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Blackheads and breakouts!

Getting Lippy

It seems like I’m getting teenage skin in my mid twenties!


Any tips on how to get rid of the dreaded blackheads? I don’t have oily skin, I’d say it was normal. Usually they’re only just around my nose, but have started to spread to my cheeks Smiley Sad


any advice would be lovely


Re: Blackheads and breakouts!


I’d get myself a salicylic acid serum of toner. The Ordinary do a good one that’s ridiculously affordable but still very effective. Just remember to moisturise and use SPF after. Good luck!

Re: Blackheads and breakouts!

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Hey @LucyMedler, I'll second everything that @MiaL said.  A good BHA (beta hydroxy acid/salicylic acid) is what can help you with breakouts and blackheads, just mind you she recommended toner or serum as things like face washes don't stay on your face long enough to make a big difference.

Again a reminder to always use SPF during the day after exfoliating (AHA/BHAs are chemical exfoliants). And at any other time really!

One last thing to consider is that any changes in stress levels, diet and your usual environment can definitely be a cause, could be something to look into to avoid getting even more breakouts.

Hope this helps! x

Re: Blackheads and breakouts!

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Double cleanse with a oil then gel wash. Make sure you avoid dehydrated skin definitely add some hyaluronic acid then moisturiser and drinks lots of water. You can also add the strips to your routine or do home extraction facials where you use gently apply pressure but not squeezing to hard and kind push them out. 

Re: Blackheads and breakouts!

Getting Lippy

CORSX (a korean brand) do a great product for this, its called BHA Blackhead Power Liquid which has salicylic acid in it. Not sure they sell it at debenhams but is available from online retailers like lookfantastic

Re: Blackheads and breakouts!

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To my great disappointment, I've always had this problem, even in my late twenties. However, my skin greatly improved since I started using a face brush. Now I can't go to bed unless I wash my face with the brush (a bit sad, I know 😂). There are different ones available (from Clarisonic to Aldi's own brand), so suitable for any budget. I personally was too scared to splash out on a Clarisonic one as I wasn't sure it would help, so went for a No. 7 from Boots and got to say, I don't regret it. I mean, sometimes I wonder how great a Clarisonic one would be if the Boots one was great already, but yeah, going to stay with the one I have for now.

The main thing to remember if you were to consider a brush is to choose a daily cleanser that you can trust (some may make the skin too dry after using it with a brush) and to clean and disinfect the brush weekly (you really do not need any extra malicious bacteria on your face), other than that it's super easy to use.


Hope this helps! 

Re: Blackheads and breakouts!

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Yeah I had the same probelm but started diferent morning and evening routine. Ive started looking on ingredients and analysing what ingredients are morr likely to clog my pores. Clinique pep start exfoliating wash and Ren Ready steady go daily aha tonic. Also after washing face i would recomend splashing ice cold water on your face few times to help close and tight the pores xxx