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Acne scars

Getting Lippy

Needing recommendations/tips on how to reduce or get rid of acne scars, is there any products that work best?! It’s the one thing standing between me not wearing makeup!! 😂


Re: Acne scars


Have you tried Bio Oil twice a day before applying a moisturizer?

It works for me as I have acne-prone skin and scars don't stay for very long.

Re: Acne scars

In the Spotlight

Hi im not sure if you have heard about baselift

Well they do a bundle called glow up skin acne an scar removel bundle an another one brighting bundle  both works wonders

Its a derma roller set.

At the moment you get 60% off with code modest60

I started this about 4 months ago an omg my scaring is amazingly reduced 

Go on their website an you can see cistumers reviews before and after pics i sent mine in 2-4 weeks results 

You can also see them on instagram

I recomend it an its £50 i think for all 4 items

Do some research i did quite abit then brought the bundle an didnt regret it i orderd another 1 when it was reduced 

Let me know what you think.

I am using the murad dark spot correcter aling side this aswel though but its up to self prefferance really what you would like to use but thats amazing aswel xx

Re: Acne scars

High Brow

The only way to permanently get rid of them would be to have chemical peels and laser therapy but to make them less obvious there are a few things you can use. Vitamin C will brighten them so if they are like red/dark looking this will help. 

Azeliac Acid will also help to brighten the look of them making less obvious. 

There is also a cream called fade out that’s available in boots etc.  

You could also do your own mild version of chemical peels at home. 

Also with a lot of research you could use a dermaroller at home it will stimulate collagen production  but this will only help with scars that aren’t raised.  

When using products like vitamin c and acids it extremely important to remember a good sunscreen as they make you more sensitive to uv rays. 


Re: Acne scars

Going Pro

I would go to a salon firstly and get some advice. There are lots of peels out there, Dermaquest have a really good range. Otherwise a course microdermabrasion would help as it really helps skin renewal. Otherwise there are lots of products out there. I would recommend Kiehls and decleor. Decleor do some amazing facial oils that help with scars but you will have to be patient with this method. 

Re: Acne scars

Perfectly Primed

If you’re looking for something to use at home I found that rosehip oil works really nicely to help clear up skin and marks x

Re: Acne scars


Hey @Cierdh I found this really good and informative article about acne scars Smiley Very Happy. My spots are more of a PIH, I use vitamin C, some glycolic pads and the Murad - 'Age Reform' AHA-BHA exfoliating cleanser. I'm seeing some slow progress too! The Murad cleanser makes my skin look so much better almost instantly and I quite enjoy it, even though you are supposed to keep AHA/BHA on your skin rather than just cleanse with.


Like @SophieG1 said never forget sunscreen! Smiley Happy

Re: Acne scars

Total Glossip

@Cierdh I have these as well! Mine have ended up red patches mainly on my chin area. I've been using a dermaroller that I picked up from TK Maxx and bio oil twice a week. They improved massively at the start but seems to have slowed down - if you find anything that works let me know please. Like you it's the only thing stopping me from going make up free! 

Re: Acne scars


I don’t have scars on my face but I have them elsewhere and I’ve found glycolic and salicylic acids really help. I’d use an AHA/BHA serum and later use a face oil. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, both the serum and something like a rosehip oil from The Ordinary will do just fine and not cost the earth.

Re: Acne scars

Getting Lippy

No but I will thank you