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Skin care for the Gym!

High Brow

So I’ve had a membership for nearly 3 months and I’ve been once possibly twice 🙄 anyway I feel like I’m ready to brave the treadmills again. I obviously won’t use any make up prior to going but after I’d go home to shower rather than use the showers at the gym. Do you wash your face at the gym or take wet wipes or something similar? 


Re: Skin care for the Gym!

Beauty Crush

When I used go to the gym, I had a little bag with a few travel sized products. . after the session I would go into a steam room for 15/20 mins and then in the shower I would exfoilate my face and a swipe of toner and moisturiser. my to go was clinique pep start exfoliating cleanser, Clarins  tonning lotion and glamglow waterburst moisturiser. 

Re: Skin care for the Gym!


Twice is still better than 0 times! Smiley Very Happy My gym is a 5 min walk and I normally shower at home straight after. If you have a long way back (maybe more than 20min?) I would take either wet wipes or maybe soak some cotton pads in micellar water and take them with you in a ziplock bag plus some sort of a moisturiser with SPF. I'd hate to bring more things than I need to the gym!