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This week we're talking about face oils. Do you use them? Do you need them? Which ones should you use and why? 


Facial oils are having a big beauty moment. Yes, it's another added step to your daily routine but for some skincare concerns and skin types (even oily skin), it's a must-do. 


But let's start from the beginning. Why do we need to use face oils? Our body naturally produces oil to stay healthy. If the skin gets too dry it can result in breakouts, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. As we age oil production starts to decrease plus maintaining a healthy oil balance in the skin protects it from environmental factors and daily aggressors so face oils are important to help lock in moisture. 


Types of oils 

When choosing an oil look out for ones that are small in molecular size as these can penetrate into the skin quickly and easily without clogging pores. The oils I recommend are Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Marula Oil, Squaline and Rosehip Oil.  


Top Tips - how to use

The best time to apply a face oil is at night time as it is dark and is more easily absorbed into the skin. Use 4-5 drops over your night cream. The oil will act as a protective veil over your creams to lock in moisture for more effective skincare results. 


In the morning power up your skincare routine by adding a few drops into your moisturiser. You can also add a few drops into your foundation to give your make up built-in-skincare benefits. The oil in foundation will also help you to create a dewy glow. 


Oils to suit every skin type

Best for dry skin - dry skin needs all the help it needs to boost moisture levels. For added benefits use the face oil with powerful moisture-rich moisturiser. 

We recommend:Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate, Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil


Best for oily skin

Choose oils with lightest possible texture. Argan oil and Jojoba oils work best for this skin type. 

We recommend: La:Bruket Natural Jojoba Oil


Best for sensitive skin

If you're prone to breakouts, blemishes and redness, feed your skin with all the goodness it needs to keep them at bay. 

We recommend: Elemis Superfood Oil


Best for normal skin + combination skin

For normal skin types don't overuse the oil, you just need a few drops to maintain a healthy balance. 

We recommend: Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate 

Best for mature skin

At night skin repairs itself so give it a helping hand with a potent and powerful face oil that is specially designed to smooth skin's texture. 

We recommend: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Elemis Peptide Night Recovery Cream-Oil -a cream and oil hybrid, Clinique Smart Custom Treatment Oil


Did you know...oils get damaged if they're exposed to light and heat so make sure you keep oils in a dark, cool place. Alternatively, look out for oils that come in dark glass bottles so they stay protected after every use. 


What skincare stories would you like to see? Post a comment and we'll add them to our list of things to write about.    

Nailing It

I’d love to hear more about acids etc for skincare such as salicylic acid! I feel acids need more recognition in the beauty world as a lot of them work perfectly for blemish prone skin types and a lot of people are scared to use them or unsure of what they do or if it’s something they should be using in their skincare routine, would also love to hear about more eye creams as I’m on the look out for one just now 💆🏼‍♀️ Great advice btw!x 


@SarahS I would like advice on pores and blackheads. Also products for under eye bags 💜


I alternate between Decleor Aromessence Neroli Amara and Iris,  I have been using them for over 12 years and love the fragrance, the texture and how easily it absorbs into my skin @SarahS .

Beauty Icon

I would love to hear about skin texture I have uneven skin texture and it drives me crazy 😭 always feel wearing foundation it shows up. 


I would like to see more about black heads on the nose 😅 i have been struggling with them for few years now @SarahS 

Beauty Icon

@SarahS  i agree with adding a drop of oil to your mouistrizer its super.

I have tha marula oil from ordinary its brill hydrates an plumps my skin.

I love khiels aswel


Thank you @SarahS for this as I haven't used any oils yet as I'm new to skincare and think my major concern is aging skin although it can be dry. Have read good reviews of the keihls midnight recovery and think that maybe the one to try but thank you for letting me know how to use it. I literaly thought it would go under your night cream would never have guessed over. Also love mixing stuff in my foundation and LOVE a dewy look so thanks for that tip too xoxo 

Winging It

I have a few oils from beauty boxes . I use them occasionally but I'm not that keen on the feel of oil on the skin so they are not for me.

Going Pro

I use oil a couple of times a week with a roller. I will definetely try using it over my night moisturiser. 


Can we please have more blogs like this? I enjoy reading the tips and recommendations.



Fresh Face

I’ve never used a face oil as I have an oily t-zone  and thought it would make things worse! Thank you for the tips, will definitely look into purchasing one for my skin type 


I’d love to hear more about pigmentation and uneven skin tone, as unfortunately I’m one of those facing those problems.

Nailing It

This is great! I love that you do these articles explaining about beauty and skincare products and what they are specifically designed for as there is soo many now it can get a bit confusing! Thank you once again Debenhams 😊

Total Glossip

@SarahS Hyaluronic Acid and why we are hearing so much about it. What’s it importants? X 

Going Pro

It clings to the water molecules in your skin @Vickytory7 so is brilliant for hydration. I think it holds something like 100% more water. It makes skin look plumper XO