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Re: Eye Bags

Winging It

Do they really work? I have to buy a few of them to try.

Re: Eye Bags

Beauty Crush

@Clarka1 I've never thought to mix concealer with moisturiser but that's such a good idea! I'm going to try that cause my skin gets SO dry when the weather gets colder x

Re: Eye Bags

Nailing It

Bobbi Brown do some great eye creams but not cheap so so pop in for samples to try, I also use a gel eye based product called Age defying eye cream from Manuka Doctor it contains manuka honey and purified bee venom, which helps to calm the eyes and reduce swelling. Cannot get the manuka doc one from Debenhams but it is available from Holland and Barrett.

Re: Eye Bags


Not sure if there is the magical eye cream that will reduce or get rid of eye bags. 

I use the Sisley eye cream which has a little roller which prob helps to drain fluid from the area under the eyes.

i think it’s more about what you drink in evening. They say it’s best not to have drink I think 4-5 hours before bed, to allow your kidneys time to rest. If they are still filtering fluids while you sleep, they won’t have their rest, so eye bags develop. Not sure if this is true. But having good night sleep is best way to prevent eye bags. Just how to get a good night sleep is a different question 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Re: Eye Bags

Getting Lippy

Gosh, one of the babes of my face along with dark circles under my eyes. Nothing seems to be helping me. I’ve been told to try to stay more hydrated by drinking more water.


Re: Eye Bags

Nailing It

I use Clinique pep-start eye cream of a night I really suffer from eye bags as does my mum if I forget to use the eye cream I can really tell, in the morning if I think my under eye needs brightening I use Benefit it’s Potent eye cream it really works but I only use it when needed other than that if I have the time to lay back and relax I like to use good old fashioned Cucumber slices from the fridge 🥒😍 


Pep-Start Eye Cream 15Ml - Clinique