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Congested pores

Fresh Face

HI all!


Have loved reading through what everyone has written - and apologies if this has been discussed! - but I have a real problem with congestion. Similar to blackheads... but they're not black! Just clogged pores.


I have used SO many products - The Ordinary Salicylic doesn't work, peeling solution didn't work... I have acid toners (Clinique 3.0 I think!) but any advice would be much appreciated!


L x


Re: Congested pores


It sounds as if you are describing Sebaceous Filaments. They aren't blackheads but are a build up of dead skin, hair and oils. I suffer from these too, especially on my nose and chin area. I spent years thinking they were blackheads but now realise they aren't.

This website explains them quite well

The NIOD Sanskrit range is good for them. I use the Sanskrit Saponins every other day after cleansing, on the affected areas. I tend to leave it on for 5 - 10 minutes . I doesn't smell very nice (it is very yeasty) but it does help so I put up with the aroma. 

Re: Congested pores

Fresh Face

Thank you so much @SmileyShazza! I will definitely give that a read and the products a try!!

Re: Congested pores

Getting Lippy

I think I have them too.

Do they leave permanently or simply reduce in size? Is the difference worth the effort?


Smiley Happy