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perfect winged eyeliner

Winging It

hi beauty club please can any1 give me advice on how to get the perfect winged eyeliner look watched countless tutorials on youtube and still cant get it right want both subtle wing look and the bold dramatic i get 1 side ok otherside i mess up completely and do you do eyeliner then eyeshadow or vice versa please  help


Re: perfect winged eyeliner

Going Pro

Hey @luckycat666, (loving the username btw!) I love a good sharp looking winged eye and it takes ages and lots of practice to get it right. Have you tried using tape at an angle and then drawing on your wing? That was what I used to do to get used to it in the beginning otherwise, a great youtube video that literally taught me how to do it is Its by Kaushal Beauty and she uses a eyeliner pen (also what I'd recommend) She's great at showing you like really close to the camera how to do it. 


Trust me you will get there so, don't worry! It just takes practice and lots of it. To this day both my eyes never look exactly the same one's always slightly wonky/thicker than the other! Good luck xx 

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Re: perfect winged eyeliner

Getting Lippy

I like to start off the liner and line it up with the tail of my eyebrow and bring it down to my lower lash line then I start to second line about 3/4 of the way down the first line I’ve drawn and sweep it across my lid and make it narrower the closer I get to my inner corner .... if you still struggle maybe try the beauty blender liner designer it’s basically a stencil to help create that perfect winged liner