good mascara. Thanks for your review 

maria x